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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WowWowWowWow, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Thanks, going to be very useful!
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  2. To save a trawl through each contest for the data, would you still have the spreadsheets with voting data for these contests... 26 and 33 @KamikazeHeart , 27 @CorgiCorgiCorgi , 29 @2014 and 30 @Derek ?
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  3. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    I'll have a look when I get home for you!
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  4. Yes, I've got the spreadsheet for contest 30! If you'd like to PM me your email address, I can send it over.
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  5. I think I do - if not, I know I still have all the messages with the scores saved. I'll check my laptop when I get home!
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  6. Thanks!

    EDIT: - just working my way through the pdf's to get the other stat tables up... cannot believe that in PJOPS 7 @Eric Generic submitted Cath Carroll 'Move Like You' and it was bottom?? Oh the injustice...
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  7. Any chance you have any luck finding these? And a shout to @KamikazeHeart just in case you still have the spreadsheets with voting data for contest 26 and 33?

    @Derek thanks for the emailed sheet too (sorry I hadn't responded before, bad me!)
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  8. Tell me about it!
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  9. Not sure I could pick a sure fire PJOPS winner if I tried, that Cath Carroll track is fabulous!
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  10. The more I think I've got something which will do well, it worse it flops.
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  11. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Sorry I never got back to you! My old laptop broke and I got a new one and lost all my spreadsheets and stuff in the process! I'm sorry x
  12. No worries - trawling the old contests is proving entertaining!

    And revelatory... @VivaForever wasn't actually last in PJOPS24, imaduck didn't have their points halved as a non voter so they would've actually been bottom. THE SHOCK!!
  13. Unfortunately I didn't :( I can compile all the votes that people sent in, if that'd help!
  14. Well thank god for that.
  15. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Moderator

    Just updated the leaderboard and results list with the results from round 34 - I'll get the spreadsheet done later this week.

    I'll also try to give ModeRed's fabby new stats a bit more prominence - at the very least some links from the first page of the thread.
  16. Wow - that was quick! Thank you!
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  17. Very quick! - I'm still (time allowing) compiling the older rounds to update some of the other stats... I'll catch up eventually, I promise!
  18. Awwww, yay. I've finally collected all the medals, good times!
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  19. I had a run of something like 15 straight Top 20 finishes, and now I'm back to flopping badly.
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  20. To be fair, you did say:
    so I'm sure this isn't the start of a trend.
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