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The Paloma Faith Rate | WINNER & Album Stats

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BubblegumBoy, Aug 30, 2021.


What is your favourite Paloma album?

  1. Do You Want The Truth or Something Beautiful?

  2. Fall to Grace

  3. A Perfect Contradiction

  4. The Architect

  5. Infinite Things

  1. Last Night on Earth is really nice but I always hear Jessie Ware's Champagne Kisses in the chorus.
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  2. Top 40 Recap:

    Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? (8/14)

    Stone Cold Sober
    Smoke & Mirrors
    Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?
    Upside Down
    Romance is Dead
    New York
    Play On

    Fall to Grace (6/13)

    Picking Up the Pieces
    30 Minute Love Affair
    Blood, Sweat and Tears
    Streets of Glory

    A Perfect Contradiction (4/14)

    Mouth to Mouth
    Only Love Can Hurt Like This
    Impossible Heart
    Leave While I’m Not Looking

    The Architect (13/22)

    The Architect
    Kings and Queens
    Til I’m Done
    Still Around
    My Body
    Final Breath
    Your Ex
    Make Your Own Kind of Music

    Infinite Things (7/13)

    Infinite Things
    Better Than This
    Me Time
    Living with a Stranger

    Extras (2/12)

    Circus of Your Mind
    • What would you like to see leave next?​
    • What songs (if any) are you surprised didn't make it to the top 40?​
  3. The song I'm most surprised didn't make the top 40 is Can't Rely on You. It's a bop and quite different for Paloma too, I really thought it'd do at least a bit better.

    As for which should go next, Surrender is my lowest score left, so hopefully that.
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  4. I'm surprised that "Gold" reached top 40, given it wasn't that well received upon release. I do think it's a good song, though.
    "Make Your Own Kind of Music" going this far is very random and unexpected, too.

    And here are my lowest remaining scores for each album:
    Romance is Dead (6.75)
    Streets of Glory (6.5)
    Impossible Heart (7.5)
    Make Your Own Kind of Music (6.5)
    Infinite Things (6)

    Any of these, plus a few fillers from "The Architect", can leave next.
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  5. Well, well, well...




    (From: The Architect)

    Average: 7.881

    High Scorers: 9.5 (@BubblegumBoy, @Phonetics Girl) 9 x 1 (@Disco Tears)

    Low Scorers: 6 x 1 (@soratami) 6.6 (@saviodxl)

    ‘Surrender’ was written by Paloma along with Jon Green, Jonny Ghostwriter and Rag’n’Bone Man. Jon Green is a British songwriter/producer who has worked with Lady A, James Bay and Kylie. Meanwhile, Jonny Ghostwriter has again worked with a whole range of artists such as Foxes, Rudimental and Becky Hill. He has won a Brit and a Grammy for his work. According to my research this is the only track that Rag’n’Bone Man has written on for another artist.

    It has been suggested that this song has a deeper meaning, addressing homelessness and a specific encounter Paloma had with a homeless person and recognising their common humanity.

    My Thoughts: (9.5) Would have been a much better single than Warrior. One of my favourites from this album. A real empowering tune.


    Maki (7) This sounds like a Sia song as much as that actual Sia song on this album. The chorus is memorable, not sure in a good way, since her voice is shrill on those high notes. I do like when it picks up with the gospel feel of backing vocals, that's a nice touch.

    (Part One)

    Me Time


    (From: Infinite Things)

    Average: 7.886

    High Scorers: 10 x 1 (@Markus1981) 9 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)

    Low Scorers: 7 x 3 (@BubblegumBoy, @Phonetics Girl, @soratami)

    ‘Me Time’ was written by Paloma along with Faouzia and Toby Gad. Faouzia is a Moroccan-Canadian singer-songwriter. She has so far worked with David Guetta and Galantis and is preparing her own debut album. Toby Gad is a well known German producer and song-writer. He worked on hits such as ‘If I Were A Boy’ and ‘Skyscraper’. He has also worked with Paloma on ‘Blood, Sweat and Tears’.

    My Thoughts: (7) With Toby involved you'd expect better really? This is a very forgettable song and frankly I wish I had scored it lower.


    Maki (8.25) The main thing that's putting me off here is her squeaky vocals during the chorus. Otherwise, it's a pretty great song and the strings make me like it more.

    Next time: we lose our first song with three 10s including my first 10 out.
  6. That explains my low score and I just discovered that
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  7. Rag’n’Bone Man being a co-writer for "Surrender" definitely makes sense (partly the reason I don't particularly enjoy the song, too). It's surely among the weakest remaining songs from "The Architect", so it's a good elimination.

