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The Paloma Faith Rate | WINNER & Album Stats

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BubblegumBoy, Aug 30, 2021.


What is your favourite Paloma album?

  1. Do You Want The Truth or Something Beautiful?

  2. Fall to Grace

  3. A Perfect Contradiction

  4. The Architect

  5. Infinite Things

  1. Just voted!

    My averages (the averages in brackets include bonus tracks/B-sides):

    Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? - 8.800 (8.500)
    Fall to Grace - 7.396 (7.308)
    A Perfect Contradiction - 7.523 (7.536)
    The Architect - 7.792 (7.693)

    Infinite Things - 7.635
    Extras - 7.562
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  2. Lullaby ought to be the first elimination however

    Here are mine averages as well:

    Do You Want The Truth or Something Beautiful? 9.32
    Fall to Grace 8.04
    A Perfect Contradiction 6.96
    The Architect 7.59
    Infinite Things 6.62
    Extras 6.46

  3. Some "fun facts" about my scores:
    - I've given a total of four perfect scores (three 10's and one 11) yes I was a bit stingy
    - Three albums received at least one perfect score
    - None of the songs received a sub-5 score
    - My lowest score is a 5, but I think it could've been a bit lower
    - One of the albums received only one score in the 9+ region

    Album with the most perfect scores: Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? (2)
    Album with the least perfect scores: Fall to Grace, Infinite Things (0)
    Most consistently scored album: Infinite Things (the lowest score is a 6, and the highest is 9.5)
    Least consistently scored album: A Perfect Contradiction, The Architect (the lowest score is a 5.25, and the highest is one 10)
    Section with the highest lowest score: Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful? (one 6.75)
    Section with the lowest highest score: Extras (one 9)
    Album with the least sub-6 scores: Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful?, Infinite Things (0)
    Album with the most sub-6 scores: The Architect (2)

    Looking forward to the results!
  4. Are you ready for the first elimination? (Try and pretend to be shocked!)

    Heart & Sole

    (From: Extras)
    Average: 5.3

    High Scorers: 8 x 1 @Phonetics Girl , 7 x 1 @Maki

    Low Scorers: 1 x 1 @Markus1981

    There’s not a whole lot to write about this song. Until the rate it didn’t exist on Youtube (thanks to Maki for changing this!). I guess there’s a reason it’s in last place. Mikill Pane is an English rapper. This collaboration was part of his EP ‘You Guest It’ which was released for free in 2012. Fun fact: this song was last for pretty much the whole voting period!

    My Thoughts: (5.5) Yeah, the lyrics here are cringe. I think I died inside a little. My points are mainly for Paloma’s vocals. She does sound great.

    @saviodxl (3.9) She definitely has some questionable partnerships along her career.

    @Maki (7) I love Paloma's hook here, which is a shame, because the lame rap and very cringey lyrics are not it.

    I may post the next elimination tonight...​
  5. Yeah, that's not surprising. Seeing the sloth avatar on the youtube embed sent me dd
  6. Me taking the time to download the song from a dodgy source and upload it to YouTube, only for it to leave first...

  7. The exclusion of "It's Christmas (And I Hate You)" made it a bit more difficult for me to predict the first elimination, but I thought it was always between "Heart & Sole" and "Lost Ones", so, yeah, no surprises here.

    Don't really know why I gave "Heart & Sole" a 7 (possibly in hopes that it would escape last place), but I do know it's not among my absolute least favourites in the entire rate. Even though it's not an ideal first cut, it's perfectly reasonable and I remain unbothered.

    "Lost Ones" next, please.
  8. Not me getting the first elimination right, but also my comment making the title. So used to giving now I get to receive gif
  9. OK, this one has also been mentioned as being one of the first ones out (surprise, surprise!)...


    Lost Ones

    (From: Extras)

    Average: 5.672

    High Scorers: 7.5 x 1 (@Phonetics Girl ) 7 x 4 (@BubblegumBoy , @Sprockrooster , @soratami , @bonnieetclyde)

    Low Scorers: 2 x 1 (@Markus1981)

    Taken from Tinie’s second album ‘Demonstration’. Paloma gets a writing credit here too and is produced by Naughty Boy. The album features vocals from other PJ favourites such as Ella Eyre, Emeli Sande and Laura Mvula.

    Tinie told The Sun:
    'Lost Ones' is about having an experience who is in the limelight too. I was seeing someone who is famous too but it just couldn't work out, it added strain."

    My Thoughts: (7) Tinie has worked with a pretty great range of female vocalists huh? I find this song a bit bland and annoying, including Paloma’s part unfortunately.


    @saviodxl (4.8) Which British lady has Tinie Tempah not invited for a partnership yet?

