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The Paloma Faith Rate | WINNER & Album Stats

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by BubblegumBoy, Aug 30, 2021.


What is your favourite Paloma album?

  1. Do You Want The Truth or Something Beautiful?

  2. Fall to Grace

  3. A Perfect Contradiction

  4. The Architect

  5. Infinite Things

  1. That's not what I meant!
    What's good @Markus1981 ?

    Not the ghost of Jess Glynne haunting us in another rate!

    If it's my 11, I swear...
  2. Um, "Other Woman" is one of the very few album track standouts from "A Perfect Contradiction". How did "Ready for the Good Life", among many others, manage to outlast it? Mess.

    "Blessings" is pretty great and should've lasted at least a bit longer, too.
    This is a scream. It always irritated me that DJs/producers credit themselves as a lead artist, so I love Diane's thinking here.

    "Power to the Peaceful" is not my favourite out of the four deluxe tracks from "The Architect", but it's still really good. There's something very 'fluttery' and likeable about it, really compliments the lyrical theme. Another song that could've stayed longer.

    And, finally, "Lullaby" is out. Ugh... it just sounds like a Jess Glynne reject from 2015 (maybe it is one?) and Paloma should find it more derogatory than "Mistakes".
  3. Not even recency bias saving her feature on Diane Warren's debut album. Diane can't seem to catch a break here on in life for that matter.

    Yes. I forgot the name of the track. And I was also unbothered a bit too much to look it up.
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  4. Pretty sure Power to the Peaceful is my highest score eliminated so far. It really deserved better but I guess maybe being a bonus track hurt its average a bit.
  5. I wonder which two singles could we be losing at this point. "Black & Blue", "Just Be" and "Ready for the Good Life" are possible contenders. Maybe "Gold" and "Movin' Too Fast", if that one counts as a single. I'd be happy seeing either of them leave, so hopefully it's one of these.
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  6. Not today!

    Well, lets see...


    Trouble With My Baby


    (From: A Perfect Contradiction)

    Average: 7.41

    High Scorers: 9 x 1 (@Disco Tears) 8.5 x 2 (@Phonetics Girl, @Markus1981)

    Low Scorers: 4.9 x 1 (@Untouchable Ace)

    ‘Trouble With My Baby’ was released as the third single from ‘A Perfect Contradiction’ in August 2014. The song was written by Paloma along with Steve Robson and Andrea Martin. Robson had worked with Paloma on her previous two albums. Martin has written with some big names such as Toni Braxton, En Vogue and Leona Lewis. The song was originally written for ‘Fall to Grace’ but Paloma considered it ‘misfitting’ of the album’s themes. The song was used to promote the 8th series of Britain’s Got Talent. However the song did not chart.

    Faith said in an interview that the sing was inspired by a relationship. The man in the song was ‘her best friend, but too close’ and made her feel ‘like he was dragging my energy out of me’. She wrote the song as a message to the man to tell him he was ‘being a bit of a pain’.

    My Thoughts: (7.2) This is fun but it just sounds so dated. This is the issue I have with the majority of 'A Perfect Contradiction'. Easily one of her weakest singles for me.


    @Maki (8.25) This is a bit more of quirky Paloma that I'm digging. Definitely boppy and makes sense it was released as a single. I actually find the chorus the weakest part here, but most of it is pretty strong.


    Moving Too Fast

    (From: Extras)

    Average: 7.49

    High Scorers: 9 x 1 (@Disco Tears) 8.8 x 1 (@Untouchable Ace)

    Low Scorers: 5 x 1 (@Phonetics Girl) 6 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)

    ‘Moving Too Fast’ is a promotional single released by DJ Spoony featuring Paloma on vocals. The song was featured on his 2019 album ‘Garage Classical’ which also featured the Sugababes, Lily Allen and Gabrielle. The album charted at #48 in the UK. The song is a cover of ‘Movin’ Too Fast’ by UK garage duo Artful Dodger with vocals from Romina Johnson which was released in 1999.

    DJ Spoony (Johnathan Joseph) is also known as a radio presenter and part of UK garage production trio, Dreem Teem. As a public figure he has appeared on Strictly Come dancing, Weakest Link and Mastermind.

    My Thoughts: (8.5) The original is a classic and I feel Paloma's vocals really suit this track. The production is silky smooth and I'm here for it.


    @Maki (7) I don't think I've ever heard the original, so can't make any comparisons. It's a cute garage-lite bop, but obviously nothing remotely essential in her discography.

    Next time: we lose 2 tracks from 2 albums we haven't touched for a little while...
  7. I shivered with the tagging! Was ready to riot for my 11 gone to soon.

    Apparently it'll stay a but longer
  8. I guess I can take my favourites from A Perfect Contradiction going when they're accompanied by some of my lowest scores, however that ominous hint...
  9. Um... okay? "Trouble With My Baby" is a bop and easily better that heaps of songs across all albums. I totally expected it to outlast "Ready for the Good Life" (how did that not happen?!) and even "Can't Rely on You" when it comes to singles from that album. And the criticism that it's dated doesn't really hold water when the two aforementioned songs sound even more dated.

    "Moving Too Fast" is perfectly fine and left at the right time.

    This should mean her first two albums are in danger of losing a track each.
    "Romance Is Dead" and "Just Be", please (though "Fall to Grace" could be cut in half at this point ddd) .
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  10. Well @Maki called one of these!


