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The Morning Show (Aniston, Witherspoon + Carrell)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. I thought both storylines were well (enough...) handled this week, but some of those reactions were pure

  2. Ah I thought this week’s episode was fantastic. I loved the high stakes of it all. Definitely a massive improvement from last week’s dud - let’s pretend like that episode never happened.

    I loved the Alex and Chip scene in the car. I can’t get over how unlikable Alex’s character is, like my god!! But Jennifer plays it incredibly well.

    I’m hoping they can now put a line under the Mitch stuff moving forward.
  3. I can’t help but shake the feeling that
    Mitch is still alive & he has faked his death to move on from all the allegations. Paola knowing about his car crash & hospital visit when she didn’t really have any way of knowing was strange to me, I was half expecting him to show up from around the doorway when she got off the phone with Alex.
  4. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    The last episode was... chaotic, and not really in a fun way. I hated when they went into slo-mo shots of Alex crying after finding out about Mitch, it was so dumb and over the top. I know it's this show but still. It was already a dramatic moment and then it went into cheese territory.
  5. I have actually zoned out of this after episode 4 I think...
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  6. I wonder if it’ll get renewed for a season 3? There seems to be little to no indication on that front at the moment. Considering how much Apple pimped the show out as their crown jewel to launch AppleTV if the show doesn’t last at least another season wouldn’t be a great look.
  7. I think the main issue is that the actors are only under contract for two seasons, as the show was sold as a two season show. Narratively, it certainly doesn't look like the show is ending anytime soon, but they would have to negotiate new contracts for the actors for another season (which could be costly given how much Reese and Jen are already being paid and I know Crudup was recently announced as the lead of a different Apple show, though he could possibly juggle both), but who knows, maybe they've already secretly renewed the show for another season, or this season really is the end.
  8. I feel like, Apple being Apple, this is a show that lives or dies by its List of awards and nominations received by wikipedia section. The first season had negative buzz until all those left-field winter award nominations. As long as The Morning Show still attains some degree of cosmetic prestige, I think it's worth it for Apple.
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  9. It really is a shame that the Golden Globes and the HFPA have been cancelled dd
  10. Even though I did enjoy this week's episode, the way they deal with what they call "cancel culture" is so dumbed-down and oversimplified. I guess it's realistic though, given that each character is middle aged and white ddd. I'm really curious to see where the season finale is heading after the closing scene.
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  11. RainOnFire

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    "Goodbye for now" aside, this seems very final. Hmm. I haven't watched the finale yet, but I'd assume a third season was in the pipeline only so they could properly announce they were ending it.
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  12. Will be watching the final episode tonight but yeah, I was hoping they would announce a season 3 renewal by today!
  13. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a show that hates its own characters whilst asking the audience to root for and feel sorry for them as much as The Morning Show.

    What a bizarre finale.
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  14. RainOnFire

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    I have a lot of thoughts.

    So these people are somehow famous enough to be recognized in Italy but not famous enough that they can walk on the streets of NYC handing out posters of their missing brother.

    Alex rambling (on a streaming show that is also somehow live?) made her sound like someone on Fox News. Also the idea that all it took was Chip asking Cory if he could do it, getting a yes, and somehow having a show ready to go for that night on a streaming service that was just launching... like I know this is a fictionalized version of the television industry but come on.

    Chip lying about getting covid to be with Alex... whoopi_okay.gif

    Cory wants everyone to stay away from him because of covid but is willing to walk into a crowded hospital with no mask? Or was the point that he was so in love with Bradley that he didn't care? I also regret to inform everyone that I think Billy Crudup and Reese have great chemistry and I was looking forward to them coupling.

    Overall... I guess I enjoyed parts of this season? I said this before but Cory became my favourite character, he was basically the highlight for me this time around. Despite all of the missteps, of which there were plenty, I still would like a third (and final) season.
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  15. If this comes back, great cliffhanger. If not, what a useless second season with no conclusion.
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  16. The season two finale was a bit “ehhh?” for me. Especially after the season one finale, which is some of the best television literally ever.

    I agree the Alex rambling on camera thing felt like she was a Fox News talking head, which served no purpose at all.

    I did like the Covid stuff though. The blasé attitudes and then the slow realisation that this shit is very real was done perfectly. Hell, you only have to look at the Covid-19 thread on here to see the way attitudes changes almost overnight. I thought that detail was done right.

    I have a feeling they may take a year off and then come back for a third and final season.
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  17. I also liked the way they dealt with Covid, and I enjoyed the season, but this series finale was not it.

    I also found Alex's live rambling incredibly Fox News-like and even though she can be an awful human being, it didn't feel right or in character to see her talking like that. And the whole live stream was so unrealistic...

    It's strange that the whole season started with drone shots of all these empty NYC streets and an X months ago screen, and we don't even reach that period of time by the last episode! There was zero closure in the finale.
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  18. Pat


    Wow, I really hated how they wrapped up Alex' storyline. They did too much on her this season.. such a lacklustre series finale in comparison to the first one.
  19. What a disaster of a finale.
  20. That last episode was such a letdown after a really good season. Hope it comes back for a third.
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