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The Pretty Reckless - Death by Rock and Roll

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jmmc13, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. I'm in.
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  2. This single song is enough to stan. Light Me Up is still an amazing debut.
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  3. Awesome!!!
    She's an amazing frontwoman and I can't wait to hear more of what they have to offer this time around.
  4. Just Tonight reminds flawless
  5. They've already announced a bunch of shows in the past couple months but I guess the music news are finally coming too.

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  6. I loved their first two albums but the third kind of passed me by somehow. I’ll need to give it another listen in the run up to this.
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  7. Can’t wait, Zombie still isn’t that girl.
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  8. I still love this. And wish they would re-record it and put it on an album. Or just release it as a one off. The song is gorgeous and too good. Can't believe it's 11 years old. Baby Taylor.

  9. Looks like it's just the actual tour announcement today then... and only a single coming this Spring? Curious about the "can't-miss collaborations with several iconic artists". But so they're gonna tour and not have the album out? Hmm.

    Edit: She posted about it now. Yea so seems like it's just the tour for now but she says the record's finished, unlike the "almost" of the press release so dunno what's going on there. Pretty sure there was a date set a few months ago.

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  10. Sonic Temple, here I come!
  11. Just a heads up to anyone interested, my next planned rate after my Ariana one is for The Pretty Reckless. I'm planning to wait until the next album drops so it'll be some time now but I'm letting people know way in advance just to see who's interested. It'll definitely be smaller than my Ariana rate (likely both in participation and song list) but that'll be nice and chill I'm sure.

    Anyway I'm hyped for the next album whenever it's finally coming.
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  12. In one of the previous articles about their signing to Century Media Records last month it said the album had been pushed back to late this year... but now the Fearless U.S. press release mentions they will be dropping a new single soon. Taylor was also listening to the vinyl test pressing of the album on Instagram before she deleted all her posts to tease the announcement. She will also take part in the Fearless At Home special on Saturday:
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  13. I always forget about Fearless nn. Surprising to see them sign to a more Warped Tour-y label, but then Underoath also joined them for their reunion album, and Starset are part of them, so it looks like they're diversifying their rooster a bit.
  14. Her appearance on the livestream:

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  15. I go back to the 'Going To Hell' album quite a bit, and they were amazing when they supported Halestorm, so I'm excited!

    Also, for anyone who hasn't heard it yet; Taylor, Lzzy from Halestorm and Maria from In This Moment covering Queen
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  16. The debut has really some incredible songs. Each of their albums has.

    Excited for this!

  17. So seems like the title track is the first single!
    Updated the OP with the cover, a serve.
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