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The Passion Of The Groove: The Alcazar Discography Rate

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    “Annikafiore is a master at lasagna and Tess is absolutely obsessed with high heels.” How could you not love a group that once included this sentence in its biography?

    If ABBA and Army of Lovers had a baby that once shared a nursery with Steps, it would probably be something like Alcazar. For the past two decades, this quintet of glittery, glamorous Swedes have been responsible for some of the best pop moments of the new millennium. They racked up ten Top 10 singles in their native land and even reached the top 20 in the UK on multiple occasions. In this rate, I invite you to (re)experience The Passion Of The Groove… as we work our way through Alcazar’s incredible discography.

    During their active years, Alcazar released three proper albums, added some bonus tracks onto repackaged albums, re-released albums with greatest hits discs attached, and sometimes just dropped songs for the hell of it. All told, this leaves us with 62 entries. NB: we will not be rating their version of “Last Christmas,” as I don’t want to subject anyone to a Christmas song outside of the festive season (I know @Empty Shoebox is DEVASTATED), nor any remixes or new versions. You can also track down their live ABBA tribute album if you are interested.


    Standard rate rules apply—please give each song a score from 0-10, with one song earning your ultimate 11 if you wish to use it. All decimal scores are fine in the 0-10 range. Commentary, memories, and shady quips about the songs are optional but appreciated and valued.

    During the voting period, I intend to sprinkle some Alcazar history into the thread, as well as share what the group’s members were up to before, during, and after their time in the group. It will be ancient history for some and BRAND-NEW INFORMATION for others, but hopefully everyone will enjoy themselves.

    Your scores etc. are due Monday, May 13, 2019 by 11:59PM in your time zone.


    YouTube Playlist

    Spotify Playlist
    (Does not include: Breaking Free, Click Your Heart, Grillvagn)
    Be forewarned: depending on your region, many songs may be unavailable. The playlist is intended to have 59 songs in total.

    Individual video links:
    Casino (2000)
    Sexual Guarantee
    Don’t Leave Me Alone
    Crying At The Discotheque
    Shine On
    Stars Come Out At Night
    Paris In The Rain
    Baby Come Back
    Ritmo Del Amor
    Seasons Of The Sun
    Tears Of A Clone
    The Bells Of Alcazar
    Blues In G-Minor
    Breaking Free
    Almost Famous
    Don’t You Want Me
    Click Your Heart

    Alcazarized (2003)
    Dance With The DJ
    I Love The DJ
    Celebrate The Night
    Ménage À Trois
    Dancefloor Docusoap
    Not A Sinner Nor A Saint
    Funky Feet
    I Go Shopping
    Last Days Of Disco
    Love Life
    Singing To Heaven
    Here I Am
    Save My Pride

    Dancefloor Deluxe (2004)
    This Is The World We Live In
    Start The Fire

    Disco Defenders (2009)
    We Keep On Rockin’
    Stay The Night
    From Brazil With Love
    Inhibitions (Alternate Link for Inhibitions)
    Harlem Nights
    Jump Straight Into The Fire
    My My Me And Mine
    Put The Top Down
    Thank You

    Random Miscellany
    Nothing But The Video On
    Feel 4 You (Dream Beats ft. Alcazar)
    Karma Karma (Same Difference vs. Alcazar)
    One Two Three Four
    Blame It On The Disco
    Good Lovin
    Young Guns (Go For It)
    In The Name Of Love
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    62. Grillvagn - 4.035
    61. Seasons In The Sun - 5.35
    60. Salome - 6.255
    59. Tears Of A Clone - 6.34
    58. Funky Feet - 6.41
    57. Blues In G-Minor - 6.5
    56. I Go Shopping - 6.7
    55. Shine On - 6.805
    54. Feel 4 You - 6.855
    52. Put The Top Down - 6.91
    52. Baby Come Back - 6.91
    51. Here I Am - 6.92
    50. Stars Come Out At Night - 6.985
    49. The Bells Of Alcazar - 7.21
    48. Nothing But The Video On - 7.22
    47. Wonderland - 7.255
    46. Dance With The DJ - 7.285
    45. Dancefloor Docusoap - 7.295
    43. My My Me And Mine - 7.315
    43. Jump Straight Into The Fire - 7.315
    42. Funkytown - 7.34
    41. Chemistry - 7.35
    40. Paradise - 7.37
    39. Breaking Free - 7.395
    38. Paris In The Rain - 7.435
    36. Don’t Leave Me Alone 7.47
    36. One Two Three Four - 7.47
    35. Young Guns (Go For It) - 7.505
    34. Love Life - 7.6
    33. Baby - 7.645
    32. Last Days Of Disco - 7.65
    31. Transmetropolis - 7.665
    30. I Love The DJ - 7.7
    29. Click Your Heart - 7.705
    28. Almost Famous - 7.8
    27. Glamourama - 7.805
    26. In The Name Of Love - 7.815
    25. Harlem Nights - 7.91

    24. Inhibitions - 7.92
    22. Ritmo Del Amor - 7.925
    22. Celebrate The Night - 7.925
    20. Singing To Heaven - 7.955
    20. Ménage À Trois - 7.955

    19. From Brazil With Love - 7.96
    18. Start The Fire - 8.095
    17. Someday - 8.155
    16. Good Lovin - 8.16
    15. Save My Pride - 8.335
    14. Thank You - 8.425
    13. Sexual Guarantee - 8.46
    12. Alcastar - 8.485

    11. Don’t You Want Me - 8.615
    10. Headlines - 8.95
    09. Not A Sinner Nor A Saint - 8.985
    08. We Keep On Rockin’ - 9.02
    07. Physical - 9.08
    06. Burning - 9.205
    05. Karma Karma - 9.21
    04. This Is The World We Live In - 9.315
    03. Blame It On The Disco - 9.36
    02. Stay The Night - 9.7
    01. Crying At The Discotheque - 9.95

    NB: Underlined songs earned at least one 11.
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  4. Team Sheila!

    Unless I find something new I love as much or more!
  5. @iheart this rate, bring on the fun.
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  6. What will finish last then?
  7. Alcastar should have went to Eurovision and win the whole thing!
  8. Are you forgetting the embarrassment of riches that was MF2005?

  9. No, but Alcastar was better. Imagine having such a great lineup nowadays in Melfest.
  10. Remember when the Pet Shop Boys wrote 2 songs for them?

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  13. The perfect pre Eurovision warm up!
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  14. I don't know much but I'm willing to learn and @iheartpoptarts you're in for this too right?
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  15. Of course! Maybe we can plug it sometime?

    P.S. I love lasagna and high heels.
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  16. Definitely we need to.
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  17. ssa


    I'm SO into this.
    Let me smash the 1 and 0 buttons on my keyboard. Using them together, that is, ain't nothing worth a 0 in their discography.

    But Alcastar was a disgrace.

    When/If I feel inspired, I will post some of my favorite solo endeavors from the members of the Pentagon of Pop.

    Magnus has arguably had the most prolific career beyond Alcazar. Prior to joining the group, he spent ten years as the lead singer for the dansband Barbados. Together they released eight albums and competed three times in Melodifestivalen. Following Alcazar’s initial dissolution, Magnus has released multiple solo albums along with multiple C******as albums.

    On 2010’s Pop Galaxy, Magnus worked with the Swedish production team Pitchline, best known for their work on Velvet’s The Queen. I’ve selected his album track “Take Me To Your Heart” for this Alcazar Solo Spotlight. You know I am generally here for a dance bop, but especially one that gives me Modern Talking / BWO vibes.

  19. Oh he had that song I loved in one PJ00s and I didn't even know he was in the band ddd.
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