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The Passion Of The Groove: The Alcazar Discography Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WowWowWowWow, Apr 1, 2019.

  1. #52 (Tie)
    Put The Top Down
    Average: 6.91
    Highest: 10 x 2 (@Hudweiser, @VivaForever)
    Lowest: 4 x 1 (@Empty Shoebox)

    Co-writer Jackie Kavan posted on her website: “Put The Top Down is a fun, feel good song! When I first heard this song, written by Fredrik ‘Figge’ Boström, the first picture that came to mind was driving carefree down Highway One in California – in a convertible…! Voila… I played the song for Andreas… before I had finished lyrics and he fell in love with its magical feeling just as much as I had. After the production was finished, he presented it to the girls… and they also loved it! Andreas told me they all had it in their ipods for a year waking around singing along.”

    The Ystads Allehanda newspaper wrote (provided in English thanks to me and Google Translate, but mostly GT) that “Put The Top Down,” “with the right exposure, has a good chance to become this year’s summer-hit.” Swing and a miss, Ystads Allehanda!!!

    @TrueBeliever (4.5): Yawn! Fairly mediocre offering.

    @iheartpoptarts (8): What is this even doing here but the melodies win me over every time.

    @Empty Shoebox (4): I’ve never liked these summery songs. This one isn’t dreadful, but I’m still not enthused.

    @Hudweiser (10): Cruisin’ down Highway 1.

    @Eric (9): I was really curious what ‘put your top down referred to’ - had never come across this phrase. A lovely driving tune.

    @mrdonut (8): Can confirm it does sound great when driving.

    @berserkboi (8.1): Nice but blah against the competition.

    @VivaForever (10): We love a breezy midtempo. Shame this was cut to make room for Last Christmas instead of fucking Funkytown.


    #52 (Tie)
    Baby Come Back
    Average: 6.91
    Highest: 9 x 3 (@Ana Raquel, @DJHazey, @mrdonut)
    Lowest: 0 x 1 (@VivaForever)

    The only relevant thing that I found about “Baby Come Back” is that the song was co-written by Vince Degiorgio, a Canadian dance producer who also worked as A&R for RCA in the mid-90s. He was part of the team that brought a flop band named *NSYNC to the United States. Guess that worked out OK in the end.

    He co-wrote “Lovin’ You” for Kristine W:

    *bops in Las Vegas*

    As well as “Can’t Stop The Pop” for A*Teens:

    *bops in Swedish*

    And “You’re A Superstar” for Love Inc:

    *bops in Maple Leaf*

    More recently, Vince has been working with the lovely Dutch singer Caro Emerald, but unfortunately I’m out of video embeds. You should definitely track her stuff down though.

    @Hudweiser (6): This sounds like it was intended to be their version of ‘Don’t You Want Me’ before they just decided to cover that as well.

    @ssa (8): Not my favourite chorus but the bridge is glorious.

    @mrdonut (6.5): Never a fave, the kind of track RuPaul aspires to these days.

    @berserkboi (8.3): Was expecting a Worlds Apart cover ddd...

    @TrueBeliever (7): Love how this song starts off. The percussion is bit hollow. Why are the girls depending on that vocoder so much in this one? I know they have better voices than this.

    @Empty Shoebox (5): Pleasantly surprised to find that this wasn’t a cover. Not surprised and not pleasant to find that vocal manipulation is here again. I take it there was a multi buy offer or something?​
  2. Every day!
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  3. Well, you win some, you lose some. Put the Top Down is a delight that I've come to appreciate even more thanks to this rate, but I can't say it was unexpected.
  4. Surprised to see a single out so soon, being this one though is a happy surprise.

    Dang, this was a great collab and shouldn't be this early at all.

    #52 (Tie)
    Put The Top Down
    Average: 6.91

    Ok... This is how we start of the Disco Defenders Rate? One of it's best songs out first, just... cynicism and Alcazar is an ugly mix.
  5. #51
    Here I Am
    Average: 6.92
    Highest: 10 x 4 (@berserkboi, @Eric, @Sprockrooster, @VivaForever)
    Lowest: 2 x 1 (@Empty Shoebox)

    “Here I am”? Well, now you’re gone.

