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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by londonrain, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. Here I present the stats for round 24 and some facts. Some of those are already mentioned by @londonrain in the PJ00'24-thread. But for full clarity here is everything I could find.
    Chart runs for active contestants (rounds 19-24):
    Ana Raquel X[16]-22-X-X-31-31-37-35-36-34
    berserkboi 42-42-9-22-1-30-8-15-22-36-27-32-14-26-27-34-2-2-30-18-4-14-5-18
    chanex X[4]-6-X[8]-21-X[8]-33
    citoig 9-X[20]-8-25
    CorgiCorgiCorgi 6-13-13-16-21-20-7-10-10-3-21-15-16-30-3-7-19-10-14-29-9-22-31-22
    DominoDancing X[8]-19-20-22-32-36-49-33-34-39-30-X-39-25-26-29-31
    Doodvid 45-X[17]-5-22-32-34-5-30
    Disco Blister X[19]-11-11-19-18
    DJHazey 27-18-35-4-5-10-1-23-16-8-9-15-9-38-26-18-12-5-6-1-19-23-20-8
    Eric X[9]-29-8-23-4-35-9-22-33-26-4-33-30-33-25-27
    Filippa 48-8-18-13-47-18-35-1-28-34-2-3-20-2-30-26-23-12-31-4-12-18-1-38
    Hudweiser 5-32-7-2-22-25-2-4-38-30-16-3-9-36-9-19-7-3-38-26-22-4-12-10
    Hurricane Drunk X[24]-9
    If You Go X[24]-13
    iheartpoptarts 24-11-16-7-15-27-33-19-32-31-16-27-28-20-34-44-8-24-13-10-14-20-23-6
    imaduck 21-X[6]-12-2-X-33-X-X-1-32-10-X[7]-15
    Island 13-6-40-42-18-16-36-11-6-42-3-26-24-28-20-38-40-36-26-20-38-16-37-7
    Jeffo 44-31-16-21-24-2-3-5-13-1-20-9-1-40-20-6-5-37-12-33-12-27-2-25
    livefrommelbs X[12]-34-21-22-16-12-33-24-15-3-28-3-36
    londonrain 40-4-1-40-14-18-4-3-20-21-15-7-2-12-8-1-31-6-8-3-4-24-14-14
    Maki X[12]-27-6-19-37-1-14-36-13-15-6-20-2
    ohnoitisnathan X-X-43-X[15]-18-8-29-30-35-27
    Oleander 21-16-6-3-8-5-26-27-27-15-25-6-30-37-1-8-9-28-9-6-32-30-25-5
    OspreyQueen X[7]-21-30-26-35-23-6-41-18-21-42-27-20-36-39-19-34-38
    Phonetics Boy X[7]-29-34-39-31-29-26-48-37-25-34-34-34-23-11-24-11-4
    pop3blow2 X[12]-34-46-14-29-25-32-17-36-23-2-4-22
    rawkey 13-43-30-X-28-15-X[14]-16-16
    Robsolete X-X-21-14-42-7-14-26-24-23-11-38-5-41-2-29-24-4-25-32-6-1-23-35
    RUNAWAY X[16]-39-38-X[5]-13-12
    saviodxl X-22-25-46-38-7-5-2-36-26-19-20-21-18-13-33-17-31-14-27-18-10-20-17
    soratami 32-22-9-22-9-6-28-9-4-35-37-11-13-4-4-2-11-9-3-9-10-11-18-29
    Sprockrooster 3-21-31-33-15-30-21-18-39-24-24-34-14-10-15-46-3-7-36-27-32-32-32-20
    Tiger Suit X[24]-1
    tylerc904 1-29-X-30-30-34-X[4]-14-20-19-30-X-14-18-X-5-31-34
    unnameable 18-46-23-33-31-35-37-17-29-18-5-15-8-26-31-24-35-19-29-11
    Untouchable Ace 40-36-44-12-10-12-19-24-15-4-12-36-22-3-12-29-10-1-14-15-24-7-25-2
    Vague X[16]-13-6-35-22-21-17-12-9-22
    WoW73 X[11]-12-23-23-34-15-21-11-10-30-2-16-17-21
    WowWowWowWow 29-14-22-29-44-37-25-24-11-6-30-14-37-11-5-34-17-39-2-14-29-14-38
    Zar-Unity 51-45-39-10-29-24-34-36-33-36-32-5-37-45-X-42-27-19-19-27-9-33-37

