The Popjustice Song Contest (XXXI) [Reveal @ 8PM BST]


The Powers That Be said:
Popjustice Song Contest 31 is here!!

The Rules:

So nearly all of you know how this works; find a relatively obscure song, from a (usually) obscure artist, enter it, and once everyone else's entries are finally revealed, vote for your favourites. Then everyone's votes shall be added up and presented to you with my hugely reliable hosting skills on January 16th, where we can all witness imaduck score his record 78th victory!

The Submission:

Choose any song you'd like to enter to the contest. (withi
PM fistcity a link of your choice (youtube, soundcloud, vimeo, etc.) Try to be sure that it can be viewable by anyone.

Please submit in this format!

Song: Elle King
Artist: America's Sweetheart

The song must be relatively obscure or not too well known in order to pass the veto panel, which consist of myself, imaduck, BML, Oricon, and jinzo. Wait who's leaving? Who's the new veto panel member? Are we having a Girlicious like contest to decide? So many questions! (didn't bml leave?)

After you send your entry in, follow your veto status in the post below.


A panel of pop music experts are standing by to accept or reject your entry based on a number of factors, largely based on ubiquity. Basically the panel exists to make sure the playing field is even and that songs are not too well-known. It’s all very mathematical and on the up-and-up and multiple people decide and deliberate. The mission of this contest is to discover fresh new music after all! (New meaning new to most ears, not newly released. Songs can come from any decade or genre in history)

Once the submission period is over, the songs will be revealed and voting commences. You will be voting as follows!

12 points: Your top choice
10 points:
8 points:
7 points:
6 points:
5 points:
4 points:
3 points:
2 points:
1 point: 10th favorite

Send your votes to me by the deadline. Please make sure you vote! If you submit an entry and do not vote your total points will be cut in half. And you will be banned from future contests! Also please don't vote for your own entry.


Submission: 1st June - 8th June
Voting: 9th June - 22nd June
Reveal: 22nd June

Good luck Y'all!
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Re: The Popjustice Song Contest (XXXVI) [Submission Now Open]

Here's the list!
Sorry about all the delays, we went ahead with just the three of us. Seriously ducky/vikey, I would be cutting those two.

Raving George (feat. Oscar And The Wolf) - You're Mine
Maiday - Wish You'd Met Me First
Noonie Bao - I'm In Love
Zoë Badwi - Freefallin'
Spice - Back Bend
Dux Content - Snow Globe
Starshell - Superluva
Glude - Breathe
Cyril Hahn - Slow (feat. Rochelle Jordan)
Timecop1983 - Don't Let Go (feat. Dana Jean Phoenix)
Sophia Somajo - I-rony
Rachel Taylor - Porcelain
The Go! Team - Blowtorch
Young Romance - Wasting Time
Lo-Fi-Fnk - Pirate Radio
The Crash - Still Alive
Banaroo - Space Cowboy
Tink - Around The Clock
BOY - Little Numbers
Arsenal - Melvin
Meg Myers - Sorry
For Esmé - You
Double Duchess - Bucket Betch
Ghost Street - SingerSen
Niké Jemiyo - A Better Version Of Me
Snoh Aalegra - Emotional
Roniit - Runaway
The Beu Sisters - Daze
Annie Trousseau - Dominique
Charla K - Astray
Awa - Obvious
Quigley - Lost Again
Avaberée - Can't Get You Off My Mind
Petros - Predator (Feat. Roxey)
Mates Of State - Palimino
Brave Shores - Never Come Down
Naty Botero - Te Quiero Mucho
Indica - Pidä kädestä
Paulini - By My Side
Nikki Flores - Last One Standing

Let me know via PM if I've done anything wrong.

I'll extend the deadline as much as I can, it'll now be Saturday 20th - 12:00 MIDDAY.
I'll attempt to do the reveal that evening! (and can someone with excel expertise be on hand just in case).
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Re: The Popjustice Song Contest (XXXVI) [Submission Now Open]

Once again, I'm the first one entered!
Re: The Popjustice Song Contest (XXXVI) [Submission Now Open]

I am obsessed with the song I submitted. Meaning I'll be lucky to break 25th place.
Re: The Popjustice Song Contest (XXXVI) [Submission Now Open]

I sold out with my entry, but it'll still probably flop if it doesn't get vetoed.
Re: The Popjustice Song Contest (XXXVI) [Submission Now Open]

Hoping for a Top 10 to sit alongside Daniella!
Re: The Popjustice Song Contest (XXXVI) [Submission Now Open]

And, unfortunately, the sweet tune I've been sitting on for ages only exists in bad quality. Hrmph. Well, now you know which one to give 12.
Re: The Popjustice Song Contest (XXXVI) [Submission Now Open]

I think I'm back this round to reclaim my rightful place in the mid-table area.


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Re: The Popjustice Song Contest (XXXVI) [Submission Now Open]

Re: The Popjustice Song Contest (XXXVI) [Submission Now Open]

Bring me your best summer jams, PJSC family. I need some new obsessions.
Re: The Popjustice Song Contest (XXXVI) [Submission Now Open]

If y'all are ready for mine, it's going Top 10.
Re: The Popjustice Song Contest (XXXVI) [Submission Now Open]

I was confirmed in two minutes, so no bitches gonna snatch my smash.
Re: The Popjustice Song Contest (XXXVI) [Submission Now Open]

First time in forever I have full faith in my track. As in, it's wonderful and I hope everyone sees (hears) it.
Re: The Popjustice Song Contest (XXXVI) [Submission Now Open]

Did we find out who the new veto panel member is?
Re: The Popjustice Song Contest (XXXVI) [Submission Now Open]

Agh, I hope nobody has already put mine in. And I thank the Lord Baby Jesus this'll all be tied up and done before I head off for Glasto.
I'm aiming for one place higher than last time, that'll be first.
Re: The Popjustice Song Contest (XXXVI) [Submission Now Open]

Entered! I think this one is a bit more PJ-friendly than my first attempt, so fingers crossed!
Re: The Popjustice Song Contest (XXXVI) [Submission Now Open]

I'm not gonna speculate on how well either of my submissions will do because that totally always jynxes it.

Although I'm 99% sure my first one is gonna be vetoed...hopefully that jynxes it to not be vetoed. Does fate care about my reverse psychology?