The Power Rangers Universe - MMPR 30th Anniversary

Apparently his personal trainer posted an 'RIP' message on his social media about Jason David Frank so... it would be odd if it wasn't true. Very sad news.
Still nothing has been announced formally and nobody seems to be picking it up. Hopefully somebody has got something seriously wrong.
Terribly heartbreaking, for those close to him, for those that loved him. Far and away not a name to be expected; so out of the blue from our perspective, but one never knows how one is truly doing. Difficult to reconcile from a nostalgia perspective, certainly, but with the most gravity, this is such a sad loss of life. Wow.
It’s so awful, he’s been such a champion of Power Rangers over the years. He’s really the figurehead of the franchise.

I wonder if he’d filmed for the 30th anniversary secretly?
he / him
This is heartbreaking. This is perhaps the first celebrity death that has really hit me. Jason David Frank really was such an important figure in my childhood. Rest in peace.
This past Halloween I dressed up as the yellow ranger because she was my favourite and because yellow is my favourite colour. But I really contemplated going as the green ranger. He was just so fucking cool! And after many asked me “why the yellow?” at the party as if I wasn’t allowed to like the yellow as she was a girl (a legit quote from somebody), I said that it was either her or the green ranger and every single person’s eyes lit up and then said something to the effect of “oh yeah he was so cool, he was my favourite” or “I always wanted to have long hair like him.”

Very sad news. What a loss! He had such a huge impact on all our childhoods.