    The stats:
    • Well... disclaimer first. Did we really have three new participants?! If so, wow. But I am afraid I fucked up somewhere. Let me know if I did. Grandest entry ever is by @Tiger Suit as @londonrain already mentioned. Straight to the gold medal! Also @Hurricane Drunk starts of in the top 10 with #9. @If You Go is our third new entrant and does so very respectable as well at #13. We also have returners. Welcome back @chanex. Sadly the worst position so far this round at 33. @imaduck also came back and snatched #15.
    • The silver medal went to two people, meaning no bronze medal this round. Who are these twins, you wonder? @Maki and @Untouchable Ace! The fact it isn't their highest position ever for either of them… That took skill.
    • Who did bested their own record the previous round? @iheartpoptarts did! I am shook to find out actually she hasn't gone to top 5 yet. This OG needs some desperate love. #6 is still very good obviously. Also @Phonetics Boy did very well, placing in the top 10 for the first time at #4! @RUNAWAY just bested her record the previous round and did it again. One place up to #12.
    • Several people had a worst performance in the contest including our winner of round 23. Poor @Filippa has the honour of a drop nobody can overtake and only tie. From the top position to bottom position (38 for this round). How extremely versatile. Another medallist from the previous round did not so well. @livefrommelbs went from bronze to 36. Also a worst perfomance record. How did our silver medallist from round 23 fair (@Jeffo)? Well he did the best out of those three going to #25. And he has done worse before… He did tie with @citoig who only had two top 10 placements before and does have a worst performance in 25.
    • How about ties. Well I broke free from three 32's in a row and went to 20. A victory. @londonrain tied compared to the previous round at #14. That makes two times #14 in a row and three times #14 overall. Also @rawkey was static at #16.
    • Finally our 13 OG's. Well... @Filippa [#38], @iheartpoptarts [#6], @Jeffo [#25], @londonrain [#14], @Sprockrooster [#20], @Untouchable Ace [#2] are already mentioned above. That makes already 2 top 10 placements. @Oleander joins and gets to top 5. Well done @Island and @DJHazey as they are also top 10 at #7 and #8 respectively. @Hudweiser closes it at #10. That makes one of all 13 OG's unmentioned: @CorgiCorgiCorgi got to #22. In conclusion: 6 OG's got to top 10. They are still a force to be reckoned with. But as @Tiger Suit proved. You can be far from an OG and still slay the competition.
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  2. I shall be the new forgotten OG :D
  3. Oh crap. I only mentioned 10 OG's. There are 3 missing. Let me update tomorrow. How can I make so many new mistakes ddd?
  4. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    You also forgot @soratami dddd.

    I think you meant @Filippa.
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  5. Yeah. I thought so.

    And I think I clicked the wrong name when it popped up. In the writeup later it was good.

    Let's pray for no more mistakes. But if anyone does notice. Please tell ofcourse.
  6. Well the past five rounds have been uniformly mediocre for my chart run. More Same Difference than Steps or even Scooch! They all have their place though I guess...
  7. I think that our 3 newest participants weren't present for 23 rounds not 24.
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  8. It is their start round.
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  9. [​IMG]

    That's five rounds in a row doing worse than in the previous one, surely that must be some sort of record.
  10. That's what that means?