    Just Be


    (From: Fall to Grace)

    Average: 7.5

    High Scorers: 10 x 2 (@Disco Tears, @Markus1981) 9.5 x 1 (@bonnieetclyde)

    Low Scorers: 5 x 1 (@tylerc904) 6 x 2 (@Sprockrooster, @Maki)

    ‘Just Be’ was released as the fourth single from ‘Fall to Grace’ in December 2012. The song was written by Paloma along with Greg Wells and Matt Hales and produced by Nellee Hooper and Jake Gosling. Greg Wells is a Canadian writer and producer, having worked with some big names such as John Legend, Adele and Celine Dion. Meanwhile, Matt Hales known as the artist Aqualung has worked with the likes of Mika, Disclosure and Bat for Lashes. This is the only song they worked on for the album.

    Paloma has said the song is ‘supposed to be a realistic love song for real lovers.’ The song is saying ‘he gets on my nerves, but I love him.’ The single was released with an EP of accompanying remixes. ‘Just Be’ charted at #66 in the UK charts. The music video was shot in New York and features the same actor as her love interest from the era’s previous videos.

    My Thoughts: (7.5) OK, I think I underscored this. This is one of her best ballads. I do love the lyrics even if the song itself doesn't do a lot.


    @Disco Tears (10) Paloma's performance of this in Glasgow in 2018 was stunning, I'd actually say the highlight of the show and the song, a career highlight without a doubt.

    @bonnieetclyde (9.5) Paloma doesn't need much and this stripped down piano ballad showcases that. Simply beautiful.

    @Maki (6) A bit of a yawn, huh? That little hook is very cute and the only this that prevented me from scoring this boring song lower.


    If This Is Goodbye


    (From: Infinite Things)

    Average: 7.504

    High Scorers: 10 x 1 (@Sprockrooster) 9.6 x 1 (@Untouchable Ace)

    Low Scorers: 5 x 1 (@saviodxl) 6x 2 (@Phonetics Girl, @soratami)

    ‘If This Is Goodbye’ was written by Paloma with Ed Harcourt who also worked on ‘If Loving You Was Easy’. On Twitter Paloma stated ‘This song is about a close friend of mine who is terminally unwell. It’s about the uncertainty that every moment we have with those we love may not be forever, and is very dear to my heart.’

    My Thoughts: (7.2) I love the instrumental of this however the chorus actually annoys me a bit. Not her best song lyrically unfortunately.


    @Maki (6.25) Thank goodness for that middle-8, otherwise this would've probably been my lowest rated song from all of her five albums. Actually, it's a pity they used that beautiful middle-8 on such a snoozy song. The dual piano/guitar riff is also very pretty, here's an extra 0.25 points for that.

    Next time: we lose another track from one of these albums... and then a tie!
  11. Just Be deserves more love than that...
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  12. These results are so weird. Like, I get that Contradiction is one of the weaker albums but Take Me and Trouble With My Baby are bangers? Y'all.

    Just Be is also a stunning ballad, I thought it had the top20 on lock.
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  13. Good riddance to these two boring songs!
    "Infinite Things" should leave next.
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  14. [​IMG]

    Beauty of the End


    (From: Fall to Grace)

    Average: 7.509

    High Scorers: 10 x 1 (@Phonetics Girl) 9 x 1 (@Disco Tears)

    Low Scorers: 4 x 1 (@Sprockrooster) 6.5 x 1 (@Markus1981)

    ‘Beauty of the End’ was written by Paloma and Eg White (who we met on the last elimination). The track was produced soley by Nellee Hooper.

    Paloma said the song was written about a relationship she was in at the time. The guy was her best friend. She felt the relationship wasn’t working or productive. She talks about writing a letter that she never sends and hoping that in the future the guy will see she ended it to help him.

    My Thoughts: (7.5) Another day, another ballad. There’s some great lyrics here but it’s not an album highlight for me.


    @bonnieetclyde (8.5) ''falling never hurts but landing does'' is a great lyric! Love how this track builds.

    @Maki (7) I always think I like this more when seeing its title.

    (tie Part 1)

    Luv Ya


    (From: Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful?)

    Average: 7.51

    High Scorers: 9 x 1 (@soratami) 8.5 x 1 (@Phonetics Girl)

    Low Scorers: 5.8 x 1 (@Untouchable Ace)

    ‘Luv Ya’ is amongst some of Paloma’s earliest recorded tracks. Written with Ian Barter who also worked on ‘I Just Wait’ and ‘Broken Doll’. The track was produced by Steve Fitzmaurice and David Odlum. The song was released as the B-side to ‘New York’

    My Thoughts: (8.2) ‘I remember Paloma requesting to play this when I saw her on her debut tour, it went off. I can see why it wasn’t included on the album, it’s a very different vibe’


    @saviodxl (7.4) She should explore her rockier side more.

    @Maki (7.75) An unexpected rocky bop from Paloma! Obviously a sonic outlier and a reasonable choice for a B-side. The chorus is pretty damn cool, though I'm not too keen on some of the affectations here and there.

    Next time: we lose a cover and an extra
  15. Luv Ya has done really well. I never listen to it (because I can't buy it anywhere!) but it's really fun.
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  16. Uno


    Aw, I was literally listening to Beauty of the End while reading this! What a cute sentimental song it is.
  17. It's on Spotify sis! No need to buy it
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  18. I'm a (US-based) Apple Music girl and it isn't there for me!
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  19. If This Is Goodbye shouldn't be going yet.
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  20. Fall from Grace album being done dirty here.
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