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The Official Popjustice K-Chart (Sugar N4)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by 3Xs, Oct 22, 2012.

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    Welcome to the Official Popjustice K-Chart thread! Here you will find Popjustice's K-Chart, published weekly in Top 40 format. The information presented here is compiled using data from K-Pop fans right here on Popjustice, including streaming and requests. The weekly chart and chart methodology can both be found below. If you'd like to have your data included in our charts, please join Popjustice today and get started!


    Is here!

    Join us. Let us harvest your data. Acceptance to the group is moderated, which keeps it to just those of us on Popjustice, and specifically those of us on Popjustice who are K-Pop fans.


    Click the "join group" button at the top of the page and your request will get sent to me. Please do keep in mind though that this is a K-Pop chart, and while I won't put an exact threshold on it, you should listen to a significant amount of K-Pop. Liking just one K-Pop artist or song is not sufficient.

    (Feel free to criticize the methodology~)

    The chart is a combination of 3 distinct components:


    Simple enough to understand. The plays each week in our group make up the core of this chart. is the easiest way to measure what people on Popjustice are actually listening to, as it takes into account streams from iTunes / iPod, Spotify and Youtube. As with all group charts, plays are based on the amount of different users listening to a particular song, not the actual playcounts from each user (so for example, Person 1 could have played "Song A" 100 times in the last week, but it only counts as 1 play in the group chart).


    Don't have a account? Not a problem! You can also make your voice heard by requesting your favorite songs each week in this thread (or alternately by PM, if you wish). You may request up to 25 different songs per week. Each request is given the same chart value (as will be explained below), so it doesn't matter what order you put them in, though certainly rank them if it pleases you.


    The final aspect of the chart measures how much of a hot issue *HyunA rap break* each song is within the forum. This is based on the amount of times a particular act is mentioned - either positively or negatively - in the General K-Pop discussion thread during the last week. The more people that are talking about a particular act, the higher a song's discussion score is. Similar to plays, points are awarded based on the amount of different people who have made a post about a particular act in the last week, NOT the amount of times they're mentioned overall.

    (Not my strongest subject, so please, feel free to correct any errors you may see!)

    All of the above factors are broken down as so:

    Plays account for 50% of the final score
    Requests account for 40% of the final score
    Discussion accounts for 10% of the final score.

    So for example,

    21 people in the group have played "Song A" in 1 week. That equates to 21 play points for that song.
    6 people request "Song A" in 1 week. That equates to 6 request points for that song.
    8 people have mentioned the song or artist in a post in the K-Pop discussion thread in the last week. That equates to 8 discussion points.

    21 play points x .50 = 10.5 play points adjusted
    6 request points x .40 = 2.4 request points adjusted
    8 discussion Points x .10 = 0.8 discussion Points adjusted

    10.5 play points + 2.4 request points + .8 discussion Points = 13.7 chart points total.


    -The newer song is always given the advantage in cases of a tie, as it helps keep the charts fresher. If both songs have been on the chart for the same amount of time then the biggest gain / smallest drop gets the advantage. If both songs are debuting and have the same amount of chart points then the song with the higher score gets the advantage. If there's a tie again then only request points are accounted for. If request points are also the same then only discussion points are accounted for. If all of these are the same then the most recently released song gets the advantage. If that's the same then the song with a physical release gets the advantage. And if that's the damn same then we give up and call it a draw, though hopefully this will never ever happen (nor do I expect it to).



    Of course! Feel free to show extra support for your favorite songs each week by requesting. Likewise, you don't have to be a part of the group to request, meaning anyone from the general PJ population is free to chip in with their opinions.


    Songs older than 30 weeks and lower than a position of #30 will officially become recurrent and will be removed from the chart. A song older than 30 weeks can only re-enter at a position of #30 or higher. Songs older than 30 weeks which have been off the chart for longer than 5 weeks are officially "retired" and are no longer eligible to re-enter the chart.


    Something I'm definitely considering in the future but for now I'd just like to get the main chart up and running.


    Are all allowed to chart, but only request and discussion scores count towards the chart. plays are not accounted for as it's not uncommon for an act to have an entire album of songs with large playcounts in a single week (especially if it's a new release), and so this measure makes sure it isn't too easy for any one artist to dominate the chart.


    Remixes are counted towards the original song's chart score, although in rare circumstances a remix may chart on its own if a) the remix is more popular than the original recording, and b) is significantly different from the original recording, as determined at my discretion


    Occasionally there are songs or artists that can be tagged numerous ways on, and this is a case especially relevant for K-Pop. For example, on SISTAR can be tagged either in English as "SISTAR", or in Hangul as "씨스타". In cases where artists or songs have multiple tags, their plays are always combined.


    Language makes no difference on this chart. If it was released by a Korean artist then it's fair game. In cases of new language versions of previously released songs (such as Japanese or English versions), the new version's points are simply rolled in with the original version's chart score.


    As K-Pop continues to become more and more global, it is increasingly common that K-Pop acts are working with international artists. While non-Koreans are not allowed to chart on their own, songs by non-Korean acts featuring Korean artists are allowed to.


