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The Morning Show (Aniston, Witherspoon + Carrell)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. Except Bradley doesn’t even bring the ratings… she’s absolutely useless.

    Also, where is Margulies?! I was promised Margulies?!
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  2. Literally the only reason I’m watching at this point.
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  3. Is Reese still as terrible in the 2nd season as she was in the first? Someone tell Reese she doesn't need to be in every tv show she produces.
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  4. She's pretty much the same, minus the wig. I don't have an issue with her really but you do often wonder why they hired her/kept her on and she seems like a right pain in the arse to work with and in reality I'm sure she'd have been fired/replaced by now.
  5. That speech about cancel culture and the offended generation at the Italian cafe was so spot on that my jaw dropped. Congratulations to whoever wrote that.
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  6. The dinner party stuff was great. So far I’m really liking this season. I’m also liking the post credit scenes on how they made each episode, helps bring the whole thing together.
  7. Juliana Marguiles is a vision. Makes me long for the "Good Wife" days.
  8. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    I desperately want The Morning Show (Fan Demanded Version) that is completely free of any Mitch scenes.

    Also I know Reese Witherspoon is a good actress. I have seen it. But taking on the role of Bradley was such a misstep on her part. Maybe I'm looking too much into it but I can "see" her acting. It's Reese Witherspoon acting as Bradley, whereas Jennifer is Alex Levy, Billy is Corey etc.

    I know we talked about that a lot during Season 1 but I was hoping getting rid of the wig would help nn.
  9. Why do I suddenly want Jennifer Love Hewitt in this series?

    Lovely to see Juliana back on screen!
  10. Where’s her damn HBO mini-series.
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  11. I'm on episode two and I'm really digging this season. I agree with you guys regarding the unnecessary inclusion of Steve Carrell's character and you can really tell Resse Witherspoon is trying to act her shit out. I'm very curious to see how they will handle the pandemic, and I'm also kind of scared because the early months were extremely claustrophobic for me, and I don't really want to re-experience that.

    Here's a question, though: is Alex and Bradley's job a credible and, dare I say, respected one? It seems like they are regarded as national heroes and the team talk about them like serious journalistes, but in my country, morning TV is just very corny? Or is their level of self-importance part of the joke?
  12. I get the vibe they’ve only got Mitch’s character back this season because they can have someone based in Italy, which was hit badly by Covid. I wouldn’t be surprised if they give Mitch Covid and either kill him off or try and make the audience sympathise with him after being a piece of shit in Season 1.

    So far, super enjoying this season! So happy Juliana has finally arrived.
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  13. Actually, a lot of this was addressed in episode three through the interaction between Laura and Bradley. It's also a good allegory to the show itself, which kind of believes it is serious drama while being rather soapy at times.
  14. That would be nice. Him and/or the other one!

    The scenes of Daniel flying into and then fleeing Wuhan gave me low key palpitations. Nails gone etc.
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  15. Does the ‘Daniel’ character do absolutely nothing for anyone else?
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  16. To be fair, aside from Jennifer, Julianna and occasionally Reese... None of the other characters in this do much for me. They're all pretty unlikeable or just boring. It's a weird show to watch because I'm basically looking at my phone until the above mentioned are on screen.
  17. Everyone being on the verge of a nervous breakdown was thrilling during season one because it was building to something but this season feels untethered so far, so the high wire act is exhausting.

    I’m enjoying it though, and at least the wig is gone. Queen Holland Taylor needs to be in it more.
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  18. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    The last episode was a trainwreck. It was like 57 different storylines fighting simultaneously for a crumb of airtime.
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  19. Strangely, I'm most interested in how COVID story will unfolds. Not really that much into other plots.
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  20. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    What's crazy is on most shows, I would find this frustrating, but this one has the strangest alchemy where the more chaotic and nonsensical it is, the better it works. The logic of connecting every thread through who will moderate a debate - Alex, the diva who doesn't want it, Daniel, the minority constantly pushed aside, Stella, the minority in power who struggles to wield it, Bradley, the woman coming into her own - is an absurd stretch, but every time a scene has these people in conflict with one another, I find it watchable.

    Here's the part though where I agree with everyone, we should have left Mitch behind. It's also such a weird Carrell performance, which is odd because I feel like he's gone from strength to strength for the past decade since he left The Office.

    Bradley/Reese is a toss-up from scene to scene. I think there was a disconnect in the way the show was sold compared to what it is. Bradley's not supposed to be an ingenue, she's a character in her mid-or-late thirties who had a history of self-sabotaging her career, but you don't necessarily buy Reese as that character either. Not at this point. I think I may have an old post in this thread saying the same thing, but I wish they had cast Rachel McAdams, if they needed a name, or since it's a national broadcast morning show in the US in 2020, a woman of color, maybe Aja Naomi King. I wonder if Apple insisted on Reese co-starring, even if you'd think Jennifer Aniston coming back to tv would be enough of a marketing angle.

    Marguiles fits seamlessly into the fold, Crudup is so wild he makes every scene work, and Aniston plays everything so straight that you believe it. It's good high-low entertainment.
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