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The Other Two (Watch this show!)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. This show is brilliant. I just started watching yesterday and I've got a few more eps to go but I LOVE everything I've seen so far. It's genuinely hilarious with several laugh-out-loud moments in each episode.
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  2. The latest aftershow appears to confirm Josh Segarra is just playing a version of himself on the show? Dude’s off his rocker.
  3. The teacher in the prom episode was such a dreamboat.
  4. Now that it's finally all aired I'm watching and it's


    It borrows a lot from Difficult People and Broad City to make a soup that is nourishing for my soul.
  5. The InstaGays episode was so hilarious and on point. Love the show! Can’t wait for the season two.
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  6. "You're on next, right after Katy Perry."
    "Is she doing music or comedy?"
    "Okay, we have some time."

  7. Has it been renewed for a second season? It was such a delight.
  8. It has been!
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  9. Edu


    Get into it, british girls.
  10. It's so good, watched the whole thing in a couple of days and loved it.
  11. I just finished the season! I still think
    going to college will mess him up more than the music industry at this point but here for Pat!, weekdays at 4. I'm sad that Brooke and her boyfriend didn't get back together
    I put it under a cut so latecomers have a reason to watch!
  12. I'm finally catching up on the rest of season 1 and I literally did a spit take when Beck Bennett (the flight attendant) approaches Brooke after her mother's meltdown on the plane and says

    This might be a bad time, but I remember now... you did eat my butt.
  13. I feel like this got robbed of an Emmy. I guess season 1 is still "too early" but the concept was entirely fresh. I guess it reminds of Schitt's Creek, so maybe they just need to build up their name first.
    I even like the after show!
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  14. Bumping this just to tell y'all it's a must-watch if you need a quarantine binge. Season 2 should be airing sometime this summer, but frustratingly there's still no date set.
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  15. I was just googling this show last night to see when season 2 might be airing. Hopefully we hear something soon.
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  16. Drew Tarver who plays Cary has an improv podcast called Teachers Lounge and just prior to the lockdown he took a 10 week break to go film the second series of this, which I believe was then out on hold due to Coronavirus so we could be in for quite the wait for season 2.

    I think I’ve watched the first season in full multiple times now, such a great show.
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  17. Oh shit. I assumed they finished filming because season 1 aired so long ago at this point (over a year ago!). If that's the case, season 2 won't be airing for ages. I can't imagine anything going back into production until August or September.
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  18. I think I read somewhere about production being halted, sorry can't remember where to link! Feels like ages since it debuted, really looking forward to Season 2,
  19. They started filming season 2 in January so I don’t think they finished before lockdown. Which sucks. I don’t know why they took so long to film. I heard it only got a second season due to being a critical hit... we need to get more people to watch it.
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  20. It was picked up early during season 1, almost certainly because the critical reaction was so strong. This long wait between seasons definitely isn't going to help with the ratings, unfortunately.
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