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The PJ00s - The 2nd Round // We have a winner + reveals started page 79

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Sprockrooster, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Round III will have a side theme (I'm not sure what yet) but there will be no restrictions for your submissions (except 'no musical/show tunes').
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  2. I think everyone learned that lesson a couple of PJOPS rounds ago, didn't they?
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  3. Most December PJSCs have been "Christmas themes" but you only get 3-5 entries that are actually Christmassy (some opt for "wintery" too), it's all for show really. Like last round was duos, but how many duos were submitted?

    As always I'm gonna try shoehorn in a Christmas song no matter the theme and I'll probably be scoring others who do the same.
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  4. I like you.
  5. Ray


    I'm sorry but if there's a "holiday theme" I won't be taking part. Which is fine with me, I don't have to join every contest.
  6. I think we're confusing two things here, though.

    There are proper themes that all songs have to stick to - like PJOPS, where your song gets rejected if it doesn't fit the theme. (For example, in PJOPS 32, any song that didn't have 2 or 3 lead vocals was instantly rejected and could not be entered.) PJSC has never had a proper theme as far as I know, but PJOPS has them on a pretty regular basis.

    There are "side themes" like the ones we get in PJSC, where you can basically enter anything, but the theme is just something for the hosts to incorporate into posts (like this round of PJ00s, where we were never asked to submit a duo but the hosts were posting about famous duos and pairing up the voters as duos).

    Proper themes can be interesting but restrictive. The round will get unusual songs that wouldn't be submitted otherwise, but it will also lose voters who can't think of a song that fits.

    Side themes are fun but potentially confusing (think of the number of times in this thread that somebody has asked whether they were required to submit a song by a duo, despite the hosts insisting that there was no restriction on entries).

    What @One Stop Candy Shop has said is that there will be no 'proper theme' but that there will be a side theme - so there is no risk of us all being constrained to submit only Christmas songs!
  7. Yeah, sorry for confusing things. I know PJSC/PJ00s will continue to have side themes where people aren't restricted but can see why it'd be confusing for new people. Stick with it @Ray, even if the side theme is festive you'll only have to put up with a couple of entries.
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  8. Just catching up with this all now

    Congrats @One Stop Candy Shop! Well deserved win, strong round in terms of my personal top 10, downloaded practically all of the ones I didn't already own

    Also big thanks to all who voted for Lucky Twice, and especially to @iheartpoptarts for my 12 points :) - talent recognising talent ;)
  9. In other words, how else are we supposed to discover if there is anothet Ace Reject out there?
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  10. Well, @Filippa was brave enough to submit an album track this time and she ended up in the top ten. It looks like the PJ00s voters are happy to vote for an album track as long as it's great!
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  11. [​IMG]

    I'll manage - somehow.
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  12. That song? When this song was just waiting to get used? Sigh...

    The Tiny Crowns makes it sound like we are trying our hardest to get last place n n n n n.

    I forgot about that song we argued about. I mean the singer is "indie" now so I could get away with using it.
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  13. Me? A villain? How dare you! I am a perfectly harmless angel who would never try to get on someone's bad side.

  14. [​IMG]
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  15. You know what, @Oleander? Anyone who votes for my PJ00s entries (even if entirely accidentally) is a friend of mine, at least until next round.
  16. Mina not being shady?

  17. It's been a hard day.
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  18. Well, that's fine! The mainstream sucks anyway! We don't need 'em! We're in this for the fans , maaaaan!
  19. Isn't that everyone on PJ though?
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  20. Hard day? Don't talk to me about hard days. I currently look like this from all the work I had to do yesterday.

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