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The PJ Apprentice Rate Thread: Voting Closing at Sunday 29th March 11:59pm PST

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by The Rural Juror, Mar 9, 2020.

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    Good afternoon. Thank you for joining me in this virtual boardroom and the PJ Apprentice Series Rate.


    I've seen some of your resooom-ays and forum posts, and amongst the general frivolity, you lot are the cream of the PJ forum crop. Well done for making it here, there are some gems in the making; hopefully you'll be scoring more points than our UK Eurovision entry Jemini.

    Let me tell you how this is going to work:

    For my first task, you lot are going to rate each series of the UK version of The Apprentice. If you do a good job, I'll might just let you back in for another Apprentice rate.

    • You lot are gonna rank each series of the UK version of The Apprentice.
    • Each series should be ranked from 0 to 10, 0 being the worst (not entertaining, a bad selection of boring candidates, completely forgettable) and 10 being the best (highly entertaining, good mix of candidates and characters, highly memorable and would watch again).
    • For at most one series, you get to assign your 11 Stan card for what you consider to be the best series. Choose wisely as Stan doesn't like to be messed around.
    • All rates need to be completed and submited by Sunday 29th March 23:59 PST.
    • To jog your memories, I've provided the winner, runners up, memorable candidates and moments for each series. You also have the opportunity to provide your own commentary should you feel I've missed something.
    • In case of a tie, the series which has the largest number of 11s (or whatever the maximum score is between the tying series) will win.

    As my first shock twist (gasp!), in addition to rating the main 15 seasons of the main show, you're also going to have rate the Young Apprentice series and the charity specials. I know this may be difficult for some of you but try your best and I will not accept anything less that 500%

    Now, let me introduce you to my own pair of eyes and ears, they will be my eyes and ears in this rate. If you have any questions or problems, please do ask. As a back up @2014 will also be on hand to assist.

    Now, I've tried to be clever and use Google Forms for this rate. One disadvantage of this approach is that you can't save the form halfway. However, you can submit the form at the very end(which in turn saves your responses), and edit the responses at a later date. Happy clicking to the very end.

    Never underestimate me. I don't want remarks that the US version of the Apprentice was better and should be included in this rate. Make sure you complete this rate on time, otherwise I'll be disappointed with you and you might get a penalty.

    Good luck, and I'll see you for the results.

    In summary:
    • Submit your votes here.
    • Voting closes at Sunday 29th March 23:59 PST.
    • To "save" your votes, you need to submit the form by going all the way to the end. You can return to the form to edit existing reponses.
    • This is my first rate so let me know if you have questions or concerns.
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  2. Reserved for Results

  3. Elimination List


    Series Broadcast Year Winner Runner-up
    1 2005 Tim Campbell Saira Khan
    2 2006 Michelle Dewberry Ruth Badger
    3 2007 Simon Ambrose Kristina Grimes
    4 2008 Lee McQueen Claire Young
    5 2009 Yasmina Siadatan Kate Walsh
    6 2010 Stella English Chris Bates
    7 2011 Tom Pellereau Helen Milligan
    8 2012 Ricky Martin Tom Gearing
    9 2013 Leah Totton Luisa Zissman
    10 2014 Mark Wright Bianca Miller-Cole
    11 2015 Joseph Valente Vana Koutsomitis
    12 2016 Alana Spencer Courtney Wood
    13 2017 Sarah Lynn / James White N/A
    14 2018 Sian Gabbidon Camilla Ainsworth
    15 2019 Carina Lepore Scarlett Allen-Horton
    Young Apprentice 1 2010 Arjun Rajyagor Tim Ankers
    Young Apprentice 2 2011 Zara Brownless Jame McCullagh
    Young Apprentice 3 2012 Ashleigh Porter-Exley Lucy Beauvallet
    Comic Relief 1 2007 Women's Team Men's Team
    Comic Relief 2 2009 Women's Team Men's Team
    Comic Relief 3 2019 Women's Team Men's Team
    Sport Relief 1 2008 Women's Team Men's Team
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  4. An Installment Based History of The UK Apprentice

  5. Greatest moment in Apprentice history......

    #Nargis @mump boy
  6. Quick reminder about this rate as I haven't received responses other than me (and even mine wasn't that serious).
    Hopefully it's a good self isolation activity, no matter what country you are in.

    Current deadline is Sunday 29th March 11:59 PST but I can extend if necessary.

    I'll also be sending specific @'s to members from the main Apprentice Threads. So prepare to be spammed!
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  8. If anyone wants a watchmojo recap of some Apprentice disasters...

    Wow they make it seem so boring and dry. Hopefully we can do a better job! I definitely would have pre-ordered many of the moments as well.
  9. Just over 24 hours until the rate deadline, and still only one response rate (from myself). It's making wonder if there was any interest in the first place, or whether you'll be doing this nearer the deadline.

    @NecessaryVoodoo, @GodsAndMonsters, @BTG, @Mike, @Aidan, @Booers, @roblognick, @bestinase, @Martyn, @stuaw, @Subspace88, @constantino, @Holly Something , @Mikl C , @Stuart, @2014, @Lander, @Andrew.L, @MistakenBiology, @Rhombus, @constantino, @ladygagaogaga, @Doodvid , @Hudweiser, @EnsnareTheSenses, @MB, @Pinkie, @Robsolete, @Daniel!, @diamondliam, @Stradiwhovius, @michaelhird, @LTG, @A&E, @mi|kshake, @Animalia, @beyoncésweave, @constantino, @RJF, @confess85, @aux, @Joe., @evangelion, @Like A Prayer, @crash9081.


    Let me know if you would like me to extend the rate deadline, having any inconveniences or problems with the Google Form, or simply not interested in participating this time.

    I've heard some timeout issues occurring with regards to Google Forms, particularly if you are writing commentary in response to mine and generally taking your time. As a temporary solution that might assist with forward planning, here's a pdf version of the form (link).

    Here's to hoping I can get a decent number of responses for a meaningful rate... Else I just provide my own responses and additional commentary. It'll be the saddest rate on this forum.

  10. I'm an apprentice stan and even I wouldn't have the ability to remember each season enough to put them against each other. Plus you're hinging this on everyone having watched every season.

    I think an Apprentice rate could be fun.. just not this format. Maybe top contestants or something.
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