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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WowWowWowWow, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Roll up, roll up for your updated post-PJOPS8 stats, available on the first page of this very thread!
  2. Yaaaaaas.
  3. Maleström

    Maleström Guest

    And it took an obscure 60s japanese enka/schlager to claim your number one spot, haha. Kudos!
  4. Well, obscure and obscure. It was number one in Japan for almost half a year!
  5. Not a classic slice of doo-wop being my downfall.

  6. Maleström

    Maleström Guest

    But the best thing to see was that despite the stats "competition" going on simultaneously, neither of you played it safe with your entries. I'm well impressed.
  7. Slaying again.
  8. Some contestants reach new all-time peak positions after PJ OPS IX!!
  9. Maleström

    Maleström Guest

    Had to think of something to do to kill some time during the two long countdown nights this week ~... so I did a Nope and added up my personal points given and received in the contest history. Naturally Laurence topped them both, but what's uncanny is that even my second and third in the points given stakes were the same as Laurence's (47): JamesJupiter (40) and imaduck (37). Spooky. Ops (35) and KamikazeHeart (32) followed closely, with Goblin lifting vikeyeol (29) to sixth place.

    The points received column was actually quite shocking to see: Mr. Nope (75) has now showered me with almost four fucking times more points than the next friendliest of the stingy bunch: invertedbutterfly (22), nnnumb & Omar (21), and Sophiax2 & NecessaryVoodoo (20)... with all of my other favourites being horribly unreciprocal, boo! In fact, it could be argued that without Laurence my impact here would be like screaming in the desert or something. Shieeet. (But cheers, mate!)
  10. This needs updating!
  11. Can't I have at least two hours to come to terms with Lonnie's midtable performance before getting to work?? Ha ha...

    I believe I saw Auntie Beryl mention in the Contest XI thread that those stats will be updated at the weekend? I could be wrong though.

    The master list and the performance runs have been updated on the first page.
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  12. In light of recent events I'm very excited to see this updated!

    I have to admit that I savor the time Eric makes to drag you on this point, especially after last round. It's A Shame? Really? I would have entered Born 2 BREED and flopped with dignity hehe.
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  13. Grandpa's Party.
  14. I'm still making my ultimate PJOPS playlist....we really have had some brilliant stuff (in amongst the dross and the "minor chart hits", haha).
  15. Eric Generic: 42-13-27-16-16-15-26-17-19-13-24
    phoenix123: 27-34-20-1-X-13-2-1-2-11-1
  16. Oh I have more points than you!
  17. Hehe, I love that you began your OPS career with three consecutive flops before regrouping and thinking (apparently) "Hmm, maybe I should give a top 5 chart hit like 'Crash' a try"... I'm actually impressed (but at the same time astounded by the veto panel).
  18. It has been a rather fortuitous turnaround compared to the main pop justice contest.
  19. I love how I began my OPS career...

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