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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WowWowWowWow, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. I've entered my flop era it seems.
  2. It comes to us all. Well unless you’re @soratami
  3. That's nice!

  4. PJOPS42, Last Ten rounds, Votes received

    And in top spot, can it be, surely not...

    @soratami !! holding off @invertedbutterfly by way of achieving the votes in one less round.

  5. 42 onwards... (because I couldn't screen grab a Top 40 last time!)
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  6. and to round it off for PJOPS42, %votes received, last 10 rounds

    New Flame at number 1 once more -BT - "Lullaby for Gaia" proving fruitful once Globe - "Still Growin' Up" has been dropped!

    @send photo vaulting into 5th by way of a song that actually had it's points halved in round 34! Didn't think of that before did I pop pickers!?


  7. PJOPS43 fun filled stats to come, watch this space.

    In the mean time, maybe some 'retro charts' in black and white... perhaps as it was all the way back in PJOPS10... 20...
  8. I have a flop era too, it's called PJ00s.
  9. The 00s and ever since is a flop era for music... in my world.
  10. Imagine, if you will, the wibbly-wobbly screen effects and twinkling sound of the harp reminiscent of so many 70's time travel flashbacks... it's retrochart time!

    Taking us back to a simpler era, where @Baby Clyde was basking in the glory of winning PJOPS10 with D Train's – "You're The One For Me", regularly finishing Top 10, and yet to see any winning entries halved of it's points...

    2014 here we are... PJOPS10 (only ten rounds!) leader boards

    In a sight that was to only continue, @KamikazeHeart reigns over the points received list...

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  11. However @strangekin has the %points top spot 'all those years ago'... Kami maintaining 23% over ten rounds is to be applauded though... @soratami esque!


    ...and with that it's back to 2019 for the time being...
  12. *bows to PJOPS veterans*

    Love the black and white, too!
  13. The ‘PJOPS founding fathers’ should have a plaque somewhere.
  14. Should be a black and white photograph of a pencil/paper handcrafted combo scoreboard.
  15. I toyed with a hand written Post-it but didn't have time to scribble it out...

    Votes to come in sepia tones...
  16. upload_2019-1-18_7-52-19.png

    ...out of the fog comes PJOPS10 the last ten rounds, popularity by votes this time...


    @KamikazeHeart out in front...
  17. and before we move on (and I do some actual work), % votes way back then (2014, not 1972 as I seem to be implying)

    ...oh look, who can it be at number 1? Nearly half of all votes over ten rounds is to be celebrated though. Wow.

  18. Hello bitches.

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  19. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Moderator

    Updated the leaderboard and results list for rounds 42 and 43 - entry spreadsheet to follow!
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