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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WowWowWowWow, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. I'm gonna drop so hard once Swwet Connection aren't in my last ten anymore! Wait for it...
  2. I'm already concerned that the next song to drop for me will be my Heather Nova silver medal. I'll need over 100 points in the next round just to stay where I am!
  3. It amazes me that without having participated in so long I’m still sitting at 3rd & 4th place for % of 12’s received...even if I don’t completely understand what that means LOL. All of these charts say that I’ve only entered one contest btw, when it’s been at least three that I can remember just by having checked up on these stats. Not complaining at all just mentioning it since numerical accuracy seems important to you @ModeRed thanks for all the hard work! I really should try to enter again soon!
  4. Unless I’ve made a cock up (far from impossible!) you’ve just been in one contest over the last ten rounds

    As for your songs getting a high percentage of the twelves available in those rounds, that’s just very impressive

    And yes, hurry back!
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  5. Ah! I didn’t realize the number was a participation count from the last ten rounds! My apologies! And thank you I shall return, I’m putting my ancient thinking cap back on!
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  6. Away from the excitement over in PJOPS44...

    Most votes received, last 10 rounds...
  7. ...% of votes received, PJOPS 34-43

    Congrats to @Maki , highest new entry at #5!

  8. I'd just like to thank @ModeRed for all his continued dedication to updating and creating these lists. Contrary to suggestions, I appreciate and value what you bring to the table!

    I see no reason why the stats can't be carried over to whatever replaces the OPS in its current form, and for whoever continues to take part.
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  9. Thanks @Eric Generic - I very much feel the same about your musical contributions to the rounds themselves!

    My slightly odd ocd for playing with stats wants me to have them as correct as possible but hope they never stray too far into actually being ‘serious’!

    I’ll just have to keep trying to think of new ones until I find one I perch atop of!
  10. Thanks, didn't expect this!
    So this refers to percent of the voters who voted for the entry?
  11. Indeed - of the 34 PJ'ers who could give you at least a point, 12 obliged. Well done!
  12. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Staff Member

    Spreadsheet and leaderboard updated with PJOPS 44 info...
  13. Hurrah! Thank you.
  14. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Staff Member

    And now updated with #45!
  15. Apologies all for the abject lack of updates of late - job applications, manic work requirements (that I want to escape, hence the applications...) and a whole load of real life stuff has somewhat snaffled any spare time I have so not sure how often I can add to these anytime soon.

    If I can will at least try to get it to the end of PJOPS as we know it before we head into ‘Depeche Mode post Alan Wilder’* era...

    *other ‘Band after the original/classic line up has split’ analogies also available
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  16. Hello. It's Back. At least for a while. An update... PJOPS44

    So where were we? Song by most points, TOP 40.
    New entries at 17 and 24.. well done @CasuallyCrazed and @WoW73

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  17. Song by % points... as you were...
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  18. Twelves...
    @nnnumb makes it to #33 with 4 of them. The winning song Alex Brown - "(Come On) Shout" only received 1

    The (semi) fancy graphic of them all...

    No changes (as ever) to % of twelves received.

    Nnnumb making it to #155.
  19. Last Ten Rounds, 35-44, PJ'er Total Points
    @soratami still leads

  20. Last Ten Rounds, 35-44, PJ'er % Total Points
    @Riiiiiiiii our new Number 1. @magictreehouse new at #9


    EDIT: not sure the contest column is quite right, sure I’ve been in more than one of last ten rounds! EDIT TOO... sorted. My attention to detial eh?
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