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The PJ00s - The 2nd Round // We have a winner + reveals started page 79

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Sprockrooster, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Gross. Only wannabe tryhard posers would say something like that.

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  2. Right, I've finally read through the whole thread, so

    I was very close to giving you points. You were first on the 'ehh' list.

    Thanks to the people who gave me points:

    Well done to @One Stop Candy Shop, @Sprockrooster and @NuhdeensPassport

    (Yes, I know that not everyone's getting beeped, but I don't really care)
  3. I thought of an iconic trio that we forgot.

  4. But if you're coming last doesn't that mean you don't actually have any fans?
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  5. And hence the tiny crown was born xx.
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  6. Before I forget, @DJHazey:
    Thank you for that much-needed 8, but giving points to a Swedish pop girl singing a Cheiron track does not constitute #R&Bjustice in any way. I’ll expect your points when I finally muster up the courage to enter an actual R&B song in one of these contests again...
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  7. Oh come on, you have to admit that song is at least R&B-lite. I wasn't pulling a Gotta Tell You, since this seems to be what you're trying to accuse me of.
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  8. I see this thread has finally hit the 2000s (in terms of post count I mean)
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  9. I love that song to pieces, but it really isn’t R&B. It’s more like Celine Dion’s That’s The Way It Is than, say, Dream (or even Linda Kiraly).
  10. But your original argument read like a Swedish pop girl couldn't have an R&B song. I'll listen to it again and see if I can get into anymore detail, but it definitely hit me as an early 00s R&B-lite tune and felt like something a girl group from that era would be putting out, like a Dream, 3LW, etc. along that vein, that's the feel I got when listening to it and I consider that music to be 'R&B lite' whether I'm right or wrong.
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  11. @londonrain The reason Jessica was denied my points was because it was too similar to our other hubby @KamikazeHeart 's How Will I Know (Who You Are) from a zillion contests ago, so I felt I'd already voted for it, cosmically.
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  12. It's touching to see the impact of these contests on the overall forum narrative.

    Also, everything is better with cat gifs.
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  13. Well, the operative part of that argument was the “Cheiron” bit.

    But, hey, anything that gets you into R&B works for me.
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  14. R&B song or not, I don't think anyone would deny that the signature Cheiron sound has some degree of R&B influence in it.

    Compromises for everybody!
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  15. That is... not how this works.

    I don’t know what’s worse: this questionable logic or @berserkboi saying in his ballot that my song was an 11/10 and then not voting for it.
  16. He just has a lot of love to give.
  17. I'm afraid this is @Hudweiser's way to telling you that you need to step it up in bed.
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  18. I’m still waiting for him to deliver on his promises from when I submitted Patty Smyth to PJOPS...
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  19. So all this time *I* was the greedy bottom with all my love to give and not enough points to share around... I suppose this is a narrative I can live with...
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  20. I hear ya... I hear ya around the worrrrrld
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