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The Morning Show (Aniston, Witherspoon + Carrell)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. It’s often used as part of the promotional plan. I.e. if all reviews are released at once, it creates a big amount of exposure, so timing can be key to use that as promo for the show. If reviews come out too early, discussion around them will end long before the thing premieres/is released.
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  2. It's also used to hold back reviews if they know the press will be very negative and don't want their show or movie to be panned and sour the hype in advance ddd.
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  3. Silly question but do you think they’ll drop 3 episodes of the new season in one go tomorrow? Super excited for this excellent show to be back in my life!!!
  4. Apparently critics were sent the whole season, AV Club gave it a C+.

    The season premiere is up now too.
    Edit: more reviews are coming in:

    Sounds like the same watchable mess season 1 was! Nn, not all the reviews using the same header image
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  5. jtm


    I don‘t give a fuck about the reviews. This is so entertaining and I‘m looking forward to Julianna joining the mess. Plus Billy was great again and there‘s a cute new assistant. I‘m sold.
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  6. Episode 1 was solid. I'm excited for Julianna though.
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  7. Episode 1 was great. It’s setting everything up quite nicely. I watched the behind the scenes thing they added at the end of the credits which was super interesting.
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    I need the new weather guy to make it rain on me.
  9. I know I need to let go of reality when watching this, but I'm still not over them having an entire morning show staff handle a New Year's Eve broadcast when they have another morning show episode to deal with only hours later. That's 36 hours of working; no wonder this network is facing so many lawsuits.

    Also, the Steve Carell stuff is already painful (and how would this Italian woman have any clue who he is; are you telling me Europeans are that well-versed on Matt Lauer?) and I'm just dreading all things COVID.

    But alas, I keep tuning in... remains my favorite hate watch.
  10. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    God, I don't know what it is about this particular show, but it just gets to me like nothing else. A delicious mess.

    And yes, every scene with Steve Carrell was absolutely useless and I groaned when he first appeared on screen. I barely give a shit about him in Season 1 when he kind of had a purpose; literally what is the point of him existing in Season 2? Ugh.
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  11. I really don’t get this show asdfdjjlhlj. Bradley is unqualified, difficult to work with, and not especially good at her job and yet they really want her to stay.
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  12. Sounds like 80% of news hosts to me!
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  13. It does seem odd to have him back. I assume he plays some larger role later in the season otherwise it just feels like a random sideline story that no one is really interested in.

    Episode 2 was good fun, especially the dinner party.

    There's no reason why the intro to this show is 1:45 seconds though. Especially when it's such a boring intro.
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  14. I'm making bets with myself about who they're gonna give Covid to.

    I enjoyed the first 2 eps, but it does feel a bit rudderless so far. But at least they've got everyone back on the show now.

    (Apart from the gay, who they're probably gonna give Covid to.)
  15. Except Bradley doesn’t even bring the ratings… she’s absolutely useless.

    Also, where is Margulies?! I was promised Margulies?!
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  16. Literally the only reason I’m watching at this point.
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  17. Is Reese still as terrible in the 2nd season as she was in the first? Someone tell Reese she doesn't need to be in every tv show she produces.
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  18. She's pretty much the same, minus the wig. I don't have an issue with her really but you do often wonder why they hired her/kept her on and she seems like a right pain in the arse to work with and in reality I'm sure she'd have been fired/replaced by now.
  19. That speech about cancel culture and the offended generation at the Italian cafe was so spot on that my jaw dropped. Congratulations to whoever wrote that.
  20. The dinner party stuff was great. So far I’m really liking this season. I’m also liking the post credit scenes on how they made each episode, helps bring the whole thing together.
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