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The Other Two (Watch this show!)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Feb 24, 2019.

  1. Yeah. They really need to get it up on Netflix or some other popular streaming site to get some more eyes on it.
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  2. Agreed! I feel like they're really missing out on building an audience by not putting it on Netflix or Hulu if the only place you can watch it is on the Comedy Central app with a cable/satellite subscription. Really hope they're able to finish production on season 2.

    I've, too, been selling it in to friends as a great quarantine binge. I feel like it's tailor made for fans of 30 Rock, Difficult People, Kimmy Schmidt, Schitt's Creek.
  3. Agree with the last 2 posts that they should be rushing this onto a streaming platform. It has all the right elements of a hit, but there’s no way to get eyeballs on it as it currently stands. Not only is it hard for them to get new fans, I’m nervous if it takes that long for Season 2 to air, they’ll also lose a lot of fans from the original run who simply won’t remember it.
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  4. I'm hoping E4 keep showing it here and it doesn't end up in the same boat as You're The Worst, which has three full seasons that have never aired in the UK and aren't available to stream or even buy in any format.
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  5. Did a bit of digging - the show's creator Chris Kelly tweeted on 27 March that production was shut down. I suspect we won't see season 2 this year.
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  6. So glad it was saved!
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  7. Comedy Central paid it absolute dust. Hopefully this means a season 3 will come too because CC only renewed it for a second season due to the critical praise the first season received.
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  8. Edu


    HBO Max first saving Search Party and now The Other Two, the comedy gays love to see it!
    It wouldn't hurt if they also resurrected Difficult People for a new season.
  9. I've binged this today and I am SCREAMING. The plane episode - Molly Shannon is one of a kind.
  10. Oh God. The plane episode. So good.
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  11. I am half way through this, thanks to All4, and I am loving it.
  12. I need season 2 like yesterday.
  13. Molly Shannon on molly, the Call Me By Your Name ending...
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  14. I’m glad HBO Max picked up the series from Comedy Central but I’m going to need them to drop the first season online soon to hook some people. I don’t want this to be a Search Party season 3 situation where we waited many years to get it.
  15. That reminds me I should probably check out Search Party given my affection for Difficult People and The Other Two.
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  16. Don’t watch any of the HBO Max trailers for it. It gives a lot of stuff away for the first two seasons.
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  17. Chase's VMAs performance wasn't even half as bad as some of the Big Pop Acts we've seen actually perform at the VMAs
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  18. Good news for those of you who haven't seen the show. Season 1 is finally live on HBO Max (at least in the US.) Don't snooze on this wickedly funny show, ciggies, it's rare we get something non-Drag-Race related that feels tailor made for us.

  19. FINALLY! Excited to give it a rewatch!
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