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The PJ00s Winners' Rate, Part 1 (rounds 1-25): we have a winner!

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by londonrain, May 20, 2020.

  1. Oh really?

  2. Wow, some classics in these early rounds just didn't fare as well as I would have suspected. What's BT's 'Simply Being Loved' doing down the bottom there?

    Also, as a staunch dog person I woulda really struggled with some pesky CATS getting up in the theme. It's like asking to be a rabbit in the recent PJSC rat round.
  3. Sur un air Latino didn't deserve to flop so hard.
  4. A song in not one, but two foreign languages in PJ00s? It was doomed from the start.
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  7. Just submitted an absolute stone cold classic.

    Now I'll wait for the veto.
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  8. Oh! On this one it is just to vote for the 26 winners from previous rounds (there are 3 male vocal winners out of 26 there dddd). To submit a song for the latest round - message @Island and @Hurricane Drunk :D LOVE to have you there too :D
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  9. Oh fuck! I'm in the wrong thread.
  10. ROUND 4
    141 points
    25.543% of possible points received

    from the album The Story

    "All of these lines across my face / Tell you the story of who I am"

    Rank among highest point scorers: #6
    Rank among songs with the highest proportion of points received: #27
    Number of twelves received: 6

    Submitted by: @happiestgirl
    Year of release: 2007
    Songwriter: Phil Hanseroth
    Producer: T-Bone Burnett
    Chart positions: US #75, AUS #44

    Other song contest entries by Brandi:

    Round host: @happiestgirl

    How do you come back from a song contest debut where you picked up enough points to easily win most other rounds but somehow still ended up in second place? You do one better by scoring one more point with your next entry and actually winning the round this time, while also breaking the record for the most 12s scored in PJ00s history! The Story's six 12s still stands as the PJ00s record, and only one other song has even managed to tie it. It's a hell of an achievement for a user who at that point had only entered two rounds of PJ00s ever... who else can say they have a 140.5-point average as a participant after their second round?! And @happiestgirl did all this in the round that she actually hosted, defeating the Host's Curse while she was at it.

    The Story - our first winner of 2018, and our first winner that wasn't from the first couple of years of the decade - is one of those songs that could have been vetoed on gut feeling, but the panel was lenient and let it through. It's one of those songs that was never actually a hit but was definitely known in certain quarters, in part due to its usage in Grey's Anatomy in 2007, a General Motors commercial in 2008, and then again in Grey's Anatomy in 2011 as a cover performed by actress Sara Ramirez, whose version made it to #69 on the Hot 100, outpeaking Brandi's original. The song wouldn't make it through veto these days, in part due to its 2016 cover by LeAnn Rimes and its 2017 cover by Dolly Parton, but mostly because Brandi has become kind of a Big Deal since this round - she was nominated for six Grammy Awards in 2019, including Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Album of the Year, and won three (all in the genre categories). I'm actually surprised her thread isn't busier. (Another song that would never get through these days was bronze medallist Let Go by Frou Frou, which sneaked through due to our rule about treating solo acts as separate from their bands - a rule that has since been changed to exclude bands that include notable solo acts.)

    This round also saw what, to my memory, is the only fuck-up in the awarding of a Tiny Crown. Dutch singer Anouk's song Girl, submitted by @KingBruno, picked up only 3 points, all of which came from one voter: @ComeOnGloria, but due to an error in the spreadsheet Girl never showed up in the leaderboard during the reveals, and neither @KingBruno nor @ComeOnGloria actually noticed. In fact, nobody noticed until six months later, when @Jeffo picked up on it and mentioned it in the PJ00s Vault. Poor Anouk - forgotten by everybody, even the person who submitted her.

