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The Mis-Teeq Discography Rate - WINNER ANNOUNCED!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Holly Something, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. Secrets of the Night reminds me of the Dream Within A Dream Tour version of Oops. I could easily picture it on Britney.

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  2. @HollyDunnSomething here's the Lolly/S Club song.

    They also both recorded Puppy Love which Lolly was supposed to release as a single but got dropped instead.
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  3. @HollyDunnSomething the last reveal says Better Better but should say These Days

    These Days is a really nice track. I wish they had something a bit like this on the second album too.
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  4. I actually am shook it took this long for an 11 to be lost.
  5. I'm shocked someone made These Days their 11.
  6. Yeah, this threw me as well. I was confused because we’d already lost Better Better...
  7. Oops, fixed!
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  8. Another 11 leaves us now...

    But to whom does it belong...

    "How could you believe that you could tell me lies?"

    11th Place
    That Type Of Girl
    Average - 8.053333333


    Taken from 'Lickin' On Both Sides'

    11 giver - ME!
    High scorer - 9.7 x 1 (@berserkboi)
    Low scorer - 5 x 1 (@Filippa)
    My score - 11
    I'm very upset that this missed the top 10 by less than 1 point. There was a point in the voting where this was top 5, and thanks to me moaning about the lack of voters (which I now regret, kii) the song got pushed further and further down the list until Filippa's score of 5 dealt the final blow. I think this would've made a great single from the debut campaign and would've been another hit for them.

    @tylerc904 (9.5) "As strong as all the amazing singles from the album. Such a slick tune." This would've made a great single I think.

    @Remorque (9) "Though it does sound very try-hard to sound American to these ears, this is still a floaty garage track that was typical for the R&B sound some girlbands were going for in the early 00s. Sabrina sounds gorgeous, but Alesha's MC-ing isn't very... inventive here,

    @Iggypig (8) "This is great, it sounds like Sweet Female Attitude meets Craig David meets Lonyo. Perfect garage pop, and with a beefier remix, could've possibly been a single."

    @berserkboi (9.7) "Doing that type of music I love ;)" TASTE!

    @Filippa (5) "For me one of the weaker tracks of the album. I really dislike the rapping parts." I regret including your ballot!

  9. After all the songs I've been the high scorer I should be allowed to be the low scorer as well. Not so sorry you don't like my votes :).
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  10. I'm sorry that your 11 went out already.
    I should give it another chance seeing as I didn't leave a comment
  11. You're more than welcome to be a low scorer, just not for my 11!
  12. Oh I completely blended out the green part!

    So sorry about that!
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  13. THE TOP 10!

    Lickin' On Both Sides 4/13

    One Night Stand; Stargate Radio Edit
    Why?; Matt Jam Lamont & DJ Face Radio Edit
    Stamp Reject
    All I Want; Sunship Radio Edit

    Eye Candy 3/17

    Dance Your Cares Away

    Unreleased/Bonus/Extras 0/6

    Remixes 3/9

    One Night Stand; Sunship Radio Edit
    B With Me; Bump & Flex Radio Edit
    Can't Get It Back; Ignorants Radio Edit​
  14. Justice for Stamp Reject. What a bop.
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  15. It's still in the running and could be the winner, it doesn't need justice just yet!
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  16. Sorry, I meant that a top ten placing is justice.

    Dance Your Cares Away making the top ten, though...

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  17. What a solid top 10. I love every single one of them.
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  18. [​IMG]
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  19. I've been lurking around this thread for some time (and probably wouldn't have time to vote, unfortunately), but something about this girl group seemed interesting to me and made me want to check out their music. So I follow the eliminations from time to time to see if there are any discoveries.
    Funnily enough, the song that I randomly clicked on (before the eliminations even started) was "Better Better" and immediately loved it. Probably would've been a contender for my 11, so I'm glad that it got so far.
  20. I want to have this finished by the end of the week (Sunday 16th), I'm sorry for the delays, I've been super duper busy with life lately.
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