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The Paloma Faith Rate | WINNER & Album Stats

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BubblegumBoy, Aug 30, 2021.


What is your favourite Paloma album?

  1. Do You Want The Truth or Something Beautiful?

  2. Fall to Grace

  3. A Perfect Contradiction

  4. The Architect

  5. Infinite Things

  1. Too bad I only read about it now, would have been there otherwise. I should be able to make the next one though.
  2. So we didn't make it to the second album last night. We are going to continue tonight at 8 PM BST if anyone wants to join.
    Hope you can make it @soratami
  3. Fridays and me don't mix but maybe I can pop in today. Finding it hard to get a start on this so this might be helpful.
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  4. Watch2Gether is happening tonight at 8 PM BST, we will be doing some select tracks from the first album and the Fall to Grace! Come join!
  5. Just finished Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful and its B-sides. Pretty sure it's not gonna be the album with my highest average.
    Mad this is not on Spotify:
  6. Songs We Could Have Rated...
    Christmas Prayer

    Artist: Paloma Faith with Gregory Porter
    Year: 2020
    Album: Infinite Things (Deluxe Version)

    Info: Recorded with Gregory Porter, an American Jazz singer. Maybe this song should have been included in the rate but I have a real aversion to Christmas songs outside of the season ddd. It’s a cute song and was included in a digital deluxe version of Infinite Things. It’s almost a shame they didn’t push it properly as a Christmas single.


    Artist: Ray Davies with Paloma Faith
    Year: 2010
    Album: See My Friends

    Recorded for Ray Davies’ album and also performed at the Royal Variety Performance in 2010. I’m a big fan of the show, I think Paloma’s appearance must have completely passed me by! I have no recollection of it! I’ve never been a big fan of the original, let’s move on...

    Something’s Got A Hold Of Me

    Artist: Jools Holland with Paloma Faith
    Year: 2012
    Album: The Golden Age of Song

    Paloma has got a way of covering classics, huh? This time working with the legend that is Jools Holland. In the video Paloma is performing at his New Year’s Eve show which is always a blast.

    Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend

    Artist: Shirley Bassey featuring Paloma Faith
    Year: 2014
    Album: Hello Like Before

    From one legend to another! Recorded for Bassey’s album, this song has to be one of the most covered in history. It seems Paloma has never performed it live.

    World in Union

    Artist: Paloma Faith
    Year: 2015
    Album: World In Union: Rugby World Cup 2015, The Official Album

    Queue smooth link from last song... this song was also recorded by Shirley Bassey back in 1999. It is the theme song for the Rugby World Cup and is originally adapted from a hymn (thanks Wiki). Paloma recorded hers for the 2015 Rugby World Cup. It was heavily featured on ITV during ad breaks which apparently caused some controversy. A petition to have it removed received over 10,000 signatures. Poor Paloma. In 2019, it was again covered for the World Cup by Emeli Sande. No controversy was found. Maybe no one listened to it...​
  7. Sexy Chick

    Artist: Paloma Faith
    Year: 2009
    Album: Radio 1's Live Lounge – Volume 4

    OK, this is probably my favourite cover Paloma has done. Her vocals really work this song. I remember her performing this when I saw her live on her debut tour. It was a moment.

    Ad occhi chiusi (Light in You)

    (There doesn't seem to be an official version on Youtube)

    Artist: Marco Mengoni
    Year: 2016
    Album: Marco Mengoni Live

    Probably a bit too obscure for the rate. This is recorded with Italian artist Marco, who is rather easy on the eyes. The album went to #1 in Italy and is certified Platinum.


    So the next Watch2Gether session will be happening on Saturday at 8 PM BST where we will be listening to A Perfect Contradiction and the extras released during that era. Please come and join!
  8. Watch2Gether is happening tonight at 8PM BST! Come join us, we will be checking out 'A Perfect Contradiction' and its accompanied extras.
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  9. Two albums done!
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  10. I haven't been able to join the watch togethers, but I'm keeping up with you. Starting the third album today.
    The people responsible for the artwork of the first three albums were really inspired, weren't they?
  11. Randomly remembered one of my PJSC entries, which sounds exactly like a Paloma Faith song:

    Obviously, it flopped in the contest but I'd score it a 10 regardless.
  12. Just finished The Architect. And it's a bit too long for a pop album, isn't it? nn.
    Its length might have affected some of my scores.
  13. I finished The Architect yesterday. Interestingly, it's average is lower than that of Fall to Grace. That may well be because my lowest score is on there. Have a guess! But yes as an album it is overly long and then the Zeitgeist Edition adds even more!

    This Saturday's Watch2Gether will be The Architect! Be prepared for bops, ballads and what I call, Paloma's worst song in her discography.
  14. I also have my lowest score on The Architect despite thinking its one of her best albums (I need more concept albums from her!). I only have the last album and the extras left before finalizing my scores. Trying my best to only give 10's to underrated faves and worthy winners which has led to some harsh scoring. Hope I don't tank anyones faves!
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  15. "The Architect" battles "Rebel Heart" for having a gazillion songs, but I still think it's definitely among her best ones. We'll see how my scores reflect that when I re-listen to it this week.
  16. Hello!

    How are all your ballots going? The 'official' deadline is a week away, although I will be using the week extension. (Mainly so we can finish the Watch2Gethers dd). I'll get a tagging spree going soon. I'd love to do a tea post before the reveals if possible.

    I meant to do it when I opened the thread, but I have now added a poll to vote for your favourite album!

    Last but not least, Watch2Gether will be happening again this Saturday at 8 PM BST. This week is The Architect and it's accompanied extras.
  17. [​IMG]

    Do you want the truth or something beautiful? Why not both? You still have time to vote!
    I've added on a week extension so we can finish the Watch2Gethers and get to get your ballots in!
    New deadline is: 8th October (11:59 PM BST)

    @Phonetics Girl
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  18. [​IMG]

    Do you want the truth or something beautiful? Why not both? You still have time to vote!
    I've added on a week extension so we can finish the Watch2Gethers and get to get your ballots in!
    New deadline is: 8th October (11:59 PM BST)

    @Cotton Park
    @Holly Something
  19. [​IMG]

    Do you want the truth or something beautiful? Why not both? You still have time to vote!
    I've added on a week extension so we can finish the Watch2Gethers and get to get your ballots in!
    New deadline is: 8th October (11:59 PM BST)

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