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The Passion Of The Groove: The Alcazar Discography Rate - #57: “not entirely successful...”

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WowWowWowWow, Apr 1, 2019.


    Time for a



  2. I pretty much live on Pacific time, will that do?

    (I've been sooooooo busy but I really wanna do this, wait for meeeeeee)
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  3. Yes it will do just fine! I wait.
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  4. Thank you I heart you see you soon!
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  5. It’s still going to be another three hours before I even get in front of my computer to input the latest batch of scores, so feel free to still send scores in the next few moments...

    Is anyone else still working on scores beyond our lovely Canadian friend? (And one of our lovely Belgian friends?)
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  6. OK let’s say that voting has closed unless (1) you are @iheartpoptarts or @Remorque who already contacted me about submitting votes, or (2) you are someone who gets their votes to me by the time I finish inputting everyone’s votes.

    In the meantime... Alcazar were known for their classic-song-sampling bops, but please enjoy them straight-up covering other songs (that weren’t in the rate):

  7. I'm on the random miscellany, promise!
  8. Done!

    That was so good, you guys.
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  9. Also it has been a thing for almost a year and I only just today learned ... that Andreas has been shacking up with a fellow Mello fellow

    *bops in Greek*
  10. That was me, thanks for waiting, I hope that you got them.
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  11. Sorry, I'm being all flaky again. I got just over halfway through my scores and was struck down with flu.

    I'll follow this from the side lines though and watch Save My Pride hopefully cut down everything in its path.
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  12. I still have a few hours of work to do if you have the ability to finish up scores @nnnumb?
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  13. My 11 is the biggest cliché.
  14. You're gonna freak on the weekend?

    Wait, I'm thinking of something else.
  15. I applaud you for immediately thinking of Party Voice tho.
  16. What a mega bop.
  17. ssa


    My 11 is most likely going to crash out second, right after Grillvagn.
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  18. I would imagine my 11 will do very well.
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  19. Hi everyone

    I have almost all the commentary inputted and I have entered all of your scores. I hope to have the first elimination for you within the next few hours. Unfortunately I have this thing called "work" I have to do (UGH!!) so it may be a few more hours until the first elimination. But I promise to keep things moving once we get going.

    Also I wanted to say that earlier in the thread, I said I would be super thrilled if we had 15-20 voters for this rate... and when all was said and done, we had 20 voters! Hurrah! I'm grateful to you all for enjoying some pop perfection with me.

    @Ana Raquel
    @Empty Shoebox
    @Untouchable Ace

    Back soon!!
  20. Bugger, only just seen this! I totally would've voted.

    I will watch the results with interest.
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