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The Morning Show (Aniston, Witherspoon + Carrell)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. Aniston is legitimately brilliant in this. For me, it’s her best role ever. She’s a powerhouse.

    I hope this does well enough to earn her some recognition for this role.
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  2. NOT a fan of what they’re doing with Alex/Mitch.

    Also, why do I feel like Bradley’s emotions change with every scene? She is a mess of a character.
  3. Only saw a few episodes but I found it so annoying how Reese should have been fired nearly every episode. The thin ass excuses the network are using to keep her are just not realistic!
  4. I found the latest episode quite boring to be honest which was a shame after the first four.
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  5. Bradley Jackson is high-key annoying.
  6. I want to see more of Mindy Kaling!
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  7. I expected to like this but..... it feels cheap. The writing is underwhelming and holy fuck, Bradley Jackson is a high key mess. This is just not the level of quality it should have been.
  8. It's very middling imitation of The Newsroom.
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  9. Think I have to's not really holding up is it.
  10. Saw Bombshell over the weekend, and it covers all the same ground that the this show is attempting, but only pointed out to me all the ways The Morning Show is getting it wrong.
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  11. I think it thinks it’s trying to do something, but isn’t sure what it actually is
  12. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Staff Member

    Jennifer is just a star. She's so captivating to watch, and it's such a thrill getting to see her play such a meaty role.

    While I love Reese, I think it would've been great if they had cast a new actress in the role of Bradley. It's so much fun getting to see Jennifer as Alex Levy facing off with unknowns (e.g. the confrontation with Mia about doing the accuser's interview). And while I appreciate that the show is trying to find the nuances in Mitch's story, I don't care about the character, oh at all. I zone out every time Steve is on screen.

    (Also I hate how attracted I am to Corey but I guess that's the point.)
  13. How dare they put Special Guest Star Mindy Kaling followed by simply Marcia Gay Harden. One of these is an Oscar winning actress, gutted she had so very little to do, Marcia is one of my absolute favourites.
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  14. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    I think this will be a Xmas binge for me (think all the episodes should be out by then), but even from the trailers or little clips I've seen, Reese seems so miscast. Which is weird, because I wouldn't say that about much or any of the work she's done in her whole career, but I think this was a misstep. She should have just lended her weight as a successful producer (which she is). It's going to be weird when she has yet another series out next year with Little Fires Everywhere, making three tv series playing different characters in two years.
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  15. Yeah it’s a rare, bizarre miscasting for her, and it’s incredibly distracting in almost every scene. As I already mentioned, though, it’s also just a poorly written character who seems to jump from extreme to extreme with every scene.

    I haven’t mentioned that Marcia Gay Harden is fantastic in her small supporting role. She’s eating this up. Meanwhile, Mindy is expectedly miscast, and I just pray we’ve seen the last of her.
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  16. I find Jennifer's acting way too much in this. Both Jennifer and Steve Carrell are totally overacting.
  17. She wants that Emmy.
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  18. And she deserves that Golden Globe nomination she'll inevitably get. The others, though....
  19. Alex's husband almost having a meltdown yelling at her in the latest episode was not good acting.
  20. He is the absolute worst. He almost ruined Smash! for me with his terrible acting, and he's playing the same character here.
    I really liked this episode though, Jennifer was great again - I loved when she didn't give a toss about the fire's until she could use it to her advantage, and switched on the spot 'this story is SO important'. Ha.
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