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The PopJustice Greatest Hits Collection

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by aux, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. Dang dearies, drawing discourse this deeply through time despite discouragement of dragging? Reeling Rashida really requires her prediction, nay, prophecy to become self-phulphilled
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  2. I mean the lashings are maybe a tad unfair so far removed but also this coming after all of the lashings still makes me cackle:

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  3. Well damn. Discouragement was quite a ride.
  4. My favourite days of the forum.
  5. I have never seen that armpit post before and I am SCREAMING.

    I’m dead.
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  6. Sis
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  7. I haven't been here long enough to experience nearly half of the stuff in here, but I will say that this post about spiders that @RJF made last summer still floats into my mind on a regular basis.
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  8. I honestly think about ayo ayo we smoke in a mall once a week @Andy French
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  10. I can hear this post every single time I see a spider, it haunts me. Like, yas, spin a wee web on my mind.
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  11. This coming directly afterward fucking sends me every time
  12. Now I just feel bad about this but also this thread is giving me moments I missed.
  13. The Kristen Stewart post on the bottom of the page getting zero likes

  14. This one still sends
  16. Fuck.

  17. Okay, I found where they went into Random Thoughts after their original thread got locked:
    I regularly think of this one for no reason at all and crack up.
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  19. Honestly half of the gif usage in the BBUK thread over the years is greatest hits material for me.
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