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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Meathook, Dec 17, 2016.

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  2. Ever since I saw "Sound of my Voice" I've been a fan of Brit Marling, so this coming along was an unexpected treat!

    I watched the first episode last night. It's really weird and I loved it but I worry it might get cheesy. If it does I hope it's in an endearing way like Sense8.

    Also, hey Phyllis from The Office aka Sadness!
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  3. OH MY GOD that ending of episode two! This show is unbelievable - just when you think you got it all figured out and it was gonna be a cheesy mess it takes several turns.

    Two episodes in and it's already better than the overrated Stranger Things by Netflix also.

    I haven't seen Sound of My Voice but I definitely have to now. Brit Marling is a revelation and if anyone of you is a Jonna Lee fan, you'll be able to see the resemblance ha!

    That French boy Harris is GAWJUSSS by the way.
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  4. Stranger Things is not overrated, yes it has gathered a lot of attention and love but rightly so.
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  5. The first episode was really good and intriguing, but that bit at the end looked like an Enya video. I'll keep going.
  6. The Enya stuff was just Episode 1 so don't worry (maybe it'll come back later I'm unsure) but Episode 2 & 3 are amazing.

    Damn these fucking cliffhangers.

    Don't get me wrong, while I liked Stranger Things I just thought it kinda ran off steam midway. Hence my opinion of it being overrated.
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  7. I've just started the fifth episode and the show is quite slow. I'm enjoying it but...

    Prairie gathered five people to save Homer, is that already a spoiler that the other two are dead? And how does an endless storytime session mean they're saving anyone?

    It feels like the first season so far is one huge recap.
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  8. So after watching the entire season...

    It’s got such shit pacing, the entire plot of the season should’ve been the blueprint for about 3 episodes max. I enjoyed the show but it was so frustrating, waiting all season for something out of the ordinary to happen so that we actually knew that what Prairie/OA was talking about was true. I was slightly sceptical of the validity of the flashbacks.
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  9. I don't know why or how but I spent the last 5 minutes bawling.
  10. I was the same! As the OA will tell you, "It only matters if you believe." Or something like that. But this show floored me. I have never seen any of Brit Marling's stuff so this was quite a shocker for me, in terms of themes and storytelling. I loved every episode and I don't really see how people complaining it's slow? SOMETHING insane happens every episode and just when you think you got it all figured out - they do it again. I was withholding from posting because if I had more time, I will re-watch it and post more thoughts about it later. This show is such a revelation.

    There's something really Kubrickian about the 'experiment-water' area - without giving too much of it away. Everytime the OA and her friends end up there, I get the fucking chills. Don't even get me started on the score.

    And just in case any of you are having withdrawals, I found this response/post on REDDIT and it is really something.

    I'm putting the spoiler tag on it just in case:

    If you google "near death experiences voi" you go to this pdf article.

    It's about childhood near death experiences. If you go to you get a website about this man

    This guy here became fascinated by NDE's when treating a young girl who had almost drowned. He went to prison for water boarding his step daughter. People speculated he was experimenting on her. Sounds pretty similar to Hap. Speaking of Hap, look at this site.

    Interesting, huh? The thing is, you can do this for a lot of character names associated with the shows. Keep in mind all of this was done googling, which the characters specifically do twice in the show.







    I desperately need a Season 2 but if we don't get one, I'm still gonna be okay with it. I wonder how the fanfare is doing online cause that really secures the deal on whether Netflix will greenlight a second season. I've never been this excited about a TV show since Carnivale.

    Also, did anyone clock this:

    The bizarre appearance of the FBI's psychologist turning up at The OA's house and catching Frenchie in the act.

    Finally, I never knew Phylis from The Office was such a fine actress - totally deserving of a nom.
  11. Also, when this happened:

    I instantly thought of this:
  12. I really don't want a second season. It's perfect as is.
  13. It would work as a cliffhanger ending where we leave off with this big mystery, however I wouldn’t mind having a second season with more action in it.
  14. I'm really conflicted with this show. I think I liked it but I still think the whole thing ended up being kind of stupid. I'm also not sure if the story was actually moving/touching or if it manipulated me into feeling a certain way...

    Like, school shootings get me very emotional when I see them acted out on shows, so I don't know if I was so emotional at the end because of that or because everyone believed what they were doing. Maybe it doesn't matter.

    Do we think it was all real? I am kind of under the impression her story wasn't and she died at the end. I guess that's one thing I liked about the end - there was just enough left open that you could form your own conclusions and be satisfied. (Although I guess if it wasn't real...why was she no longer blind?) If there's another season, then I guess we'll see!

    I also was a little weirded out that the FBI psychologist was in her house. That was either poor writing or something that will be further explored in another season. (And if the FBI is sneaking in her house, then maybe that's because her story is real.)

    Overall, I'm glad I watched.
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  15. I love Brit Marling. If anyone hasn't seen Another Earth, Sound of My Voice, The East and/or I Origins then I would most definitely recommend them. She's a majorly talented actress and writer with a particular other worldly presence that suits every role she plays.

    The two groups in past and present time really complimented one another, although, I would have liked the show to explore more of the characters in the past.

    I think the show works well, similarly to her films, because the ideas and exposition are so polarising. At the very least, it's thought-provoking television.
  16. Just finished episode 5 and holy shit its good. The ending of that episode genuinely shocked and affected me.
  17. I think that's why the show hasn't gain as much fanfare as other hyped Netflix debuts - I find that people buy into or don't. I found in Episode 2 I was doing that same thing, but by the end of it, I just told myself to GO with the story and I've never been happier. It's really one of this year's best TV show debut - more people should try it.
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  18. I definitely think it's my favourite show of the year, beating the very strong Westworld.

    That said, I find it easier to consider it as a long-form movie than an actual TV show.
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  19. I'm almost done with this show. I'm super impressed and I love it.

    Words cannot describe how pissed I was when I got to episode 6 and found out it was only 30 minutes
  20. Just finished and there's only word to describe what I'm feeling: Shook.

    I see a bit of skepticism about the show, but frankly I don't get it. Like there were a few plot holes (main one being the guy in the house) but I feel like it's all setting up for the plot to carry on in season 2. There's no way they would have thrown that in the 15 minutes without a reason, especially with how close this show pays attention to details.

    I haven't watched a show that's left me at the edge of my seat at every moment in a while and this show did a great job of it.
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