    Final Leaderboard:

    Brandi Carlile - The Story // happiestgirl = 141
    Melody Club - Electric // Hudweiser = 124
    Frou Frou - Let Go // Oleander = 116
    Da Buzz - Dangerous // DJHazey = 111
    Standfast - Carcrashes // popknark2 = 110
    Allison Iraheta - Friday I’ll Be Over U // ufint = 96
    Mikaila - Emotional // iheartpoptarts = 89
    Anotherside - This Is Your Night // crash9081 = 88
    Gia Farrell - Hit Me Up // Mina = 87
    Najoua Belyzel - M // Zar-Unity = 83
    Wax - Lucky // Empty Shoebox = 81
    Chromeo - Fancy Footwork // Untouchable Ace = 80
    Polarkreis 18 - Allein Allein // Filippa = 75
    Rosie Ashcroft - Hyperventilating // Robsolete = 72
    Laleh - Live Tomorrow // KamikazeHeart = 65
    Flamboyant Bella - Get A Reaction // CorgiCorgiCorgi = 62
    Sparks - The Rhythm Thief // Ray = 61
    Poloroid - So Damn Beautiful // GhettoPrincess = 60
    Skye Sweetnam - Human // TRAVVV = 59
    Sugarush Beat Company - They Said I Said // 2014 = 57
    Toya - No Matta What (Party All Night) // Jeffo = 52
    Stars - Sleep Tonight (Junior Boys Remix) // ohnostalgia = 51
    Rita Redshoes - Choose Love // soratami = 51
    Susumu Hirasawa - The Girl In Byakkoya // berserkboi = 51
    Briskeby - Joe Dallesandro // haps = 51
    Boyz 'n' Girlz United - Messed Around // Iggypig = 50
    Madrugada feat. Ane Brun - Lift Me // One Stop Candy Shop = 48
    Saša Lendero - Mandoline // stevo_1988 = 45
    Laava - Wherever You Are (I Feel Love) // WowWowWowWow = 43
    Linnea - Show Me What You Got // tylerc904 = 41
    Grandaddy - The Crystal Lake // IronHeade = 41
    m.o.v.e - come together // New Flame = 41
    Nadiya - Et C'est Parti (feat. Smartzee) // Sprockrooster = 39
    Chisu - Liian Kauan // Russron = 39
    Cat Power - He War // JamesJupiter = 39
    Josie and the Pussycats - Pretend To Be Nice // unnameable = 39
    Hinda Hicks - My Remedy // kermit_the_frog = 38
    Renee Olstead - A Love That Will Last // ComeOnGloria = 37
    Midori - Yukiko-San // Lego = 35
    Anggun featuring Pras - My Man // londonrain = 33
    Tanpopo - I & YOU & I & YOU & I // Laurence Nope = 29
    Shola Ama - Electro High // Island = 26
    Andrew Thompson-We're In Business // Zarjazz = 26
    Ida Maria - Oh My God // HarryEzra = 25
    Adrienne Bailon - SuperBad // lemonsqueezyy = 22
    Lunik - Through Your Eyes // saviodxl = 14
    Anouk - Girl // KingBruno = 3

    Additional resources:
    Song list / Spotify list
    Complete score spreadsheet here

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  11. Another of my potentials appears in a contest already. *fumes silently*
  12. The fact that both the round 4 winner and bronze medalist would have been vetoed now... the scammery was real in the early days.
  13. Entering The Story felt like such an act of bravery. I am not sure if I would have entered it by this point (round 26) if it wasn't already. But seeing this sudden and massive appeal really warmed my heart. For me the victory came as a complete suprise that round, though I thoroughly desired it.
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  15. ‘Allein Allein’ is one of my all time favourite songs so I’m glad to see it got a decent showing in PJ00s!
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  16. I think it’s my favourite foreign-language song ever entered in PJ00s!
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  17. Round 4 - the round where I entered the best song of the Noughties TM by the most talented man to walk the earth TM! @ohnostalgia and her lovely appreciation for it leading me to take more risks going forward! Wonder how that would work out for me the following round...

    You know how Susumu got 51 points here? He only appeared on 5 ballots! I feel like an average of 10.20 per ballot is the highest average a song ever managed? Godly!

    @happiestgirl will hopefully return soon. @londonrain - I think she participated in a later round too and sent Lisa Mitchell so she may have been in three rounds total as opposed to two :)
  18. Sorry to rain on your parade, but I once got a 12 only in PJSC from the lovely @CorgiCorgiCorgi for the song "Poster Child (The Matthew Sheppard story) by a balladeer. Try beat that average!
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  19. TALENT!!!!

    (Though I did mean a song that got points from multiple voters)
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  20. Is it really an average if it's just based on one score? dd
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