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The Pretty Reckless - Death by Rock and Roll

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by jmmc13, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. Her voice is only getting better with age, surprisingly!
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  2. Who You Selling For really lost me but I did like 25 so I'm perched for my copy to arrive Sunday. That debut is still bulletproof and Going to Hell remains very strong.
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  3. Rock and roll is alive and well. Still really loving the album. I love that Broomsticks and Witches Burn are right next to each other.
  4. Finishing up my first play and I am so glad it is a return to form. They really stepped up their hook-game and I'm loving Taylor's voice.
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  5. Only Love can save me now & Standing at the Wall are standouts.
  6. Just finished my first listen now and rushing back to play Got So High again & again, what a beautiful track.
  7. That's great! Seems like they might do pretty well in the US, too!
  8. I’ve finally been able to give this album a few listens and am very pleasantly surprised by the return to form after their last album did basically nothing for me. Despite being 50 minutes long each listen goes by so fast & leaves me wanting more. There are of course the rock bangers here like Death By Rock & Roll & And So It Went but I’m gravitating more towards the ballads on this, Got So High is probably my favourite track and Standing At The Wall is also gorgeous. This is the best vocal Taylor has given and although the album is very cinematic in sound Taylor’s delivery makes it feel very personal and honest.

    Also I’m not sure when I retconned Only You into being on this album (I really thought it was a single) but it slots in great after Witches Burn on the track list.
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  9. I remember hammering out Light Me Up despite Hard Rock never being my go to genre, but stopped checking for them after that (Jenny Humpfrey's impact). Finally got around to listening to this and it's a really solid album. I definitely love the juxtaposition of the harder and softer elements. The same reason I loved Poppy's last album. Taylor's voice has really matured this last decade and she's sounding incredible. So happy for her and the band.
  10. "And So It Went" also went #1 on US Rock radio. I wonder what other track they shot a video for and is likely going to be the next single now...

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