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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WowWowWowWow, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Hopefully this'll make some form of sense - based on Kami's suggestion of a 'recent entries only' leaderboard, tried to create a format that doesn't just total the points (or else that only favours those regular entrants) or one based only on percentage of votes (because this means one shot participants who did well will have a higher percentage).

    And for the more specific method.. though still work in progress if I can improve it.

    Each PJ person's rounds score (halved where necessary for the non voting) is divided by the number of possible voters in the same round. This gives more value to that song that got 100 points in a 20 person round than a 35 entry one. These are then added and divided by contests entered by them in the ten most recent rounds.

    Finally to slightly nullify the 'one entrant only' effect, applied a modifer to the scores - all ten entered and full score counts, only one and it's 75% of the figure.
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  2. Thanks, although my ocd is still not letting go! (sorry)

    If the basis of the chart is the last 10 rounds then you need to look at the last 10 rounds for everyone.

    Ignoring non-participation skews the results. You're currently comparing 3 rounds of data for one person, with 7 for another, and 10 for others (and everything in between).

    I would expect regulars to rank highly and 'newbies' to climb after each round; and those that don't stick around would be lower, rather than than loitering in the top 10 until their last round becomes obsolete. At the moment the calculation seems to favour those who have done less than 10 rounds but more than 1...
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  3. This takes me back to school.....

    If X = Y and Johnnie travels 25 miles to run a bath half-full, what is the cost of his ticket?
  5. I congratulate you on creating a rolling uninterpretable weighted music chart fit for 2017 but this is PJOPS….
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  6. Normal old skool stats posting to be resumed soon!
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  7. invertedbutterfly

    invertedbutterfly Moderator

    Still high (read overexcited) from tonight's success, I've updated the opening posts - spreadsheet to follow.

    In a slightly random bit of trivia, my two winners have respectively the highest and lowest points totals for PJOPS winning tracks. And this round contained two of the three highest scoring songs ever in this contest.
  8. That was super quick! (Congratulations, by the way.)

    This is quite a rollercoaster of a chart trajectory.
  9. You were deleted on the week of release for the last contest.
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  10. That’s what I’ll tell the press when they ask whether the label dropped me.
  11. Meanwhile it looks like I'm eligible for a future round of PJ00s.
  12. I think you might be the kind of artist who inspires a 15-page thread of dedicated stans complaining about the buying public’s poor taste.
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. @Robsolete would probably have started that thread.
  15. Geez - my transition from slowly gaining 5 spots came to a crushing halt this round!

    @londonrain, welcome to the club of last place finisher and if I may say so myself - congratulations in the biggest drop in the history of this contest, unless I am missing something?
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  16. Well, I haven’t matched @rawkey’s drop from first to last in PJOPS 31, but that had fewer participants.

    I hadn’t realised I had set a record for the largest drop in terms of number of places fallen, so thanks for informing me.


    To quote Heather Nova: nothing falls like @londonrain.
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  17. firstly... I'M ON THE MAIN LEADERBOARD!!! Sorry... now that's out of the way, some more updates as of PJOPS34...

    Top 40 Most points by song... one new entry, from @iheartpoptarts at #8
  18. Ah, the last days of "Crash" as the #1 on this list...
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  19. ...but despite that, the TOP40 Most Points by Song (As % Of Points Available) has no changes whatsoever... Sweet Connection's win in PJOPS34 had 31.13%

  20. Hadn't quite realised how big the scores in the last round were compared to the classics of the PJOPS annals...

    @iheartpoptarts when you get a festive free moment, would you care to fire the PJBOPS spreadsheet to me for some new year updates? Thanks!
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