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The PJ00s - The 2nd Round // We have a winner + reveals started page 79

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    Hello everybody. Welcome back to the great installment that is PJ00s. This is where we celebrate only the best from the naughties, that has been living in the shadows for far too long. Bring those massive bops into the light that were sadly non-events in the charts or the underground scene. Share your best niche songs and be rewarded by the pleasure people loving what you have send in. At the same time you find bops you never knew were missing in your life and suddenly feel essential in your musical library. Share, give and receive. Don't we want this all?

    Fear not
    . Your song doesnot have to apply to the duo theme. It is only a sidetheme. @NuhdeensPassport will explain it all in the next post, so no credit goes to me for that and all the 'likes' for that need to go that direction! Also my lovely co-host made the gif and banner above. So send more love that way!

    Next up is a blatant steal with small adjustments from the PJ00s Vault and credit is for @Mina for organising it:

    General inclusion/exclusion criteria for entries:
    • It must have been first released between 01.01.2000-12.31.2009; this also means singles in the timeframe from albums released before 01.01.2000 are ineligible; but singles released before 2010 from post-2009 albums are eligible.
    • no UK top 20 hits
    • no US top 20 hits
    • no album tracks from a US or UK top 10 album
    • no covers or prominent samples of famous songs
    • relatively unknown/underrated on Popjustice - so as a general benchmark, nothing from an artist with more than 10 pages of discussion on PJ (across all their artist threads).
    • Artists entered (whether as a lead artist, part of an other group or as feature) in the previous round are not allowed this round. For a list of songs that have been entered already or have been vetoed click this link to the PJ00s-vault.
    Songs that fail these criteria should be vetoed by the round host. Songs that pass these criteria should be PMed to the veto panel for their decisions, with at least a 2/3 majority vote required for a song to be be included in the contest.

    Voting rules:
    • You can award points to 10 entries per round. Award points ranging from 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 (with 12 points going to your favorite entry).
    • Only people who submitted a participating song can vote.
    • Entrants cannot vote for their own submission.
    • All entrants who fail to vote by the host's deadline will have their final scores be cut in half. Please take into consideration you also cut the votes from people that have voted for your song!

    Repeat non-voter policy:

    Non-voters negatively impact both themselves and everyone who voted for them. Therefore, participants who fail to cast their ballots by the voting deadline for two consecutive rounds, or for 3 non-consecutive rounds out of 5 sequential rounds, will be banned from entering the next 10 rounds. So be sure to vote!

    The dates:

    Send your song plus a videolink and discogs link to both me (@Sprockrooster) and @NuhdeensPassport in a conversation at the very latest at Thursday the 19th of October (Europe-ish time). I am hoping by this deadline our veto panel has enough time to work out the final entries so we can present the voting list that weekend. DEADLINE FOR VOTING IS SET ON FRIDAY THE 10TH OF NOVEMBER!

    And now, round of applause to my lovely co-host: it is @NuhdeensPassport
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  2. The theme this round is duos, double acts, duets and feuds. Basically famous partnerships whether on stage, television or pop culture. Everything from Bette Davis and Joan Crawford to Lilo and Stitch. I put forward this idea and Sprocky loved it so hopefully you will too.

    Each participant this round will have a partner. Two people can put themselves forward as a pair if they would like but we encourage you to let us choose randomly. This theme doesn’t change the rules of the contest and your song choices are still confidential however it is a bit of fun to play up to your characters, throw shade at other pairs and fill the thread with gifs and videos of your pair.

    Pairs will be plucked from a number of sources from couples, siblings etc to the downright ridiculousness of animated characters/puppets.


    Bert and Ernie keeping the peace? Or are they secretly the shadiest binches of them all?!.



    I bet you never thought you’d witness HBIC Tiffany “New York” Pollard and Pumpkin double up to bring down Queen Bey.


    Sooty and Sweep are two shady queens just look at them waving goodbye to the competition.


    Those smiles scream of inner bitterness and determination to win.


    These two learned from the Queen of reads herself Mary Berry.


    You want competition? You’ve got it my love! Kim hates Aggie but she will happily team up with her again to bring down the likes of you lovie!


    Last but not least we welcome the most famous feuding pair of all time. Ms Bette Davis and Ms Joan Crawford. Whatever happened to Baby Jane? Whatever happened to you if you try cross these pair. Sprockrooster bring me the axe!!!!!!

    All of these shenanigans will be overlooked by myself Petra Mede and @Sprockrooster Måns Zelmerlöw.