    An occurrence we rarely if ever deal with in K-Pop, but as a general rule demos are not allowed to chart if an official version is not released. If a demo leaks after a song is officially released then it may count towards the official version's chart points.


    This is a fan-made chart after all, so free downloads, mixtapes, or "gift songs" are allowed to chart, so long as they are officially released by the artist, label or (in the cases of certain CM's) company providing the song.


    Are counted towards the original song's chart score. If the piece of music itself is an instrumental, then it counts as its own chart entry.
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  2. 3Xs


    Re: The Official Popjustice K-Chart

    Weekly K-Chart (October 28, 2012 - Present)

    (10-28-12) Our first #1!
    (11-04-12) Seo, Jewelry, Ga-in & Lee Hi come for HyunA
    (11-11-12) The SNSD threat... and rookies on the rise
    (11-18-12) Son Dambi vs. SNSD: A new #1
    (11-25-12) Loneliness over Flowers
    (12-02-12) SPICA vs. SNSD; Gain & TVXQ debut
    (12-09-12) SPICA ties HyunA; Secret & Humming debut
    (12-16-12) EXID attacks! HyunA strikes back! A NEW #1!
    (12-23-12) Our X-mas #1! Sunny Hill vs. EXID
    (12-30-12) Goodbye 2012, Hello Sunny Hill! A New #1!
    ------------- 2012 Year End / Quarterly Review

    (01-06-13) SNSD shatters into 2013
    (01-13-13) JeA, INFINITE, GLAM and BOYFRIEND move in on SNSD
    (01-20-13) 2YOON vs. SNSD - a new #1? VIXX & Jaejoong debut; Block B surprise
    (01-27-13) GLAM vs. Nine Muses - a new #1!
    (02-03-13) SISTAR19's record breaking debut
    (02-10-13) SISTAR19's record breaking SECOND week
    (02-17-13) Blue All Over!
    (02-24-13) SHINee SHINing
    (03-03-13) Lee Hi turns it up, T-ara bunny hops, SHINee still shining
    (03-10-13) IT'S WAR: D-UNIT! RaNia! LADIES CODE! Lee Hi! A New #1!
    (03-17-13) 2NE1 Takes the Chart On

    (03-24-13) Girl's Day live up to the Expectation
    (03-31-13) Lee Hi blooms
    ------------- 2013 First Quarter Recap
    (04-07-13) A new ICON has landed
    (04-14-13) PJ's first "Gentleman" on top
    (04-21-13) The Beatles buzz back
    (04-28-13) 4minute vs. SHINee vs. HISTORY - A NEW #1!
    (05-05-13) HISTORY is made
    (05-12-13) PJ gets WILD
    (05-19-13) Miss Korea takes the Crown
    (05-26-13) Hyori vs. Hyori
    (06-02-13) Bad Girl Battle
    (06-09-13) Hyori battles back, EXO rise, MBLAQ & Rainbow debut
    (06-16-13) After School vs. SISTAR: THE BATTLE OF 2013
    (06-23-13) Up & Away!
    (06-30-13) Is It Poppin'? SISTAR doesn't think so!
    ------------- 2013 Half-Year Recap
    (07-07-13) Mid-summer Stagnation
    (07-14-13) Falling In Love with 2NE1
    (07-21-13) Blue & Platinum
    (07-28-13) f(victorious)
    (08-04-13) BEG KILLS
    (08-11-13) Do we love 2NE1? Yes, quite a bit.
    (08-18-13) Summertime Stillness
    (08-25-13) Let's talk about Seungri
    (09-01-13) SPICA vs. 2NE1; Sunmi & TEEN TOP debut
    ------------- 2013 Summer Chart
    (09-08-13) Coup D'KARA
    (09-15-13) 2NE4th
    (09-22-13) Chart Supernova!
    (09-29-13) Dancing LEGENDS
    (10-06-13) Bible Bible Bible...
    (10-13-13) Heavenly Ascent
    (10-20-13) Number One
    ------------- 1st Anniversary Special
    (10-27-13) BoA Doubles Up
    (11-03-13) Trouble Maker, FIESTAR & TINT Debut!
    (11-10-13) miss A vs. Taeyang: A New #1!
    (11-17-13) RING the Alarm: It's A New #1!
    (11-24-13) 2PK1
    (12-01-13) 2NE1 vs. VIXX vs. Hyorin vs. CRAYON POP: A New #1?
    (12-08-13) Younha by 4, Girl Groups by 3, Platinum by 2, 2NE1 by 1
    (12-15-13) Pre-Christmas Battle 2013!
    (12-22-13) 1 Is the Loneliest Number
    (12-29-13) Missing 2013
    ------------- 2013 Year-End Chart

