The Other Two (S3)

I'm rewatching the first two seasons before starting the new one. I'm at the episode in season 2 when Cary is shadowing a nurse at a hospital for his new film role and everyone he runs into there is also an actor shadowing a nurse. How is this show so perfect?? This is peak hilarity.

And then the woman's panel Brooke is on!! I can't even deal with how good this show is.
Episode one was kind of crap but I agree with y’all when saying ep 2 was a great swing in the right direction.

There’s no way this is getting a 4th season so I am just hoping they really go all out for this one.
I don't know girls, these first two episodes felt very off to me. None of the jokes or punchlines really landed for me.

I know the show has added swirls of darkness into the humor before but the tone has also felt off these first two episodes, especially in the second episode which a lot of y'all thought was an improvement on the first.

Not giving up on it at all, but I'm worried a tad.
Yeah, I didn't love these episodes. The characters seemed completely different to me. I know three years had passed and their fame has increased, but they weren't the characters I enjoyed in the first two seasons.

I'm very intrigued by Brooke's story line by the end of episode 2 so I'm curious to see how that plays out.

I didn't love the first couple episodes of season 2 either so I'm hopeful things will improve.
I was also a bit underwhelmed by these first two episodes. As some of you mentioned, something about the tone just feels noticeably off this time. I can't tell if it's because the characters have changed so much or if the humor is leaning too far into the absurd (or perhaps it's just been too long since the last season), but I wasn't as satisfied by this latest helping. That said, both half hours were perfectly enjoyable and I'm optimistic things will get better as the season goes on.

Also, the abundance of skin from Cary, Lance and Streeter certainly didn't hurt.
If you guys were turned off by the absurdist humor, episode 3 will not be for you. Probably my least favorite episode of the series. That said, I still laughed a few times.
It is leaning more into the absurdist humor. I think this one might have gone a little too far though. I always wonder how this happens to shows. Is there one writer who poisons the well or is it just how the comedy "rules" for the show get pushed and no one pushes back? I didn't mind the Pat stuff, as it's funny and a heightened version of what could happen but the Brooke stuff was just too much.


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The way my first thought while watching this new episode was "oh no". I'm... worried.

Also I know this show isn't meant to be taken that seriously so I realize I'm overanalyzing this - but Brooke at the end of the first episode was just flat-out mean. She's always treated Lance like trash but there was no punchline this time, it was just cruel.
I actually kind of liked the third episode. Brooke's whole story line reminded me of something "30 Rock" would do, so I didn't mind it (though, I'm not sure it quite fits on this show). I still don't think it's as funny as it could be, but I was entertained.

I really don't want to dislike Cary all season, though!