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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WowWowWowWow, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Ohhh, so that means out of the five remaining ever-presents only @KamikazeHeart , @Eric Generic and I have PERFECT records both ways... Final score: UK 1 - Scandinavia 2!
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  2. I'm doing these charts as Top 100's (ish) as it's been a while since the original stats run through. Once this lot are all done, should I stick with the Top 100 format for subsequent updates from round 34 onwards, or will a Top 40 suffice?

    If so, I'm trying to think of a more even way to present the figures so there's a chance to challenge @KamikazeHeart 's 'Barcelona like' dominance of these stats... thoughts? average points, with a minimum entry of 2 contests?

    Don't want it to become too serious, after all for me PJOPS is all about discovering new 'old' music but it's quite fun to pick out an appreciated tune that garners lot votes/points!

    EDIT: oh and while I think about it, once the PJBOPS winner is being applauded (me hopefully) @iheartpoptarts would you be so kind as to send me the voting spreadsheet to save a trawl through the whole thread to record all the 12's and points!
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  3. I'm the highest rated with a single digit number of entries. Legends only.

    Maybe I should stop participating after I hit 9 entries, to keep that honor (as if though)
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  4. [​IMG]

    As much as I appreciate seeing myself at the top of these master lists, it's more a proof of devotion than anything else. It would obviously be more fair to present scores based on the last ten contests or so.
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  5. Euro2016 teas.
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  6. Absolutely! Amazing amazing job, by the way!
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  7. Holy Haddaways, I'm doing quite well!
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  8. Impressive nonetheless to keep having entries that people enjoy voting for.

    And to keep taking part (all of you 'ever presents' actually) lends PJOPS a certain tradition. Just a shame I took so long to wise up to it (and I'm still missing the odd round!)
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  9. beserkboi and ghettoprincess 69ing away!
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  10. Top100 again, this time with the deciding factor being the percentage of the available votes a contestant has gotten... hoorah I make a top 20!!
  11. and 81-100...

    That's it for the rounds 1-33. An update for 34 once I read the whole thread to pick up the scoring... ...and then perhaps some more 'fluid' charts to reflect the ongoing PJOPS world?
  12. An idea based on @KamikazeHeart suggestion of using the last ten rounds... (in this case up to 33 as 34 isnt ready yet)


    Last ten rounds scores, divided by the number of entrants contestants could have had voting for them (so big scores in smaller rounds have more importance) - will still be skewed by 'big one hit wonders' but then what charts aren't... should change a bit round by round and can still have the ongoing historical lists too.

    This was me pondering something more changeable over a coffee, so more than happy to hear ideas to improve/bin it!
  13. I'm not such a flop as I thought.
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  14. I am even more of a flop than I thought!
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  15. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Moderator

    Ooh, I like this one best, I'm Top 10!
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  16. This just makes me want @Touchofmyhand and @Posh Spears to participate in the current round of PJOPS to see what world-beating bops they come up with.
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  17. I'm most successful at the stats you get to be successful at just by entering lots of contests. Yay!
  18. omg

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