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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WowWowWowWow, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. That's what I was afraid of when I noticed the links had ceased!

    If anyone has their voting details for the later rounds they hosted then it would be very useful for some potential stats...
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  2. Lets start with the 'easy stats update' (borrowing shamelessly from @Auntie Beryl 's good work, hope that's okay...)

    TOP40 Most Points by Song (ties 'decided' by % of points)

    Just look at all the changes after 33 rounds... ok, no there weren't any at the top... but now we have a Top40 to take aim at, can hope for the lesser placings maybe, @stevo_1988 latest fine effort storms in at #24!

    As we know the contests have differing numbers of entries, so to level the playing field as it were...

    TOP40 Most Points by Song (As % Of Points Available)

    For the above, to get 100% you'd need twelve points from every other contestant.

    More to follow soon(ish), proper job of work allowing...

    EDIT - Please feel free to highlight obvious errors - hopefully I'm remembering to allow for things like not voting for oneself and other calculations when I do these!
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  3. At least I'm on there, thanks to Nik Kershaw.
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  4. This is amazing. Thanks, @ModeRed!

    At first I was quite pleased that A Rose In The Wind had managed to outrank Live Forever, but then I realised that Live Forever is actually in at #24. Well done, @stevo_1988!

    Poor Donna DeLory would have been up there with 138 points for "Just A Dream" if her points hadn't been halved.

    It's really interesting to see how drastically different the two tables are. The success of "Crash" is certainly put in perspective once you see the percentage table, and it's surprising how many songs actually don't appear on both lists. Nothing from PJOPS 31 onwards seems to have troubled the second table at all!

    If you have time, it would be great to see the 2017 stats for PJOPS (like the ones for PJSC). We've only had four contests this year so it should hopefully not be too painful to compile!
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  5. It also reminds me just how many great entries we've had in the OPS. I need to update my OPS iTunes Playlist. My copy of the Cause & Effect CD finally arrived via Switzerland today.
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  6. I guess the bigger entry fields are meaning a spread of the points and no one standout in percentage terms...

    I'll try and replicate the stats that were generated initially, then go from there (2017 stats would be good to see though). Plus I have to keep dong these until I manage to find a chart I appear on!

    Those where I dont have the contest spreadsheet I'll need to trawl the contest for voting details so may take a while...
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  7. I can email you the PJOPS 32 one if you send me your email address.
  8. Next up...

    By Competitor - Total Points, the Top 40... (the big hitters of PJOPS)

    top100 points name1.JPG

    And then some more of us... (41-80)
    top100 points name2.JPG

    ...last but not least...
    top100 points name3.JPG

    ***Now including number of contests entered***

    Apologies for the split spreadsheets/long posts but seemed the best way to show the data... look at me loitering outside the Top40. Damn, so close...
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  10. Wow. #53 after participating in just three contests? I'll take that. (And thank you so much for doing this, @ModeRed!) Now to find another two thousand points from somewhere...

    Any chance of adding a column showing the number of contests each participant has been in? (That should hopefully be easy enough to pick up from the spreadsheet of previous entries, as long as you sort it by user name.)
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  11. Done...
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  12. Thank you! Looks great.
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  13. And finally for today... (hopefully correctly calculated!)

    By Competitor - As % Of Points Available - as before, the TOP 40
    top100 perc points name1.JPG

    The mid pack..
    top100 perc points name2.JPG

    ...and someone has to be there...
    top100 perc points name3.JPG

    In at #17, go me!

    Apologies for slightly shoddy graphics, had to edit it in MS Paint...
  14. Amazing.

    Right behind you there at #18, @ModeRed...
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  15. I'm afraid I don't recognise the validity of that last spreadsheet, haha.
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  16. Imagine how @Zarjazz feels.

    (Mind you, it would have been a bit better had he remembered to vote last time...)
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  17. This is so amazing.

    Not my winning song being out of the list and surpassed by songs who got third or fourth in their contest.

    Absolutely adore the stats. I am doing very poorly which is no news but now I want to climb!!!
  18. @ModeRed I am not sure if it helps you at this point, since you already did so much work (thanks!), but I just saw that people were posting in the thread.... I made the results tables for Contests 1-20 and I still have them as PDFs, some I still have the spreadsheet version too.
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  19. Loving your work @ModeRed will PM you a link to the PJOPS31 scoresheet.
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  20. They'd be very useful if you do, then I can look at voting totals and other random statistics to keep you interested/bored to tears... so far it's what I can manipulate from the 'full points' sheet that thankfully @invertedbutterfly keeps on top of!

    Hopefully now I've dropped the data into some sheets, adding a new contest figures should be easier to update the placings...
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