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The PopJustice Greatest Hits Collection

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by aux, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. [​IMG]
  2. I love playboy69. Hit and run queen.
  3. I remember his posts as often being quite extraordinary (not in a bad way). Were they often about Lana del Rey?
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  4. This was amazing.
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  5. It's always nice to be reminded that PJ has its own Taylor Swift

    Oh well.
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  6. Favouriting this thread to read tomorrow....
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  7. On the theme of pop stars writing in their own thread, didn't Frankmusik have things to say when nudes from a webcam show of his leaked? Good times. All the evidence has been deleted as far as I can tell, but I found these:

  8. I forgot this even happened but that webcam still is pretty much embedded in my brain, thankfully.
  9. Remember when he turned out to be a pro-gun right-wing Brexit supporter and we got this gem in his thread?

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  10. Why am I not surprised by who made that post.
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  11. Wasn’t Frankmusik’s nudes the one with the suspicious blot on the thighs or something and everyone thought it was ringworm?
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  12. "Much more interesting than his actual music" is sending me.

    There was allegedly a third popstar who showed up in her own thread, but those making the claims were never willing to provide receipts... #WHOISLITTLEBOOTS

    Come to think of it, I know @Island is convinced @mystical martha was actually Gabriella Cilmi. Was there ever any proof of that?
  13. I was about to mention that!

    Was it ops? People speculated that was Victoria, but I liked their posts anyway.
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  14. @Syzygyz I believe you're the one who brought this up whenever the hell it was brought up. The people (me) demand answers.
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  15. Doing a SMALL bit of digging, I've found that @ops was an anime fan, and somehow Victoria doesn't seem the type to me? I also can't see her agreeing that Aura was better than Bad Romance (ddddddddddd).
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  16. When everybody photoshopped Joanne hats on their avatars.
  17. Didn't @Rommers do this to Birdo?

    Honestly, art.
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  18. While we're on the subject, shout out to the people who decided to use their avatars to show everyone on the forum their armpit.
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