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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WowWowWowWow, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Thanks!

    @AcerBenII is listed as having a bronze medal but his chart run doesn't include a #3 placing - did he change his username or something?
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  2. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Moderator

    @AcerBenII came (joint) 3rd in round 42 - his chart run looks right to me: X-34-X-3-X. I think?
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  3. Ah, I must have read it before you updated it and then missed it when I posted! Sorry. Thanks!
  4. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Moderator

    No worries! First time I went through today I managed to do @Jeffo out of one of his medal performances, and then feverishly tried to correct it before anyone noticed!
  5. It's Tuesday, it's midday (ish), it's the PJOPS43 update..
    So to start, and in style to please @rawkey we have the Song, most points Top 40 countdown.

    Numbers 40 to 21 are all down two places, what changes are afoot higher up...

    ...into the Top 20, and it's a NEW ENTRY at #18 for @londonrain, Scandal - "Goodbye to You"

    into the Top 10, #10-6 time. And all down 1 place...

    At #5, down one place

    At #4, also down one spot.

    At #3, it's our highest NEW ENTRY! @DJHazey with Shana - "I Want You"

    At #2, it's still @Riiiiiiiii with

    Which means, holding strong at NUMBER 1 it's @invertedbutterfly
  6. More conventionally, yet actually more surprising we have SONGs by % points received.

    Can it be??? A new entry? Yup. @DJHazey in at Number 36, for the first change since these have been cobbled together by my fair hands.

    @WowWowWowWow having the infamy of being first to depart the TOP40 (with Sheryl Lee Ralph - "In The Evening")
  7. 12's...

    @iheartpoptarts 4 twelves puts Lace at #32.


    68 songs have now received 3 twelves, 192 '2', and 433 have the one.
  8. Yessssssss. Now how do I go about getting 5 12s?

    EDIT: Wait, I've done that. 6. I want 6.
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  9. Oh my God, I didn't realize "I Want You" would become this much of a PJOPS classic when I entered it. Unbelievable.

    It was actually why second option if you can believe it because the first option had already been entered.
  10. What was the first option?
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  11. Another lost 80s teen-pop fav, Alisha's "Bounce Back"
  12. *90s

    So that worked out well, didn't it?
  13. Yeah but still entered already I thought. If not, nobody steal it!
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  14. I know, I know, it sounds 80s.

    (Still entered already!)
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  15. PJOPS43.. PJ'er Last ten rounds, most points... guess who is NUMBER ONE??

    yup. @soratami holds on for the third round in a row

    @Maki our sole new entry at #58

    EDIT: cock up sorted!
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  16. The totals don't seem to match the rankings on this one. @KamikazeHeart is on 619, but is somehow lower than @CorgiCorgiCorgi and @Jeffo, and @ohnoitisnathan has 655 points but is below @iheartpoptarts on 641! I think the totals may just have been copied across from your previous "last 10" leaderboard, as from a brief glance they all seem to be the same...
  17. Last ten rounds, % points received this time.
    New Flame's brief spell atop the pile is over as they go from #1 to not qualifying at all. So it's @soratami once more... @DJHazey and @DominoDancing the big climbers into the top 15.

    31 onwards

    Revised (correctly now I hope!)
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  18. correct - the order is okay I think (based on the hidden sort cells) but I hadn't copied the latest figures in... will have a look at that!
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  19. Edit:
    Don't worry I know it's on the way.
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