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The Paloma Faith Rate | WINNER & Album Stats

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BubblegumBoy, Aug 30, 2021.


What is your favourite Paloma album?

  1. Do You Want The Truth or Something Beautiful?

  2. Fall to Grace

  3. A Perfect Contradiction

  4. The Architect

  5. Infinite Things

  1. I might sent my ballot even before the original deadline! But thanks for the extension anyway @BubblegumBoy
  2. This is unavailable on Spotify for me, had to find an unofficial version on Youtube. Just to make sure I'm listening to the right track: is it basically Tom's Diner reworked?
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  3. Ah need to wrap this up song with the indie pop rate, finding time for forum business is hard!!
  4. I will try to get this done but I have been so swamped I can't promise anything! I could rate the first few albums by heart but the extras are all new to me and I really haven't given Infinite Things the attention it deserves.
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  5. Ooh I missed this but will definitely try and get it done. Paloma is one of my absolute faves.
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  6. I've voted
    Truth or Sth Beautiful 7,48
    Fall to Grace 7,70
    Perfect Contradiction 7,85
    Architect 7,72
    Infinite Things 7,82
    Extras 7,25
  7. The final Watch2Gether is tonight! 8 PM BST. We will be listening to Infinite Things and the final extras.

    I've had a few ballots in, I'd love to serve some tea before the deadline on Friday. Keep them coming!
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  8. Just listened to Luv Ya for the first time... there are some points she made on that one.
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  9. After finally listening to all the albums, I'm going to have to agree that the debut is her best one. Not only does it have a lot of great songs, but it's also Paloma at her liveliest and quirkiest, I feel like she lost a bit of that spark on later albums.
  10. This is exactly where I’m at after finishing The Architect
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  11. [​IMG]

    So with 5 ballots I can pour some tea before we get to the results next weekend:
    • The song in first place (which has really surprised me) has an average of 9.5, followed by three songs tied for 2nd place dd
    • The song in last place has an average of 5.68
    • All sections are currently represented in the top 20 whilst all five albums are represented in the top 10.
    • Five out of six sections are represented in the bottom 10
    • Each 11 has gone to a different song
    • Seventy 10s have been given out so far!
    Everything could change! The deadline stands at Friday, however I am out on Saturday so I'll probably be accepting ballots until the end of Saturday.
  12. I have revisited and rated all the albums. I just have the extras to get through, which I am aiming to do by tonight.

    Infinite Things is a much better album than I remembered it being! Bops for days.
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  13. [​IMG]
    So, the official deadline is tomorrow however I'm willing to push it to the end of the weekend to give more people a chance to vote.
    Tagging voters that I'm unsure if they are entering yet:​

    [@Maki, @Markus1981, @tylerc904 and @Trouble in Paradise I know you are working on your ballots!]
  14. The plan is to finish Infinite Things tonight now that I’ve submitted in the Indie rates. I needed a breather from Paloma too
  15. We have hit 10 ballots and our first 0 of the rate! The top 10 is looking pretty fantastic as it stands but anything could happen!
    I'm giving you last minute voters until early Monday morning (BST) to vote...
    Looking at you:
    @Trouble in Paradise
    @Holly Something
  16. So I ended up being able to vote and discover an artist I was honestly avoiding.
    But I'm used to her unique voice now. And the overused songs of hers have revealed themselves to be well crafted audial art pieces when heard in a more relaxed setting. (And in full as apposed to snippets for promos.) But really good for her for getting coin.

    Of course I love when she went close to full pop, but again I'm used to her signature song genre now. She's all around great.
  17. Final call for ballots!
    I will be accepting any ballot that finds its way to my inbox by tomorrow morning.

    As we approach the first elimination, any guesses on what it might be?
  18. Pretty sure it features another artist or Paloma is the featured artist.
  19. "Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?" is far and away her best album and I'm glad to see it's winning the poll by quite a margin.
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