The Popjustice Eurovizh Alt-Song Contest 2024: Round 2 votes due 23 June

Hey @WowWowWowWow, I've compiled all recaps made by Misja Eurowizja in a list for you. You can add somewhere if you want to, maybe it'll help us to determine.

Unfortunately they didn't care enough to make a recap for San Marino because, well, there's no need apparently ddd
WowXInfinity! Thank you @YRSHKD I will definitely include this on the first page. And major lolz at them not bothering for San Marino. I’m not convinced half of the songs on that list are even real.
Did You Know?

Over the previous four PJ Eurovizh Alt-Song contests, we've had 10 different countries appear on the podium. Hooray for variety!

Which means that Finland currently holds the title for the "most successful" nation in our history, with one gold and one bronze.

Finland 1-0-1
Spain 0-1-1
Armenia 1-0-0
Germany 1-0-0
Italy 1-0-0
Norway 0-1-0
Sweden 0-1-0
Ukraine 0-1-0
Australia 0-0-1
France 0-0-1


I wasn't going to take part because I didn't get much out of this year's NFs that I followed. However, the handful of songs that I kept proved to be lasting faves (so far), so at the very least I'm going to have to vote for those (#TeamControlla). Maybe others too if I find some time to go through some more selections.

In the category of Oddest English-Language Song Title of the Year (as chosen by a monolingual moron who can barely ask “Where is the WC” in anything other than English, let alone write an entire song in another language), the nominees are:

Dana Gillespie ⊙ The Last Polar Bear
This is likely because it was written by AI nn (it won an AI songs only selection which got it a spot in the final of Una voce per San Marino).
Going through the Misja Eurowizja recaps to make a decision. I'm a completist in some ways, but certainly not in catching up on Eurovision finals. Done 7 so far, including an already full heard Albania, before resuming tomorrow and Wednesday, and a last check through each song in my Top 5 rankings.
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F* I thought the deadline was June, well I know what to do tonight...
Staying committed to going through each semi-final and finalist song, and making it for some interesting rankings, even in Malta where only 1 song in my Top 5, was a finalist, but.... How the feck do I even begin to go through San Marino for semi finalists?!?!? Seen one FYC that didn't make it, but the bottom 3 finalists scored under 8.5, so I'm not sure it's worth my mental health. Can I just pretend that all the semi-finalists have been sent to the San Marino Outlet Experience, or do I keep going after I ranked the next 7 countries?!?!?

EDIT at 00:58 BST: Given up on Ukraine, due to lack of recap of non-finalist songs. Those will be looked at, before I begin on the long trek through San Marino, as much as possible tomorrow, but maybe Friday afternoon.
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Sure! Sunday night for any final first round votes.
(Realistically Monday morning would still be ok too.)
So, I inadvertently left my laptop at my apartment before a long weekend away with family, so I won’t be back to it until Monday night USA East Coast time.
Long story long Tuesday morning Europe time is probably fine but please let me know if I should expect you.
Well turns out there are only three national finals where I'm familiar with more than a song or two so I chose my faves there also voted for a personal fave of mine without even listening to the song ff, I trust the voters will choose good options for the rest.