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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WowWowWowWow, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Sometimes and Talk To Me Like The Sea continue to be my best showings ever.
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  2. Those early winners certainly commanded big shares of the points
  3. By Competitor - Total Points, the Top 40... good work @CorgiCorgiCorgi and @DirtyKnees but pretty static at the top otherwise...
    ** full 107 person list available on request **
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  4. ...however going forward, I think we only need occasional appearances of the full leaderboard and instead we'll have this...
    By Competitor - Total Points, the last ten rounds... 26-35
    and 41 to 66
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  5. Why am I screaming at myself that I could muster 390 points in 10 contests together. I am consistent in participating and basically all around floppage.
  6. And we all love you for it.
  7. By one point!
  8. By Competitor - As % Of Points Available (TOP40)
    ...and look at me go, rocketing up the chart! (Apologies, sure that'll be the last time I ever get to type that). Should I mention @londonrain ? Best not...

  9. and as before, By Competitor - As % Of Points Available (rounds 26-35)

    Corgi (x3) proving to be the highest most recently involved PJOPS'er..
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  10. Twelve points received? Again, no huge revelations, but @invertedbutterfly 's winner last time is 12th equal with 4 maximums

    ...and following up with the 12's as a percentage of the overall that could be given, nothing exciting here either. Even as our winner, Denise Lopez - Don't You Wanna Be Mine could only muster 10.26% - good enough for 77th.

    @CorgiCorgiCorgi 's impressive 28.57% for Bernadette Washington remains our pinnacle.
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  11. Damn, that's a big fall. But at least not as big as @londonrain's haha
  12. You have clearly learned from the best. (ie me).
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  13. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    I love all these stats!!!
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  14. Will my luck turn with PJOP36? All signs point to..... No!
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  15. Total votes received... as with the other 'of all time' lists, not much happening...


    so for future comparsion... Votes received rounds 26-35
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  16. as Percentage of Total Voter's votes available... top 40
    becoming quite apparent that last round's decent showing has helped @invertedbutterfly & I quite a lot here.
  17. and the last 10 rounds, same variable

    ...that's it for rounds PJOPS#1 to #35...
  18. Using the fine work @rawkey put in as inspiration, here are the 2017 Top 40's... (here is Rawkey's 2017 countdown if you missed it - go view its magnificence!)

    2017 - TOP 40 Songs by points received:
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  19. #7, #10 and #22? I'll take that...
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  20. 2017 TOP40 songs by % points received...
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