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The Morning Show (Aniston, Witherspoon + Carrell)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. My week's free trial has ended, so I'll be waiting until the full season is up to dive back in. Perched to see Bradley finally go on air, though.

    I haven't outright bought an Apple product since my Macbook in 2017, so no free year for me. My iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods were all bought via EE and I pay monthly.
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  2. If any of those were since September I’m pretty sure you’d get the free year, although I’m not sure the Watch and AirPods are included in the offer.
  3. Episode four was brilliant and Kelly popping up to promote Heat was great.
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  4. Echoing the praise for episode four! It was appropriately done; Jen and Reese were fantastic in the end scene.
  5. I think this fourth episode was much needed for Reese’s character after a few Jen heavy episodes. Both had great moments throughout but Reese’s Bradley was a lot more fleshed out I feel.
  6. In your first two months you’re getting the entire first seasons of The Morning Show, See, For All Mankind, and Dickinson, as well as half the first seasons of Truth Be Told and Servant, and two feature films. And it will cost you £9.98, which is probably less than a fifth what it would cost you to buy the same content outright on DVD or Blu-ray, stop complaining.
  7. This argument falls apart when in any two months Netflix drops whole seasons of many of their original content whilst also adding to their already extensive catalogue. Comparatively, Apple is lagging. And that’s kind of the point re: buying blu-ray etc. Nobody does anymore, we get all our content over streaming services so comparing it to the cost of how much we may have paid for it a few years ago is futile.

    But what do I care, I’ve been torrenting this show anyway. And on the topic of the show, I think it’s excellent and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. The issues the show is tackling are certainly tough and a minefield, but so far they’re doing it intelligently so hopefully it doesn’t fuck it up.
  8. The Morning Show is literally the hallmark of the launch. Nobody is checking for other series or films except maybe Dickinson which released all ten episodes. Apple doesn't have a catalogue to sustain prolonged interest compared to Netflix, Disney+ or Hulu. Users are paying $5/month to watch content that they can binge in a day. How's that a good deal for the consumer? They have every right to complain.

    Season 2 of The Morning Show and Dickinson will film in 2020 for a 2021 release. What are users going to watch while waiting for the shows to return? That's the problem.
  9. While I do agree that Apple TV+ is offering too little right now but I’m pretty sure that they have a lot more content in the pipeline. They’re hardly going to leave the service without any new content while they film the new seasons of the mentioned series. I feel like they should have waited a little bit longer to launch the service though to avoid having people feel let down by the limited catalogue.
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  10. Apple have a new show/film launching every month

    At the end of the month M Night Shyamalan’s show Servant launches and then you have Octiva Spencer’s show Truth Be Told launching in December
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  11. Just finished episode 4 and it was basically one massive stanning of Kelly Clarkson, WHICH I LOVE!!!

    This show is going from strength to strength. I don't understand the tepid reviews it got initially. Sure, it took a few episodes to set the scene but I think by episode 3 it hits its stride and Jennifer Aniston is a revelation.
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  12. It’s 2019...
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  13. I just started my free trial of year and can't wait to see this!
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  14. Apple TV Plus exec leaves two weeks after streaming service debuts to mediocre reviews
  15. Just like everything with Anistons life and career, so badly do I want this to do well for her.
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  17. Yes and you just received hundreds of millions of dollars worth of television for the price of a McDonald’s a month, it’s a bargain.
  18. Yes, because Apple spending hundreds of millions to produce content is an altruistic act.

    If I spend £12 on a cinema ticket and think the movie’s shit, that doesn’t change just because the film had a $250m budget.
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  19. I love this show, shame they're drip feeding it.
  20. So they're moving Bradley into position to expose Alex? But are we supposed to be rooting for Alex? Not sure but still really enjoying it. I thought they were going for Alex and Mitch to get in a car accident as the story broke so then them being together would be an even bigger story but hey, still interested in where this is going. Plus, that Sondheim duet? (literally a question mark because I have many feelings about it and still trying to organise them)
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