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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by WowWowWowWow, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. #7 and #17 in that second Top 40...yeah, I'll take that!
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  2. One more then a few next week...

    2017's songs by votes received...
  3. Okay, one more... Songs of 2017 by the percentage who voted for them - @DirtyKnees Shelleyan Orphan's 83% of us PJOPSters voting for it is mightily impressive -


    Have a good weekend all!
  4. You can really see the disparity between the first and second halves of the year in these stats.

    The second half of 2017 had more voters in each round so those songs have done better on the overall ranking by points alone, but it also looks like the voting got more spread out as those songs don't do anywhere nearly as well on the leaderboards that go by percentage/number of votes/voters. (Denise Lopez is a notable exception!)
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  5. Awwww, memories. Such a good bunch of songs there!
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  6. See, I knew I got lots of votes but never seem to finish very high. This is proof!

    We could do one with "most honourable mentions". I think I'd do well in that.
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  7. Tempted as I am by rereading all the contests for HM's. I think I'll pass... doing that for the scores was hard enough, though it was fun to experience them again
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  8. I was (half) joking!
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  9. Me too... I'd love to know how many near misses there'd be...
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  10. I'm not quite sure what this metric is but my one and only PJOPS entry thus far made it into the top 30 so

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  11. [​IMG]
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  12. 26-30-27-34

    Talk about relative consistency.

    Billie being my runaway success and managing to get me #38 on the 2017 Most Points Received Top 40 list and securing me #22 on the 2017 Most Points Overall list feels right. I guess my next goal should be finally breaking 100 points in a single round.
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  13. I show up, give a decent performance and all my scenes still get cut before release narrative still applies to me I see...
  14. Yes that's mine too :-). But I don't mind if I don't reach it, to me listening to songs I didn't know but immediately love is the ultimate reward ...
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  15. Papermoon definitely deserved to break the 100-point barrier! Still my favourite of your entries (followed by Coleske).
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  16. Before we all bathe in the glory of PJOPS36 and it's outcome, I had a quick (ish) look at who I do actually vote for... and how many points...

    Firstly, who I've voted for in my 8 contests:

    And who got the most points:

    I think that safely refutes the fact I never vote for @Ray
    ...just half the time.
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  17. This does, however, establish that you never vote for me...
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  18. If (and it's a big 'if') I can get time, I'll try to compile all the votes for all the contests (a pain as about 6 are still on PDF only) and upload it someplace.

    Then if anyone has an interest in finding out who gets all their 12's (2 each for @rawkey and @invertedbutterfly ) or who consistently submits tunes pleasing to the ears (@Ironheade ) then they can go investigate...
  19. Errr yes I did notice that too... give it time...

    I wonder which other PJOPS illuminati I fail to vote for too...
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  20. Don’t worry - I’ve long since resigned myself to never getting votes from you or @Ironheade! I suspect it’s mutual anyway...
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