    1. 137 Aurora - The Day It Rained Forever // One Stop Candy Shop
    2. 117 Titiyo - Come Along // KamikazeHeart (4x 12)
    3. 117 Kreesha Turner - Don't Call Me Baby // send photo (2x 12)
    4. 105 Marion Raven - Break You // Ufint (2x 12, 2x 10)
    5. 105 Jessica Folker – To Be Able To Love // Londonrain (2x 12, 0x 10)
    6. 91 Hoku - Perfect Day // Island
    7. 84 Paulina Rubio - Baila Casanova (Spanish Version) // Derek
    8. 83 Debelah Morgan - Baby I Need Your Love // Filippa
    9. 81 Alsou - Before You Love Me // GhettoPrincess
    10. 78 The Bird and the Bee - My Love // HeartSwells
    11. 77 Briskeby - Miss You Like Crazy // ALTERNATE LINK // iheartpoptarts
    12. 74 Golden Boy & Miss Kittin – Rippin Kittin // Ray
    13. 73 Leon Jean-Marie – Bring It On // ALTERNATE LINK // CorgiCorgiCorgi
    14. 72 Anna Sahlene & Maria Haukaas Storeng - Killing Me Tenderly // WowWowWowWow
    15. 71 K-Os - Crabbuckit // br0dy
    16. 67 Sixpence None The Richer – Breathe Your Name // oleander
    17. 66 Bardot - I Need Somebody // JamesJupiter
    18. 62 Kim Leoni - Medicine // DJHazey
    19. 62 The Raveonettes - Dead Sound // Ironheade
    20. 61 Res - Golden Boys // AshleyKerwin
    21. 58 Sita – Selfish // Sprockrooster
    22. 57 Husky Rescue - Summertime Cowboy // soratami
    23. 57 Tina Parol - Who's Got Your Money // saviodxl
    24. 56 Queentastic - Absolutely Fabulous // Empty Shoebox
    25. 55 Lucky Twice - Lovesong // Stevo_1988
    26. 55 CAPSULE - Eternity // Russron
    27. 53 Electrocute - Uh Oh // Ericcccc
    28. 53 Lara Fabian - Immortelle // ComeOnGloria
    29. 52 Friends - When The Music Is Gone // Tylerc904
    30. 52 Linda Kiraly – Can’t Let Go // Mina
    31. 50 Scene 23 - I really don't think so // Jeffo
    32. 48 Marly - You Never Know // Popknark2
    33. 48 Se:Sa - Like This, Like That // Hudweiser
    34. 45 Keshia Chanté – Bad Boy // Ohnostalgia
    35. 35 Huski - Make Me Your Picture // Iggypig
    36. 34 Katie Underwood - Danger // Untouchable Ace
    37. 33 Dream - Hard To Stop // Angeleyes
    38. 32 Chanel – My Life // 2014
    39. 25 Myra - Lie Lie Lie // TRAVVV
    40. 24 Luan Parle - Ghost // NuhdeensPassport
    41. 18 Bonnie Bayley - Safe // DirtyKnees
    42. 16 Alex Lloyd - Amazing // berserkboi
    43. 14 Bloodgroup - Hips Again // Rawkey
    44. 12 Nancy Ajram - Oul Tani Keda // alouder98
    45. 4 Hepsi - Aşk Herşeyi Affeder mi // Zar-Unity
    46. 3 Tuuli - It's Over // Unnameable
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  3. Ray


    Sent mine.

    I have zero understanding of the duo shading each other subtheme, but I submitted a duotheque by sheer accident.
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  4. N N N N N. I was going to delete it in a few minutes, I promise.
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  5. The number one thing to remember is be shady have fun!
  6. Can I please not be paired with @londonrain? It'll be a "@myblood and I in the Winners Rate" scenario all over again if it happens.
  7. [​IMG]
  8. Oh. I am screaming at the fact you were that quick! I mean I was 20 seconds in with my reserved post and you still did beat me.
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  9. You mean you two don't want to be frenemies Regina George and Cady Heron?
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  10. Oh, and @Sprockrooster - we've got to keep some brand consistency here! It's PJ00s.
  11. I am already showing a way too low level of professionalism here. Let me correct everything right away!
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  12. I should've just kept my mouth shut. Lesson learned.


    I mean if we have to be then he better be Regina. I'm too nice and innocent to be Regina.
  13. So many submissions.
  14. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    I've entered

  15. Thanks - but there's actually no apostrophe in PJ00s! (Poor @londonrain and his ignored grammar lesson.)

    It's "PJ00s: The Noughties Song Contest."
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