    How does say, @chanex' run translate then I don't get it.
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  11. Chanex started in round 4. But than wasn't participating for 8 rounds. So in round 13 he/she came back for a one off. Then apparently 10 rounds dddd. There are probably more mistakes with that though. There are too many people being gone for too long, so my math is faulty here. I often do fix it if I spot them as I have to count again when somebody returns again. Thanks here!
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  12. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    Ddddd no, @Untouchable Ace is right. It’s the same system as the PJ Retro vault stats that @invertedbutterfly runs: the number in square brackets is the number of rounds missed. So X[4]-6-7-X[3]-35-X[13]-31 translates to:

    Rounds 1-4 missed
    Round 5: #6 (highest ever placing)
    Round 6: #7
    Rounds 7-9 missed
    Round 10: #35
    Rounds 11-23 missed
    Round 24: #31

    So the newbies should have their runs start with X[23] as they have missed 23 rounds. X[4] means that @chanex started in round 5, not round 4.
  13. thanks but painful
  14. Another effortless comeback made by moi just when the girls thought I was done for.


    How long until I flop again? We just don't know.gif
  15. Not me being the example of a sporadic participant whose behavior is almost impossible to plot mathematically. What can I say, she’s capricious!
  16. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    PJ00s Round 25 Summary

    Dates: April-May 2020
    Hosts: @Tiger Suit and @Untouchable Ace
    Veto panel: @iheartpoptarts, @Empty Shoebox and @Robsolete
    # of participants: 33
    # of voters: 33
    Theme: Black Clouds & Silver Lines
    Winner: S.O.A.P. - I Wanna Go Back, submitted by @Island, with 119 points
    Runner-up: Belinda - End Of The Day, submitted by @Hurricane Drunk, with 114 points
    Tiny crown awardee: Rainbow (George & Zippy) - It's A Rainbow, submitted by @Eric, with 10 points
    Final leaderboard

    Additional resources:
    Complete score spreadsheet and # of 8s, 10s, and 12s
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  17. Guess who is late again with the stats. But it is weekend AKA I have time suddenly.

    Chart runs for active contestants (updated for round 25):
    Ana Raquel X[15]-22-X-X-31-31-37-35-36-34-28
    BeingNormal X[24]-31
    berserkboi 42-42-9-22-1-30-8-15-22-36-27-32-14-26-27-34-2-2-30-18-4-14-5-18-5
    CorgiCorgiCorgi 6-13-13-16-21-20-7-10-10-3-21-15-16-30-3-7-19-10-14-29-9-22-31-22-30
    DominoDancing X[8]-19-20-22-32-36-49-33-34-39-30-X-39-25-26-29-31-26
    Doodvid 45-X[17]-5-22-32-34-5-30-7
    Disco Blister X[19]-11-11-19-18-19
    DJHazey 27-18-35-4-5-10-1-23-16-8-9-15-9-38-26-18-12-5-6-1-19-23-20-8-19
    Eric X[9]-29-8-23-4-35-9-22-33-26-4-33-30-33-25-27-33
    Filippa 48-8-18-13-47-18-35-1-28-34-2-3-20-2-30-26-23-12-31-4-12-18-1-38-10
    Hudweiser 5-32-7-2-22-25-2-4-38-30-16-3-9-36-9-19-7-3-38-26-22-4-12-10-24
    Hurricane Drunk X[23]-9-2
    iheartpoptarts 24-11-16-7-15-27-33-19-32-31-16-27-28-20-34-44-8-24-13-10-14-20-23-6-12
    Island 13-6-40-42-18-16-36-11-6-42-3-26-24-28-20-38-40-36-26-20-38-16-37-7-1
    Jeffo 44-31-16-21-24-2-3-5-13-1-20-9-1-40-20-6-5-37-12-33-12-27-2-25-19
    livefrommelbs X[12]-34-21-22-16-12-33-24-15-3-28-3-36-14
    londonrain 40-4-1-40-14-18-4-3-20-21-15-7-2-12-8-1-31-6-8-3-4-24-14-14-13
    Maki X[12]-27-6-19-37-1-14-36-13-15-6-20-2-16
    ohnoitisnathan X-X-43-X[15]-18-8-29-30-35-27-29
    Oleander 21-16-6-3-8-5-26-27-27-15-25-6-30-37-1-8-9-28-9-6-32-30-25-5-14
    OspreyQueen X[7]-21-30-26-35-23-6-41-18-21-42-27-20-36-39-19-34-38-25
    Phonetics Boy X[7]-29-34-39-31-29-26-48-37-25-34-34-34-23-11-24-11-4-18
    pop3blow2 X[12]-34-46-14-29-25-32-17-36-23-2-4-22-9
    rawkey 13-43-30-X-28-15-X[14]-16-16-23
    Robsolete X-X-21-14-42-7-14-26-24-23-11-38-5-41-2-29-24-4-25-32-6-1-23-35-4
    saviodxl X-22-25-46-38-7-5-2-36-26-19-20-21-18-13-33-17-31-14-27-18-10-20-17-6
    soratami 32-22-9-22-9-6-28-9-4-35-37-11-13-4-4-2-11-9-3-9-10-11-18-29-17
    Sprockrooster 3-21-31-33-15-30-21-18-39-24-24-34-14-10-15-46-3-7-36-27-32-32-32-20-27
    Tiger Suit X[23]-1-11
    Untouchable Ace 40-36-44-12-10-12-19-24-15-4-12-36-22-3-12-29-10-1-14-15-24-7-25-2-3
    Vague X[16]-13-6-35-22-21-17-12-9-22-22
    WoW73 X[11]-12-23-23-34-15-21-11-10-30-2-16-17-21-7
    WowWowWowWow 29-14-22-29-44-37-25-24-11-6-30-14-37-11-5-34-17-39-2-14-29-14-38-32
    And here are my stats for this round:

