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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Judy Jetson Hooker, Dec 17, 2016.

  1. I liked episode 3 a lot more than 2 though I'm curious to see how OA's story and the present/teens are going to combine.

    The way she chose her name though like...LOL.
  2. I'm half way through episode two and I'm not sure what to make of it so far.

    I'm refraining from reading back in this thread because of potential spoilers but is it worth sticking with?
  3. He


    Stick with it, you'll either love it or hate it, as apparently most do. It's an easy watch, too.
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  4. I just finished. Despite the fact I have like 4793 questions I really really loved it.

    It totally took me a few eps to warm up to but I thought it was brilliant and really moving yet somewhat confusing.
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  5. I'm on episode 6 now and it gets better and better. I'm glad I didn't quit after episode 2.

    Why is this episode so short? Opening with Chuck singing along to Beach House is iconic though.
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  6. It's been renewed for season 2.

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  7. What is this? Should I watch it? Literally all I know is the title and that it's a Netflix original.
  8. It's best to go in blind.

    You'll either love it or hate it. Not much in-between.
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  9. I though season 1 had a nice, albeit ambiguous, ending and wasn't even sure a second season was a possibility. I'm curious to know where they'll go with it.
  10. Just finished this last night and totally loved it. It's so bizarre.
  11. I just finished this. I'd post an opinion but I can't, I'm eating a sandwich.
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  12. It took @Nillness a month and half to finish it so I'm gonna say he wasn't THAT into it.
  13. Maybe he'll love it Part 2 onwards. HA!

    I'm just so excited that it's actually returning. OH EM GEEE.
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  14. Nooo! Not at all. It just took me a while to get started with it. I LOVED it. Admittedly, it took me a few episodes to get into it. At first I was a bit like "what the fuck" but like Sense8, it clawed its way into my brain and I'm absolutely obsessed by the end. I really do love quirky shows with strong creative control from the writers. Thank god for Netflix.

    I'm excited for more from these characters, but it's kind of bittersweet, though. Season one stands on its own perfectly. The fact that you don't learn whether any of it is true and you're left to wonder whether everything happened the way it did because it's true, or because of coincidence. The way Prairie succeeds in the end and whether it's the successful fifth movement, or she's just completed her glorified suicide out of delusion and depression...

    Ugh, rambling. But yeah, loved it. Literally can't wait to do the movements in a club.
  15. I still can't believe I watched all of this.
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  16. It was so good. When does it start?
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  17. Nobody is sure but I think end of this year (surprise release, like season one) or early 2018?
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  18. Quite. I doubt I'll return for season 2.
  19. Season two starts shooting in a few weeks.
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