    (01-05-14) '14 SEXY
    (01-12-14) Dal Kill
    (01-19-14) Dal Domination
    (01-26-14) Dal Consistency
    (02-02-14) You Don't Love SPICA? Well Fxxk U because they're #1
    (02-09-14) Shh... it's a new #1
    (02-16-14) Dal Returns
    (02-23-14) Park Ji Yoon, Sunmi & K-Much debut!
    (03-02-14) All records CRUSHED
    (03-09-14) Still CRUSHing
    (03-16-14) Still CRUSHing... part III
    (03-23-14) Orange Caramel vs. BoA: A New #1??
    (03-30-14) 2NE5
    (04-06-14) POP to the TOP: A New #1!
    (04-13-14) 2NE1 Come BACK
    (04-20-14) Duos Duel!
    (04-27-14) 1 PINK
    (05-05-13) Flying Wings and Rising Stars
    (05-11-13) &1
    (05-18-14) Good-night SMASH
    (05-25-13) INFINITE vs. Orange Caramel: The Curse of #2!
    (06-01-14) 15& vs. VIXX: The Curse of #2 strikes again!
    (06-08-14) All Eyes on Taeyang
    (06-15-14) Humming On Up
    (06-22-14) One Way
    (06-29-14) A1
    ------------- 2014 Half-Year Recap

    Retro K-Chart (January - October 2012)

    January 2012
    February 2012
    March 2012
    April 2012
    May 2012
    June 2012
    July 2012
    August 2012
    September 2012
    October 2012
    Year-End Chart 2012
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  3. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Re: The Official Popjustice K-Chart

    Wow, this looks rather impressive (especially considering provides its own weekly charts for groups already).
    Somebody do this for (non K-)pop please!
  4. 3Xs


    Re: The Official Popjustice K-Chart

    Thank you that means a lot!

    Guess we can use this as a pilot to an actual forum-wide chart. For now I just want to get this up and running haha.
  5. Re: The Official Popjustice K-Chart



    HyunA - Ice Cream
    TVXQ - Catch Me
    G-Dragon - Crayon
    Seo In Young - Anymore
    SHINee - Dazzling Girl
    2NE1 - SCREAM
    VIXX - Rock Ur Body
    KARA - Pandora
  6. Re: The Official Popjustice K-Chart


  7. 3Xs


    Re: The Official Popjustice K-Chart

    The overwhelming wave of comments... almost... too much... to reply to at once *WASHED AWAY*

    Thanks so far guys, I appreciate the requests~
  8. Re: The Official Popjustice K-Chart

    HyunA- Ice Cream is #1 this week
  9. 3Xs


    Re: The Official Popjustice K-Chart

    Well it's certainly a contender... Are there any other major releases this week?
  10. Re: The Official Popjustice K-Chart


    HyunA - Ice Cream
    TVXQ - Catch Me
    KARA - Pandora
  11. Re: The Official Popjustice K-Chart

    Great idea! The chart methodology looks perfect.

    Anyway, why don't you count instrumentals too?
  12. 3Xs


    Re: The Official Popjustice K-Chart

    Cus it's another thing I gotta count! hahaha.

    I dunno, do you think it should be counted? I probably didn't think it over enough, on second thought. Though I'm defintiely not counting intros or interludes.
  13. Re: The Official Popjustice K-Chart

    Well, since you count remixes, I think you should count them too.

    (Obviously HyunA will be the first #1.)
  14. 3Xs


    Re: The Official Popjustice K-Chart

    Good point. Rule changed! *BANGS GAVEL*

    You never know~~ Someone could snatch...
  15. Re: The Official Popjustice K-Chart

    I haven't come around to HyunA's mini just yet...

    4minute - Love Tension
    Brown Eyed Girls - One Summer Night
    Gain - Bloom
    Gain - Tinkerbell
    Jewelry - Look At Me
    Jewelry - Rhythm HA!!!
    T-ara - Day By Day
    T-ara - Day And Night
    T-ara - Sexy Love
    Wonder Girls - Like Money

    (I also would request some older BEG stuff that I'm really into right now, but I figured if it wasn't released this year... also, is Rhythm Ha!!! long enough to be counted as a song, or is it considered an intro? Finally, Love Tension has been my #1 song since it was released, and I get the feeling everyone has been over it by now. Am I the only one?)
  16. 3Xs


    Re: The Official Popjustice K-Chart

    ^It's long enough. I'm talking like less than 60 seconds type stuff.
  17. Re: The Official Popjustice K-Chart

    What a great idea! I just created a account just for this chart.

    (Will G.Na win the very first PJ K-chart?! Please let it be HyunA...)

    Btw, here are my requests:

    EXID - Every Night
    BoA - Lookin'
    Seo In Young - Let's Dance
    miss A - I Don't Need A Man
    Jewelry - Look at Me
    KARA - Electric Boy
    Gain - Bloom
    HyunA - Ice Cream
  18. Pen Expers

    Pen Expers Moderator

    Re: The Official Popjustice K-Chart

    Ambitious stuff as always. Will be interesting to see how the formula works, how predictable the #1s will be.
  19. Re: The Official Popjustice K-Chart

    Oooh. I'll have to think about my requests, but I've applied for the group~
  20. Re: The Official Popjustice K-Chart

    This is amazing, thank you very much 3Xs!
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