    • Only one new player. Welcome @BeingNormal. Unfortunately not as a big as a start with a #1 debut like in the previous round. But with #31 there is time to grow!
    • With the victory of @Island (as OG) there are now 5 OG's left without a victory: @CorgiCorgiCorgi @Hudweiser @iheartpoptarts @soratami and me. Who will join the ranks next? And who will be the last one standing? Place your bets on me for that final question!
    • @Hurricane Drunk has a fantastic second round. Debuting the last round but now improving his record instantly with a silver medal. Also only top 10 finishes so far. A force to be reckoned with. @Untouchable Ace also has a quite a feat racking up medals twice in a row. From silver to bronze. Girl is climbing the medal tally this year so far!
    • Who did bested their own record the previous round aside from @Hurricane Drunk and @Island? Uh nobody else. Guess one needed a medal this round to perform better than ever.
    • Debutant winner from the last round @Tiger Suit has inevatibly a decline (as they also did not tie, which would be a feat also). 11'th place is not so bad! @Disco Blister ties in the lowest spot at #19.
    • How about ties. @vague is static at 22 (and that is already the third 22 for them overall). Never back to back, but @Eric has now his fourth 33 placement. Also note worthy, despite not a tie. After having a tie at 14 @londonrain climbed to 13. @Ana Raquel has a nice little feat scoring 28 points and being placed at the leaderboard at #28.
    • The OG's (participants in every contest) are all over the place this round. @Island is at #1 and followed in the top 10 by @Untouchable Ace, @berserkboi and @Filippa who round off the top 3, 5, and 10 respectively. Meaning there were only 4 OG's in the top 10 and that is the lowest so far. In the top 20 however they are more represented with a hattrick from @iheartpoptarts, @londonrain and @Oleander going from 12-14. In the lower half of the top 20 are @soratami (17), and tieing at #19 @DJHazey and @Jeffo. In the top 25 sits @Hudweiser at #24. Finally, @Sprockrooster (27) follows and @CorgiCorgiCorgi rounds of the top 30.
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  18. @Sprockrooster do you mean that we've had 24 rounds in a row with 5 or more OG's in the top 10 until round 25?
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  19. Thanks for doing this! Sorry @Sprockrooster - tiny thing but I got equal 7th with WoW73 this contest rather than 8th.
  20. I think so. Mostly more than half are OG's! Also, going back rounds also makes sure there are more OG's so it becomes statistically easier. Since I am doing these stats 4 is the lowest I am pretty sure off! Let me make a graph.

    Fixed @Doodvid
    Last edited: May 23, 2020
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