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The Omen v2.0

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Adem, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Has anyone gone to go see this remake?

    I'm heading out tonight purely to marvel at Mia Farrow's alarming new face, but all reports i've read/heard so far have been incredibly mixed...
  2. I saw it the other night to avoid the football. It's ok, pretty much identical to the original, just a bit more modern. It has some good scares in it, and some of the visuals (dead babies) are pretty rank. Go watch it but dont expect much and you'll enjoy it.

    It does have one of the worst bits of location shooting ever in a movie though - in once scene, a main character leaves his house in London to visit a priest down the road, the next shot is the character under Charles Bridge in Prague talking to said Priest.
  3. Perhaps EasyJet pulled out of a previously agreed product-placement deal at the last moment and the flight scenes were cut...
  4. Dreadful.

    Absolutely dreadful. *possible spoilers ahead* The idea of an Omen remake was such a brilliant idea, but casting Julia Styles as a MOTHER? She was about as convincing as a cup of tea pretending it's a corvette. This is what put me off the whole movie tonight... I actually gasped a sigh of relief when she was killed. I most definitely found the original much more interesting and enjoyable.

    Mia Farrow was brilliant though - but I was expecting as such, she's usually quite good, even with that new face/lip/skin.

    Oh, and I'd most certainly pay the rental fee for its DVD release just to see her get kicked in the head again.
  5. That really puts Chris Martin's three-minute run from London to Bolton in the Fix You video in the shade....
  6. I thought the whole movie was unwatchable. It wasn't scary at all...I think this is a trap people fall into when the recreate a classic horror flick. Either they make it exactly like the original (which when created in a modern setting becomes extremely bland), or they add lots of sex and gore just because they can't think of anything genuinely frightening.

    Adem's right, Stiles was a wet noodle the entire time. Pete Postlewaite was totally over the top, and while Farrow was a bright spot, it was only in comparison to the rest of the dim bulbs. I didn't even think the kid was very creepy.

  7. I'm not against the remake per se, and John Moore knows how to direct (Flight Of The Phoenix is stunningly put-together) but I just know when I see it I'll be thinking "Oh, now this is the scene with the nanny...and this is the scene where the priest warns him...and this is the that...and this is the this..."

    I know the original movie so well, I'll probably just be bored. And the Omen without a Jerry Goldsmith score is just foolish. I showed the original to my sister last week and she was terrified by the end of the opening credits thanks to Ave Satani.

    However, if this does well enough, a full rewrite and remake of Damien: Omen II and The Final Conflict could actually improve those movies no end, as they mostly were not good at all.
  8. The Omen's II & III were hilarious for many wrong reasons, so you'd think the only option for them would to be to try and improve it... somehow.

    I'll have to agree with Federline Ate My Baby when he says the kid wasn't scary. He actually reminded me of a younger cousin of mine, who is the sweetest little boy you'll find.

    Ho hum.
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