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What is your favourite Paloma album?

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I will try to get this done but I have been so swamped I can't promise anything! I could rate the first few albums by heart but the extras are all new to me and I really haven't given Infinite Things the attention it deserves.

Do you want the truth or something beautiful? Why not both? You still have time to vote!
I've added on a week extension so we can finish the Watch2Gethers and get to get your ballots in!
New deadline is: 8th October (11:59 PM BST)

Ooh I missed this but will definitely try and get it done. Paloma is one of my absolute faves.

So with 5 ballots I can pour some tea before we get to the results next weekend:
  • The song in first place (which has really surprised me) has an average of 9.5, followed by three songs tied for 2nd place dd
  • The song in last place has an average of 5.68
  • All sections are currently represented in the top 20 whilst all five albums are represented in the top 10.
  • Five out of six sections are represented in the bottom 10
  • Each 11 has gone to a different song
  • Seventy 10s have been given out so far!
Everything could change! The deadline stands at Friday, however I am out on Saturday so I'll probably be accepting ballots until the end of Saturday.
I have revisited and rated all the albums. I just have the extras to get through, which I am aiming to do by tonight.

Infinite Things is a much better album than I remembered it being! Bops for days.
So I ended up being able to vote and discover an artist I was honestly avoiding.
But I'm used to her unique voice now. And the overused songs of hers have revealed themselves to be well crafted audial art pieces when heard in a more relaxed setting. (And in full as apposed to snippets for promos.) But really good for her for getting coin.

Of course I love when she went close to full pop, but again I'm used to her signature song genre now. She's all around great.