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The Morning Show (Aniston, Witherspoon + Carrell)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. Reese's wig was particularly awful in episode 3. I'm really liking it so far, although I'd say its Carrell that needs to tone down the screaming. Speaking of line counts please tell me they did not cast Marcia Gay Harden to deliver one line.
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  2. Yeah, I'm a biT pissed off I went right in for the trial after watching episode one before realising there were only three episodes. There isn't enough content on there for me to justify yet another subscription. The Morning Show is great, I'll give See a try, but I'm not paying for a subscription after my trial until more content is available.
  3. Ok I'm confused, is this available in the UK right now? I thought I read elsewhere it wasn't premiering in the UK straight away. Very keen to get started on this show.
  4. I think it’s available everywhere where Apple TV+ has launched, so it should be.
  5. Apple TV is only five bucks, but yeah, all they offer is their originals, they don't have a library of anything else so it's not a very good deal.
  6. I’m surprised that this isn’t getting good reviews from the critics because it’s really good.
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  7. I don't mind paying for content I like, but not sure why I'd pay a fiver for three episodes of The Morning Show, three episodes of See and a handful of other content I'm not interested in? I think they really dropped the ball with the launch.
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  8. They only have originals???? What the fuck.
  9. Is there really only 3 episodes for the first season? Or are more episodes being added weekly?
  10. New episode every Friday. The season has a total of 10 episodes
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  11. Apple has very deep pockets, so I'm sure they'll be fine, but I can't see them surviving the streaming wars at this rate. Episodes weekly? Really? Nothing can compare to the glut of content available on Disney+ at launch or Netflix' back catalogue, so that's not really my issue. I'd say they're out of touch with how people are consuming content these days.

    I'm not even a huge binge-watcher. It took me a couple of weeks to get through the last season of Orange Is The New Black. Weekly episodes for a tentpole release are fine, I guess, but you have to have a very strong library of other content to back that up.

    Anyway, The Morning Show was a cute girl. Lemme pick up again in a few weeks when the whole season is available.
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  12. Apple isn’t aiming to be like Disney+ or Netflix unless they acquire a studio like Sony or A24. They’re going with the HBO style of quality over quantity and I’m fine with the weekly drop of episodes and if you’re saying Apple is out of touch then Disney must be as well cause that’s what they’re doing with their original shows
  13. Y'all griping about the monthly bill for only a handful of original shows clearly haven't suffered through CBS All Access and it shows.
  14. But with Disney, you have an entire library of content to consume while you wait for next week's episodes. Apple is silly for thinking people will be okay shelling $5 a month for content they can consume in its entirety in less than 1 day every week. They aren't going to join the ranks of streaming forces like this. Considering how much money Apple has to invest, they can certainly play the long game, but with SO many competitors launching in the next year, I don't know if they'll be able to withstand the PR.
  15. And you get a years free if you buy any new Apple product so they’ll be fine
  16. No one's concerned about Apple's stability, but until they build a decent roster of content - or at least enough content to fill more than one sitting - people aren't going to tune in, and the app won't be bringing them any revenue.
  17. Saw the pilot and think it's cute. Not boring but nothing special besides Jen, Reese and Steve.
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  18. I Bought an iPhone in September and I got a push message this week saying I was entitled to a years free apple+ and I am in LOVE with this show. Just brilliant.
  19. Realised with my new iPhone I get a whole year free of Apple TV and won't get billed under November 6th 2020 (MUST REMEMBER THAT DATE!) and I started watching The Morning Show on my lunch break and I really like it. I think I just love watching Jennifer Aniston do anything tbh.
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  20. Did anyone watch the latest episode? I really liked it. The episode initially hinged on a slightly unbelievable premise but it ended up being a smart examination of sexual harassment in the workplace.
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