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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WowWowWowWow, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. By Competitor - Total Points, the Top 40... (the big hitters of PJOPS)
  2. Hurrah for Heather Nova putting me in striking distance of the top ten there!

    I'm scared to find out just how much I've fallen down this list after Biddu & Nazia Hassan's abysmal showing in PJOPS 35...
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  3. Wow, will ya look at @soratami 's points average of 76+ -- and not just a flash in the pan after some two or five rounds but a decent amount of nine efforts, to boot.
  4. Twelve pointers...
    Again, our recent wonderful PJOPS host is a new entry...

    51 songs have gotten a creditable 3 maximums in rounds.
  5. Ooh, finally a chart where I fare even better than Kami! Give me full points or none at all, should've always been my credo.

    (Also, I had no recollection that my Donna Hightower amassed four douze-pwas. I'm impressed.)
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  6. As here... 12's as a percentage of the total an entrant could've gotten in a contest...
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  8. Thank you! If I'm not winning the contests at least I remain consistent.
  9. Popularity...? Total Votes time...
  10. Ooh, thanks for the reminder, I'll send it when I get home tonight! You're the best!
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  11. No changes here for round 34... Votes received as a percentage of those available.
  12. That's probably me done for the stats in 2017... will aim to get PJOPS35 up for New Year perusal
  13. Ah! the only chart that counts!
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  14. I was going to make a similar comment (but not top 5 ... probably low top 40) but I couldn't find my name mentioned anywhere.

  15. For @popknark2 - Merry Christmas!
    Us 40+ PJ people...
  16. Blimey this is the first time I've had a proper look in here, this is some insane number crunching ModeRed!

    Couldn't see my name in the last one, I must be top 5 though with the amount of amazing tunes I've entered it's a certainty.

    @Lumber is last... he was my favorite poster, hope he comes back one day.
  17. Happy New Year, it's 2018, the dawn of a new age... @iheartpoptarts PJOPS dominance... (perhaps)
    ...and @invertedbutterfly reigning supreme with our grandest total yet

    EDIT: ...completely forgetting to add the remainder of that sentence earlier

    Top 40 Most points by song... and for the first time in living memory (or since contest 4 if you were here for that), a new number 1!!!

    ...and to avoid ties, scores split by the % of those available per contest...

    PJBOPS35 shaking things up a little...
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  18. TOP40 Most Points by Song (As % Of Points Available)
    Once more, no changes here... our last winner 'only' making it to 59th spot.
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