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The Other Two (Watch this show!)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. I started watching this yesterday and just finished episode 4. It's really fantastic. There are tons of laugh-out-loud moments and I love that there's a gay main character and the series is actually created/written by a gay man. And they actually show man-on-man action rather than just alluding to it as a joke. The fact that they're managing to subtly tackle internalized homophobia and so many other stories you never see on TV (falling in love with your straight roommate) is pretty unique and exciting.

    Wanda Sykes & Molly Shannon are amazing in it, as well. The cast is insanely talented.

    Also, this forum will cackle at all of the pop girl jokes (Pink's assistant talking non-stop about her aerial shows, "Something the gays laugh at but also love, like Britney.") and the way they make fun of straight girls who think they're part of the community.

    Episode 1 was fun, but it's gotten progressively better with each episode and has already been picked up for a second season even though they've only aired 5 from season 1 so far.
  2. I love this show so much! I want more people to watch it (I’ve gotten a few people hooked). It’s really great and I’m happy that it already has been renewed for a second season.
  3. I'm so glad I gave it a chance, I kept seeing stuff on Twitter and figured it was worth a shot. I really like the creator, Chris Kelly. His film a few years back with Molly Shannon and Jesse Plemmons was fantastic. I hope more people keep tuning into this show. I know tons of PJers would love the humour.
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  4. LiK


    Been meaning to get into this. I tend to enjoy what you recommend, so I'll get into it this week.
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  5. I’ve literally have been suggesting this show to everyone. It needs more love.
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  6. This week's episode was so painfully awkward and amazing. The Andy Cohen bits were hilarious.

    Also, can they get Josh Segarra (Lance) naked? It's for the greater good.
  7. Yeah this show is hilarious. I got into it because of the Survivor shout-outs, kii
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  8. Edu


    I love this show and it's definitely filling the void Difficult People left in my life. Gays! Struggling, broken people! Housewives and pop culture references! What's not to like?
  9. dddd I high-key want to make this the title of the thread.
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  10. Edu


    I should have said "Gays AND gay icons!", though.
  11. Thank you for recommending this show, don’t usually check for Comedy Central shows but this has been great, I’m going on episode 4 and loving everything about it especially the objectification of the “straight” roommate.
  12. I'm so glad that people are getting into it! I rewatched a few with my roommate earlier this week because he started watching it on my recommendation. The characters are honestly hilarious and I feel like it keeps getting better each week.
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  13. You should watch Corporate as well, it’s almost as funny as this show.
  14. Edu


    That "I am gagging for you, faggot!" scene from episode four is beyond.
    I would let Kate Berlant call me that too.
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  15. It was so funny I spit out my wine.
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  16. Thank you so much for recommending @VicePresidentJocasta . The funniest show I've watched in a loooong time.

  17. This show is definitely filling that Difficult People size hole in my life. I also love how they're always putting drinks on Billy Eichner's tab.
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  18. Edu


    The episode 8 ending was pure art. Please, watch this fucking genius show.
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  19. I literally am pushing this show on everyone I know. I haven’t worked this hard to get people to watch something since Haopy Endings.
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