    Didn't expect "Me Time" to leave before the title track of "Infinite Things" (which should get eliminated as soon as possible). I actually find it quite catchy and there's a fair bit of weaker songs that should've left before it.
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  8. Hey everyone... just to let you know I've been taking a break from eliminations as I've been struggling with my physical and mental health. I caught a virus over the weekend and had very little energy. I will try to get back to eliminations sometime this week. Much love!
  9. Get some rest dear
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  10. Thank you for your patience, I'm going to continue with two eliminations a post until we hit the top 20 to keep things moving along.

    (Part II)



    (From: Fall to Grace)

    Average: 7.886

    High Scorers: 10 x 3 (@BubblegumBoy , @soratami, @Markus1981)

    Low Scorers: 4 x 1 (@Phonetics Girl) 5.5 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)

    ‘Freedom’ was written by Paloma along with Sam Dixon and Al Shux. The track is the only one on the album not to be produced by Hooper or Gosling, with Al Shux as producer. Dixon has worked with Paloma on the previously eliminated ‘My Legs Are Weak’ and ‘Warrior’. Shux is a producer and song-writer, known for his work with Jay-Z, Alicia Keys and Tinie Tempah. This is his first and only time working with either Paloma or Dixon.

    In her ‘Track by Track’ interview Paloma said the track was about her beliefs in change and liberation. It was written as an anthem for her audience.

    My Thoughts: (10) One of the best songs on the album and one of Paloma’s best album tracks. Wish the album had been more in this vein.


    @bonnieetclyde (8) Reminds me of 'Too Good to Lose' by Rebecca Ferguson (also a bop).

    @Maki (8.25) One of the *counts* four standouts from this album. Quite a bop that could've been a single, actually. I only wish the middle-8 was stronger.of the *counts* four standouts from this album.


    Infinite Things


    (From: Infinite Things)

    Average: 7.9

    High Scorers: 10 x 2 (@Disco Tears, @Untouchable Ace)

    Low Scorers: 6 x 2 (@Maki, @Phonetics Girl)

    ‘Infinite Things’ was written by Paloma along with Clarence Coffee Jr, and Patrick Wimberly. Clarence is part of The Monsterz & Strangerz, a production and song writing team. They have been responsible for hits such as ‘Levitating’, ‘The Middle’ and ‘Work From Home’. Whereas Patrick is best known as one-half of the duo Chairlift. He worked on 2 other tracks on the album.

    My Thoughts: (8.5) I like the chorus and it is quite uplifting. It just doesn’t have that memorable factor to it.


    @Maki (6) Pretty sure this is my least favourite song from this album. It's not bad by any means, just too boring for a mid-tempo and doesn't leave any impact on me whatsoever.

    Next time: we lose two album tracks from two different albums that have a theme in common...
  11. I only gave two 10s in this rate and one of them's already out. Great.
  12. I certainly didn't expect "Freedom" to leave at this point, especially over "Streets of Glory". It's memorable compared to majority of its parent album and could've lasted a bit longer for sure.

    As I mentioned, "Infinite Things" is just too boring for a song that isn't even a ballad. It was my lowest remaining score and I'm glad to see it leave at last.

    I'm hoping these two will be "Streets of Glory" and "Romance Is Dead", as both have three words in their titles (and are among my final few sub-7 scores).
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  13. Ready to lose some more album tracks?


    Mouth to Mouth


    (From: A Perfection Contradiction)

    Average: 7.92

    High Scorers: 10 x 2 (@Sprockrooster, @Markus1981) 9 x 1 (@tylerc904)

    Low Scorers: 5 x 1 (@Phonetics Girl) 6 x 1 (@bonnieetclyde)

    ‘Mouth to Mouth’ was written by Paloma along with Raphael Saadiq and Taura Stinson. Saadiq and Stinson also worked on the track ‘Love Only Leaves You Lonely’. In an interview with The Daily Star, Paloma spoke about the song:

    "I recorded that with Raphael Saadiq after we met at a Prince concert. So we honored that situation by paying Prince his dues in the studio."

    "I was inspired by early Prince and Chaka Khan records, cool late '70s and early '80s soul," she added. "I think we could all do with a bit of dance now."

    My Thoughts: (8.2) I’m unsure about this one, it sounds a bit like a mishmash of songs to me. I do love the vibe of it though. At some parts I hear Million Dollar Bill, just me?


