The Popjustice X Factor Playsheet!

Somebody must scan/upload them! X Factor's not the same without them.

Cue Speedyboi telling me they already have been uploaded!
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JadeFan said:
They are in X Magazine now.

They are!? I had no idea. I'm guessing they are not as hilariously rude then. Still this is more than enough reason to start buying it, it really wouldn't be the same without them!
They are pretty much the same. the humour is very near the knuckle for an official product. like dermot holding his hands out, and the caption reads dermot shows the crowd the size of his member.


Well, they were about Auditions/Boot Camp. The Live Shows ones should be on PJ (I hope)
speedyboi said:
What page was it on last week? mine only had a quiz.

That's fucking bizzare. I'm sure I remember there being one last week! I haven't bought today's yet so I assumed the playsheet would be in it...but now I can't find last week's anywhere!
What's the deal? Do I need to go and buy the magazine or are they going to appear on the site? They were originally my reason for starting to read Pop Justice, I'll be sad if they've gone completely.
Okay, so I found it difficult to stick to the marks out of 110... especially without there being a performance or voice category haha! But here we go:

Aiden: 325
Rebecca: 195
Cher: 305
FYD: 275
Storm: 210
Belle Amie: 290
One Direction: 375
John: 345
Katie: 380
Tesco Mary: 380
Matt: 160
Nicolo: 130
Diva Fever: 90
TreyC: 350
Peije: 175
Wagner: 180

However, my favourites were TreyC and Katie, and I love Nicolo despite his shit performance tonight. So maybe these scores don't really mean much...
I did mine out of 10, oops! Sorry, Popjustice.

Contestant / Score out of 60
Aiden / 36
TreyC / 31
Rebecca / 29
Katie / 28
FYD / 26
Nicolo / 25
Cher / 24
One Direction / 23
Paije / 23
Matt / 23
Tesco Mary / 21
Wagner / 21
Belle Amie / 20
Diva Fever / 20
John / 19
Storm / 13

Which has no bearing on my proper list here
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Ta daaa...