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The PopJustice Greatest Hits Collection

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by aux, Jun 23, 2019.

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  2. That armpit post

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  3. "Sometimes I sit alone in my apartment listening to Believe by Cher and ponder" has me in tears.

    The Put Your Hands Up (If You Feel Love) reference was also amazing.
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  4. @Joaquin_Del_Ray is an iconic member. An art.
  5. People who write entire paragraphs of content on the internet that are clearly only for their own sexual gratification both fascinate and terrify me in equal measure.
  6. RJF


    I mean, it is.
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  7. RJF


    I love @imperialsteroid
  8. When GA split up and everybody a lot of members had Nadine avatars in solidarity with her speaking out.
  9. I'm gonna jump in here and say I don't quite get why. I found him to be relatively harmless, just long-winded. The fact that a year after he got the message and left the forum he is still consistently brought up as an object of like-accumulating scorn strikes me as unnecessarily vicious. That's all I'll say on that, but it's bothered me for a long while.
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  10. I never found the imperialsteroid joking to be that bad, personally I never had an issue with him, just the jokes about his posts and how much he compared pop girls to the Beatles was funny to me.
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  11. Some of his comparisons were absurd to the point of belief, like calling Dangerous Woman a blues song. But he did give good in-depth analysis of songs/albums at times
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  12. Yeah, sincerely his greatest offense was like, what, being a bit overly serious? He is a nice guy who is chasing his dream and honestly, let me know when there’s a better place for pop music discourse. We all can wax on to the point of excess for our faves and whenever I spoke with him, he was always quite friendly.

    Dancing on some graves is just fine to me, xxxtinction yes obviously, but @imperialsteroid? There have been many other users that deserve the ire.
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  14. I thought the reason people still brought up @imperialsteroid was because his posting style was so overwrought and often unintentially humorous, not because he was hated.
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  15. K94


    Still doesn't warrant any cattiness - he writes for a living and if certain music evokes particular references to him, no matter how weird they may be, there's nothing wrong with that. He only got very mildly confrontational when some of you mocked him for his writing style.
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  16. I wasn’t saying that was a reason to justify being catty? I was just saying that some his comparisons were absurd and then said that he gave good write ups
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  17. K94


    It was more of a general comment as his comparisons and references is what people seemed to taking issue with but I already said this the first time y'all did all of that, so I'll leave it.
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  18. Dangerous Woman is bluesy tho
  19. RJF


    Meh. I highlighted the issues I had with him the last time y’all came to his defence so I will, ironically, curb the word count. You only need to look at the apparent final straw to get a read of his character. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, it seems.
  20. His writing was overly alliterative and shittily executed, which is great for a kii, but whatever
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