    @Maki (8.5) This tune is heavily influenced by the early 80's and pretty much nails that vibe. The pre-chorus is amazing and I wish the chorus properly followed up. Still, it's quite delicious and one of the very few highlights from this album.


    Final Breath


    (From: The Architect)

    Average: 7.94

    High Scorers: 9.6 x 1 (@Untouchable Ace) 8.6 x 1 (@saviodxl)

    Low Scorers: 5 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)

    ‘Final Breath’ was written by Paloma along with Finlay Dow-Smith, Stephan Moccio and Clarence Coffee Jr. Dow-Smith (Starsmith) worked on several of the tracks on the album, he is of course well known for his work with Ellie Goulding, Jess Glynne and Zedd. Moccio meanwhile is a Grammy nominated composer and producer. He co-wrote ‘Wrecking Ball’ and has worked with an assortment of artists such as Avril, Dua and Fergie.

    My Thoughts: (8) The choruses are really strong here, packs a punch. I think with a better arrangement it could have served as a single.


    @Maki (7.5) I like how the chorus is quite a punch, but it gets a bit lost among the million tracks here.

    So that leaves poor 'A Perfect Contradiction' with just 3 songs! Next time we finally hit the 8 point average and lose another 2 album tracks...
  14. We should be ousting the bad The Architect songs first. Get your act together @ voters! Although the album has stronger tracks for sure, I expected better for Final Breath
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  15. "Mouth to Mouth" left much earlier than I thought it would, it could've been a comfortable 10 spots higher. It sounds like something this forum would eat up and could've been a good single choice, too. I didn't expect "Impossible Heart" to outlast it, either.
    At least "Leave While I'm Not Looking" reaching top 3 of "A Perfect Contradiction" is total justice.

    "Final Breath" is a nice example of a good filler track. I expected to see it eliminated earlier, actually.
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  16. Same. Poor Mouth to Mouth.
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  17. [​IMG]

    Still Around


    (From: The Architect)

    Average: 8.01

    High Scorers: 10 x 1 (@Phonetics Girl) 9 x 1 (@Disco Tears)

    Low Scorers: 6 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)

    ‘Still Around’ was written by Paloma with Tobias Jesso Jr. and Chris Stracey. Tobias is a Canadian musician, he has credits working with Adele, Pink and Florence and the Machine. Chris meanwhile is part of the Australian electronic music duo, Bag Raiders. The track is produced by Starsmith and Klas Ahlund who worked on a number of other tracks on the album.

    My Thoughts: (7.8) Actually surprised this did so well, it's one of the weaker tracks on the album for me. Her vocals border on the annoying scale in parts of the song.


    @Maki (8.25) This one is pretty cool, I'm digging it. I really like the sensual vibe of the verses and the production in general. The chorus could've definitely been better, though.

    (Part I)

    Living With A Stranger


    (From: Infinite Things)

    Average: 8.05

    High Scorers: 10 x 1 (@Markus1981) 9.6 x 1 (@Untouchable Ace)

    Low Scorers: 5 x 1 (@Sprockrooster) 6 x 1 (@tylerc904)

    ‘Living With A Stranger’ was written by Paloma along with Nat Dunn, Ryan Vojtesak and Styalz. Nat is a Australian singer-songwriter previously known as Tali. She has written songs for artists such as Charli XCX, Ella Henderson and Anne-Marie. Ryan is a songwriter who has worked with Khalid, Drake and Post Malone. Finally, Styalz is a ARIA winning producer and songwriter who has worked acts such as The Knocks, Tinashe and G Flip.

    My Thoughts: (7.5) The production on this is fantastic however I feel the lyrics let the song down and it comes across unrememberable for me.


    @Maki (9) Unlike the vast majority of the album, this one actually flows really well and reaches a deserving chorus. A very slick bop. That post-chorus is so delightful, might be the best moment of the entire album for me.

    Next time: we finish one tie and enter another (our last of the rate)! We lose two a tracks from albums we haven't touched for a little while...
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  18. Not these 2 before Gold and That Cover!
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  19. This. I do like "Gold", but no way these are better than it and "Make Your Own Kind of Music".

    The chorus of "Still Around" is not great, but it's surely not among the weakest remaining songs.

    "Living with a Stranger" deserved better, too. It's among my top 3 songs from "Infinite Things", the production is so lush and the melodies are lovely. At least it managed to reach top 5 of its album.
  20. Genuinely surprised my 11 has survived this long now that I've seen how this has been going.
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