    Alcazar ended up releasing “Here I Am” in the week of Christmas in 2004. It didn’t crack the top 40 in Sweden, but the Finns took it to #6. The song was co-written by Mårten Sandén, who later co-wrote “Stay The Night” so I think we can all agree that he has suitably atoned for his missteps.​

    @TrueBeliever (5.5): Not much of a fan of ballads unless they’re really atmospheric, which this is not. Just a bit “meh” to me.

    @Untouchable Ace (6.4): Anything remotely cheap karaoke is cringey.

    @iheartpoptarts (7): The most 98 Degrees Alcazar has ever been.

    @Empty Shoebox (2): Too slow and uninteresting for me. WHERE DA BOPZ etc.

    @VivaForever (10): An Alcazar ballad single is a totally bizarre idea, but it’s seriously so beautiful.

    @Eric (10): As cheesy as Gorgonzola and I adore it!

    @mrdonut (7): Not a terrible ballid but I never really ever crave an Alcazar ballid.

    @berserkboi (10): I am not usually huge on ballads by Dance Acts but this is amazing!​
  6. There are songs that deserved to be out before it, but you can't get too worked up over Here I Am.

    Top 50! Time to oust:
    - Bells of Alcazar
    - Singing to Heaven
    -My My Me and Mine
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  7. Also:

    Inhibitions and Harlem Nights
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  8. Absolutely not.

    Funkytown hanging on is shocking!
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  9. I didn't think I'd be here for an Alcazar ballad but Here I Am is really quite lovely. It reminds me of BWO's We Could Be Heroes which is no bad thing.
  10. It's a 10/10, but on that scale "Wasn't My Fault" is a 30/10. It's right up there with "I Got You" for PJSC discoveries if that helps describe how much I love it.
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  11. I love how Funkytown is the early Emma Bunton of this rate. Keep going you underrated gem!
  12. I had literally no idea Funkytown was so divisive. Issabop.
  13. It's literally the kind of cover you'd expect Alcazar to do, I don't see why it would get any ill-will.
  14. I'm not sure 'Wasn't My Fault' even got points from me to be honest!
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  15. I hope people don't start baying for Don't You Want Me's blood soon but at this rate I'm really not sure!
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  16. According to discogs, this Vincent Degiorgio did some work with Monrose and Atomic Kitten too. Legend confirmed.
  17. I've been told that if you hear Tess yell funkyTOWN 21 times consecutively without performing the sign of the cross, Alcazar steals your soul. Apparently it's how they pay for the rights to the song.

    Get this dark-sided song out NOW!
  18. Guess what?

    Stars Come Out At Night
    Average: 6.985
    Highest: 9 x 2 (@Ana Raquel, @Eric)
    Lowest: 3 x 1 (@Empty Shoebox)

    I hate to call out our friends in Alcazar, but this song is FAKE NEWS. Per the Cornell University Astrology Department, “stars do glow during the day, but we can't see them because of the glare of sunlight. When the sun is up, the blue color in sunlight gets scattered all over the atmosphere, turning the sky the familiar bright blue color. This blue light is much brighter than the faint light coming from the stars, so it prevents us from seeing them. If you were standing on the Moon, for instance, where there is no atmosphere, you would see the stars both day and night.”

    (I mean, I had to find something to fill up the space before the commentary and I couldn’t source anything about the track.)

    @berserkboi (7.2): Some great elements there but overall effect a little wanting!

    @TrueBeliever (7.5): I really do like this song, but it’s let down by a few elements, specifically its monotonous chorus and hollow sounding instrumentation. It’s a bit plastic.

    @mrdonut (6.5): I never skip this but it’s one of the more mediocre efforts on the album.

    @Empty Shoebox (3): Just doesn’t stand out to me at all.

    @iheartpoptarts (7): I want us to repopularize discotheque as a word. (Does anyone anywhere say discotheque anymore? Here we pretty much just say club.)

    @Hudweiser (8): At the time I thought the whisper parts were people’s names: “Johann’s going to the discotheque” etc. Dumb.​
  19. I think they're the stars! Maybe.
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