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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Beginner, Feb 16, 2020.

  1. Anyone else watching this? I know we didn’t really need another dark HBO murder thriller but it’s pretty damn good and Cynthia Erivo is crushing it.
  2. I am and am really enjoying it. Agree that it seemed like a True Detective ripoff at first but I really like the supernatural bend it has taken and Cynthia Erivo is indeed very good at it (although her character seemed like a ĺittle bit of a stereotype at first).
  3. My sister has recommended me this, and I’ve just downloaded th3 first few episodes.
    HBO do amazing with their one series crime things, I have high hopes.
  4. I’m 4 episodes in, what an eerie show. It’s well directed and I love Jason Bateman in this. If you have a surround system, get your body ready for an aural/physical assault. The score is basically another character in the show.
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  5. Just finishing the first episode of this, so many familiar faces, and I'm hooked
  6. Last episode aired last night. It was... good. Not great but a decent wrap up.
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