    @Maki (5) I may be generous with this score, but this definitely needs to be among the first few cuts. Really, between the excessive amount of rap and Paloma's lame hook, there's not much to grasp on here at all.​
  10. Good, my lowest score in the entire rate is out. Not a bad song per se, just way too inessential to survive the bottom three.
    I may have scored it slightly higher if Paloma appeared more, but that 'you just lost oOOooOOone...' part of the hook is not that good anyway.

    Also, I couldn't resist and took a glimpse at the final leaderboard (only scores and not the actual song positions) and the song that received the only 0 of the rate is... random.
  11. I guess I just like rappers far too much cause these were my highest scoring extras...
  12. Consistent when you once sent this to PJXtra!

  13. Glad to see both of these leave early. Just nothing interesting about either for me to ever want to play them again, hence such low scores. Still not my lowest though, hoping my 0 will be out next.

    I hadn't heard Heart and Sole before and I'm not averse to some rap but the lyrics are awful, the production is quite drab and the melody of Paloma's part is really unremarkable.

    Lost Ones just did nothing for me at all. I'd forgotten how it went before it had even finished.
  14. Speaking of which...

    You’re So Sad

    (From: Extras)
    Average: 5.777

    High Scorers: 8 x 1 (@soratami) 7.75 x 1 (@Maki)

    Low Scorers: 0 x 1 (@Markus1981) 3 x 1 (@tylerc904)

    Released in 2014, from the album ‘Where The Nightmare Gets In’. Nervous Nellie is a Swedish indie pop band. The leader singer, Henrik Jonzon has also worked with Zara Larsson, Rebecca & Fiona and Sabina Ddumba. How the band came to team up with Paloma is unknown as far as my research goes!

    My Thoughts: (7.5) I mean its cute but doesn't do a lot for me. Bye, I guess? Paloma seems a bit wasted on this collaboration.


    @saviodxl (7.4) Who's Nellie and why is he nervous?

    @Maki (7.75) Definitely giving me mid-00s indie song (the impact of @soratami's rate). While it's more of a background music material, there's something oddly touching about it, I especially love when the string section kicks in. A really nice re-discovery.

    Up next: it's not a male vocal but it is another extra dd
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  15. Aw... "You're so Sad" is the first song I can confidently say ended up underrated. Thinking about it, it's such a random pairing. I too wonder how this relatively obscure band got to collab with Paloma. And I do get that the male vocals + not a prominent feature + crappy audio quality combo likely didn't do it any favour, but it's a perfectly pleasant song and there's definitely worse. I guess it's fine as long as my 8+ scores remain intact.
    That 0 is definitely a bit over the top, though.

    Oh, the first solo song to be eliminated? Out of the extras, my lowest score is for "I've Gotta Be Me", so hopefully it's that one.
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  16. Off to a great start I have to say. Couldn't hum a single note of any of these three.
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  17. Well....


    I’ve Gotta Be Me

    (From: Extras)
    Average: 5.87

    High Scorers: 7.5 x 1 (@BubblegumBoy)

    Low Scorers: 3 x 1 (@Markus1981)

    Originally written for the Broadway musical Golden Rainbow. The song was released as a single by Steve Lawrence (who was in the musical) in 1967 and charted at #6 in the Billboard Easy Listening chart. It was then recorded by Sammy Davis Jr. in 1968. It has since been covered by Duffy, Ryan Tedder and our very own Paloma! The song was used as part of an advert campaign for Skoda.

    My Thoughts: (7.5) Its very paint by numbers as far as covers go. The key change, the rising vocals. Yet somehow it doesn’t really do much for me?


    @Maki (6.5) This is nice enough, but practically useless.

    Next time, we lose our first album track!
  18. Well, I'm not surprised to be the You're So Sad highest scored dd. It really didn't deserve to do this badly...
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  19. I'm glad to see You're So Sad gone. It's not that I just don't like it, it's that I actively dislike it. When Paloma and Henrick sing together it sounds awful and makes me want to hit stop immediately.

    So a 0 for a song I never want to listen to again seems quite just to me, especially when I'm rating against the other songs in this rate not every song that ever existed. But we all score in different ways I guess.

    I've Gotta Be Me serviced the ad but again isn't needed for anything else. It certainly isn't on my Paloma playlist.
  20. Fun fact: "I've Gotta Be Me" nearly wasn't included in this rate because @BubblegumBoy and I initially forgot about its existence... that pretty much speaks for itself ddd

    Actually, it can be considered the first single of the rate to be eliminated, since it was released as a stand-alone single in 2019. Furthermore, it might be the only song from this entire list that I wasn't already familiar with because its release totally escaped me (nor it was mentioned on this form). Inessential on so many levels.
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